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December 31, 2008


CON-CON: NO,  CC 2009: YES!


Today, we received a nice note from Katherine Albrecht. She wrote: 

“Thanks for organizing this, Bob! It promises to be the start of something very good. 

“One quick suggestion -- you may want to make sure people don't misunderstand and think you are calling for a ‘Constitutional Convention.’ I know that's not at all what you are doing, but people have short attention spans when dealing with email, so explicit clarification on this point might be useful. Though it appears obvious, people need to know that you are working to PRESERVE the Constitution, not to change it.  

I'm often guilty of just lightly skimming the mountain of email I receive each day. To my embarrassment, when I first opened your message, though I am very familiar with your plan, even I briefly thought you were talking about a Constitutional Convention. For a nanosecond, I could barely restrain my horror! (Yes, I can be very dense!) 

Of course, what you are doing is fabulous, and I am behind you 100%.

Many blessings on your inspired efforts to get this runaway train back on its tracks, and warmest wishes for much success in 2009.” 

Following through on Katherine’s suggestion, we provide the following clarification. 

A Continental Congress is not the same as a Constitutional Convention (i.e., a “con-con”). The Founders conducted a Continental Congress from 1774-1776. They subsequently conducted a Constitutional Convention in 1787 which resulted in the Constitution we (allegedly) enjoy today. 

The Continental Congress was called in 1774 so that a limited number of representatives from each of the 13 colonies could get together to discuss the common Grievances they had against the Government of their day, and to develop strategies that could be employed to Redress those Grievances. The Founders did not originally gather for the purpose of declaring their independence, although ultimately that was the course of action they eventually settled upon.  

Continental Congress 2009 is being called for corresponding reasons. 

WTP is absolutely opposed to a second Constitutional Convention. 

Again, to be clear -- Continental Congress 2009 is NOT to discuss amendments to our present Constitution, but to decide how best to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution that now exists. 

The choice is ours. We can either support the Continental Congress 2009, or some other plan to get our government back under the control of the People and our existing Constitution, or do nothing but complain as the usurpers continue to abuse the limited powers granted by the People, ignoring the letter and spirit of our founding documents. Continental Congress 2009 may be one of our final opportunities to reverse the fortunes of our Republic and our decaying Liberties before they are irretrievably lost.


This Sunday’s meeting in Dallas (January 4) will NOT be held at the Bedford Boys Ranch. It will be held instead at the Comfort Inn, two blocks from the Boys Ranch. 

The Comfort Inn is located at 2904 Crystal Spring St., Bedford, TX 76021. 817-545-2555.  

The meeting will get underway at 1 PM.

See the entire "CC 2009" promotional meeting schedulePlease remember we still need people to provide logistical assistance arranging for local hotel events in their area.  Bob Schulz can be contacted directly with regard to venue scheduling details at or by cell at 518-361-8153.


Click Here to access a pitch that will be faxed to radio stations, requesting interviews regarding Continental Congress 2009.


We are looking for an “Al Gore” type of individual (wealthy and/or influential) who, after meeting with Bob and listening to our (compelling) story, might be willing to champion the cause of Freedom, starting with Continental Congress 2009. 

Someone you know may fit the description. If desirable, and practical given his schedule, Bob could meet with him/her privately during the current CC 2009 Prep Tour.


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