July, 2007

Operation Stop Withholding

"Legal Termination of Tax Withholding
For Companies, Workers
and Independent Contractors

The Instructions and Forms Package


The materials presented herein contain legal content referencing and directly citing official U.S. tax statutes, tax regulations and federal court decisions regarding the limited authority of the U.S. Government to impose income taxes or withholding, and the legal duties and obligations (or lack thereof) that are allegedly imposed upon American businesses and the Americans that labor for them.

These materials are presented solely for educational purposes.  Although these materials may be used in attempting to secure and exercise one's Constitutionally protected Rights, including the First Amendment Right to Petition the government for Redress of Grievances, We The People makes NO representation that these materials constitute legal advice and furthermore specifically encourages all workers and business owners to submit these materials to qualified legal counsel for review and advice.

WTP has made every effort to provide these materials at NO COST.

The following documents comprise the contents of the "Blue Folder."
They have been provided to the public for FREE.

They are provided as educational materials by WTP as part of "Operation Stop Withholding," an integral part of the Citizen's claim, exercise, and enforcement, of the First Amendment Right to Petition the government for Redress of Grievances to cure  Constitutional torts.

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March 15, 2003 WTP letter to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson

Enclosed with the letter was a copy of a blue folder labeled, "Legal Termination of Tax Withholding For Companies, Workers and Independent Contractors." In the folder were the following documents:


On August 9, 2007 a federal District Court issued a civil injunction
against WTP barring distribution of the Stop Withholding forms.
The decision is currently being appealed.

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  • Letter from Bob Schulz to Chief Executive Officers of American Companies,
    Memo to American Companies,
    & Instructions
    WTP Forms 1 through 11  (for Workers & Companies)
  • WTP Legal Defense Association Standard Agreement/Application  (NOTE: no longer available) 
  • "Charge To Jury" from Vivian Kellemís 1950 withholding trial, with a preface by WTP