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ARCHIVE-6    June, 2004 thru December 2006

  NOTE:  This archive is a copy of the FULL WTP Foundation web site home page as it existed on December 15, 2006.  On that date, WTP deployed a redesigned website structure to better differentiate and support the separate missions of the WTP Foundation and the WTP Congress. 

The original URL for the home page now serves as the "portal" page to access both the new Foundation and Congress websites.

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This Archive includes: The C-SPAN kick-off Landmark Right to Petition federal lawsuit filed 7/19, 2004, the Iraq War "resolution" exposed as constitutional fraud, Schulz's repeated victories in the 2nd Circuit COA requiring IRS to obtain Court Orders to enforce administrative seizures, WTP Petitions President Bush's Tax Reform Panel,  Former IRS Agent/CPA Banister prosecuted, Tax honesty author Irwin Schiff censored and criminally prosecuted, WTP packs theaters across nation screening Aaron Russo's documentary  "America: Freedom to Fascism", USDC dismisses landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit -- Appeal filed, "1040 Checkmate?" article (6-10-06) details IRS and OMB complicity in PRA Form 1040 fraud, RTP federal Appeal completed, WTP deploys "V for Vendetta" en masse protest model for Right to Petition silent vigils in Washington DC. 

ARCHIVE-5   July, 2003 thru June, 2004

  Archive Includes: Employer Dick Simkanin railroaded by USDC, NY Times questions IRS Comissioner, Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference, Right To Petition lawsuit begins
New Damning Tax Research CD released publicly Petition to IRS & DOJ

ARCHIVE-4   November, 2002 thru June, 2003

  Archive Includes: Freedom Drive to DC, Operation Stop Withholding, Liberty Hour censored, more Hunger Strikes, IRS Tax "Jihad" begins: Schiff, Simkanin, Kuglin 

ARCHIVE-3   August, 2002 thru Oct, 2002

  Archive Includes: The Schulz "TaxTermination" package, WTP web stickers, Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me",  more Freedom Drive News, Schulz travels the Southeast and the Petitions for Redress of Grievances.       

ARCHIVE-2  January, 2002 thru July, 2002

  Archive includes: The Constitutional Crisis Has Begun,  the February Citizens' Truth-in-Taxation Hearing, our NY Times full page ad, the April WTP press conference on IRS racketeering, the delivery of the Hearing record to Congress and the President, Congressional "non-responses", a June White House briefing question about Schulz,  Schulz tells the government: "No Answers, No Taxes." (June16), Schulz travels around the US to start the WTP Congress and Freedom Drive 2002 news,  organization and planning.

ARCHIVE-1    1999 thru January, 2002

  Archive includes: the first National Press Club symposiums on the income tax, the tax Remonstrance, Project Toto, our series of full page ads in USA Today, the IRS "Walk-around", Bob Schulz's Hunger strike (July 2001), early preparations for the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing and the government's reneging (in Jan. 02) on their formal agreement to answer the Peoples' charges challenging the legal authority for the income tax. 

Visit our archives to see the detailed news of the past.  Please take note that some of these notices are out-of-date, but we include them in order to document our efforts and give you a sense of our history and our momentum.