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January 4, 2009




Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held Philadelphia.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.  Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to justly and actively resist the tyranny.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.

The immediate tasks are to locate venues for the Continental Congress 2009 promotional meetings, increase attendance at those meetings, identify potential delegates to CC 2009 and contact potential donors. 

We have had a number of volunteers step forward to assist with this effort but still need additional volunteers to help arrange logistics for the balance of the upcoming meetings. Suggested possible local venues include libraries, hotels, county and state courtrooms, and college campuses. Campus locations are usually best due to their generally lower cost and higher seating capacity.

Those assisting in venue selection should coordinate their activities directly with Bob Schulz at and at 518-361-8153 (cell). Click here for the CC 2009 promotional regional meeting schedule

We also need to increase attendance at the meetings by notifying other organizations, sending press releases to local and state media outlets using our special media locator tool, arranging interviews with local radio talk show hosts, and sending letters to the editor. 

Again, we also need to nominate Delegates to the CC 2009 proceedings.  These individuals should optimally be accomplished in their professional fields of endeavor, including authors, scholars, activists, etc. that have demonstrated a proven passion for the Constitution.  These representatives of the People should possess an esteemed level of respectability in their communities, and be of good character. 

Please remember that Continental Congress 2009 is no ordinary gathering of patriots.  These individuals will likely be setting a course of action the larger masses of the People will take to reclaim their Liberty and reestablish Constitutional Order.  As with our Founders, the quality and integrity of the delegates representing the People will be closely scrutinized by both our contemporaries and our posterity.


Let’s face the barren facts.  This is an historic undertaking of the utmost importance.  Our Republic has suffered grave injuries and our Constitution hangs by mere threads. The Government wantonly violates our fundamental Laws and refuses to be held accountable in any manner. Constitutional Justice evades us in the Courts and our economy has been dealt a near deathblow as the result of decades of rule by a privately-owned banking cartel and reliance upon a debt-based fiat currency.  

Together we have arrived at a moment in history where Liberty will either survive or be lost.

Continental Congress 2009 is a profound project of the People that requires significant funding if it is to succeed.  Beyond the basic logistics costs of hosting the event, the only practical limitation on our ability to bring this battle for Liberty into the homes and offices of the American People is our ability to fund the means of communication by which we might reach them.  The more effectively we reach like-minded Americans, the more likely our success. The costs to do so, although significant, are certainly not beyond the reach of those already committed to the initiative of Freedom.  

Although each has a personal responsibility to assist this noble cause as his/her means permit, those of us who may have been blessed with financial abundance and the most generous shares of the bounty of the nation face a higher moral quandary and invitation: If the Divine gift of Liberty be forever lost, of what value is earthly wealth? Is it also not possible that at least a portion of such personal abundance has been ordained for just such a moment as that we now confront?

We urge every person of success and means to consider the profound personal impact they could have on the future of the Republic and possibly the planet.  It is time for the relatively few who have been so blessed to search their hearts and choose the future that their children -- and everyone’s children, will come to experience.    

If you personally know a Liberty-minded individual that might be able to make a significant donation (tax deductible), please contact them, share your knowledge and personal commitment to this project with them and urge them to consider joining our righteous cause. If you feel you need some additional background resources or support materials (e.g., a WTP full-color brochure, etc.), please contact Bob Schulz via email at  To help us, please provide information regarding the potential donor, as well as a mailing address to send any requested materials.  We will evaluate and respond to such requests as we are able.                


Our first urgent need is to sign the initial contract to lock in the minimum commitment for our Philadelphia venue at the Constitution Center across from Independence Hall.  To sign the contract, we need to raise $14,000 asap. Thank you for your generous support.  Every little bit helps. 


Click here to download the first of our Continental Congress 2009 promotional flyers. (.pdf format)

Click here for a Press Release you can use to bring attention to the CC 2009 project as well as your local regional promotional meeting.
(.rtf format)

We suggest everyone use these materials in tandem to contact your local media announcing the CC 2009 regional promotional meetings.  The press release can be easily modified to for the specific time/date/venue information regarding your local meeting.  

You can contact your local media by going to this link and entering your zip code.  Be sure to UN-check the “include national media” links.  We’d like to arrange for local media interviews, coverage, etc within several days preceding each local event.

As part of our ongoing fund-raising efforts to help fund CC 2009, please consider making a donation to receive copies of the educational pamphlet, “Democracy or Republic, Which is It?”  Copies can be obtained through the WTP
online store.

CLICK HERE for the CC 2009 promotional meeting schedule



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