Having a Problem Logging-In, Registering or Donating?

Here are some helpful hints that address
MOST problems encountered:

Not on mailing list

First -- to provide additional security for our credit card system you must be on our e-mailing list.
Click here to join our e-mail list.

Need a Password?

If you are a new WTP supporter or have forgotten your WTP password,
be sure to request that a password (new or existing) be sent to you by
entering your e-mail address & clicking on the link indicated.

Not logged on

Again,  you must first "log-in" to the WTP system to perform certain on-line transactions.  If you need a first-time password or have forgotten yours, please make sure you enter your current e-mail address on the log-in page BEFORE you click to have your password sent to that e-mail address. Usually, passwords are sent out immediately to the address you specify.

After you get our e-mail, go back to the sign-in page, then to ensure
you don't mis-type the password, just COPY and PASTE the password back into the WTP log-in form WITH your e-mail address and you're in!
You can then donate, join, etc. Just pick a menu option and you should have no further problems.

If you don't receive a password please check to make sure your e-mail box isn't full.
Although NOT typical, under certain processing & network conditions, your password request might take several minutes to arrive.  If your screen says, "Password has been mailed to ..." the password is on the way.

"Cookies" & Java Scripting not enabled

ALSO -- if its not done already, you will need to temporarily enable your browser to accept "cookies" and run Java Scripts. You can turn this off immediately after logging in. 
To easily change these settings on your Internet Explorer browser, click on: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > then scroll down, click the "check box" for Java and cookie related options. If indicated, you may need to re-start your computer.

Old Browsers / Certain Apple Systems

If this still doesn't work, or the WTP page does not appear to display or execute correctly in your browser you probably need to update your web browser. Certain older versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer cannot execute the ".asp" code embedded in the WTP log-in page or the subsequent processing pages. Please note that there have also been technical problems reported using certain Macintosh OS environments.

FREE browser updates are available at Netscape.com and Microsoft.com.

For Registrations or donations, if all else fails, we can still process credit card transactions via e-mail or regular mail. Please use one of the mail-ready forms found on our the appropriate page, either  www.GiveMeLiberty.org/donations/donate-join.htm. or http://www.givemeliberty.org/convention/Registration.htm.
Simply e-mail it back to bob@givemeliberty.org or drop it in the US Mail.

We also accept donations via PayPal (please direct the payment to bob@givemeliberty.org) and you, of course, can simply mail cash, checks or money orders directly to:

We The People Foundation
2458 Ridge Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

Again, Many Thanks for your support.