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January 25, 2009


Cleveland Testimonial

U.S. Government Pulls Philly Venue

CC 2009 Well Received, Gearing Up

Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held in Philadelphia directly across from Independence Hall.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.  Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to justly and actively resist the tyranny.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.


Cleveland Testimonial 

One patriot named Wayne who attended this week’s meeting in Cleveland shared some of his thoughts heartily endorsing the Continental Congress 2009 initiative.   Below is the introduction to the testimonial as it was received by email.  Wayne’s full testimonial (including several photos) can be accessed here.

I would like to thank all of you who attended this full house event.
Who knew we would end up with standing room only for those who
didn't quite get there on time? Certainly not I. Thanks for coming.
And for those who couldn't make sorry you missed out. This is
a very worthy mission that Bob Schulz has been on for very many
years, in which he has been recording every step of a very long and
drawn out process, leading up to this peaceful and legal action that
must be taken now to secure and defend our constitutional liberty.
So please read Wayne's perspective of the meeting, and consider
what it is that YOU can do to become involved in some way as well.

In Liberty,
Tumbleweed Steve

CC 2009 Well Received, Moving Along, Gearing UP 

Clear progress is being made.  After 18 regional meetings over 21 days of coast-to-coast travel, with at least a dozen more scheduled, the Continental Congress project to restore Constitutional Order and Liberty is being well received.

At virtually every location citizens who love America but are deeply concerned about the repeated violations of the Constitution by Her elected officials have begun to spontaneously form state teams to set in motion the local activities necessary to make the CC 2009 initiative successful. 

The initial focus of the self-evolving state teams is threefold:              

1) OUTREACH – populating the State WTPC website with news about CC 2009, AND bringing CC 2009 to the attention of as many people in their state as possible  employing the full range of public information and education tools available, encouraging people to enter their nominations for the position of delegate to CC 2009, and

2) DELEGATE SELECTION – screening and placing nominations from their state on the state web site, and

3) DELEGATE’S FUND – setting up and overseeing a statewide CC 2009 fund to cover expenses relating to transporting, lodging and feeding one or more of the delegates from their state.  

For CC 2009 to achieve its success, this process needs to be taken to all of the fifty states, and in short order.  CC 2009 state nominating committees need to be formed in every state with the intent to recruit and commit nominees as potential delegates, and to help screen such nominees for consideration and choice by the citizens of their respective states.

State teams need to reach out to other Freedom groups to urge them to join in support of the CC 2009 effort. They need to reach out to media organizations to expose them, and their consumers, to this undertaking of historic importance.

Bob Schulz has already conducted a large number of radio and Internet interviews, devoting several hours each day to the media outreach work.  We urge everyone to continue their individual efforts to contact the media in their local area.

Again, WTP has recently released its online nomination system and numerous individuals have already been nominated.  Click here for the  procedure and to access the nomination system.

Click here for the CC 2009
flyer, a sample Press Release, and to find the local media entities in your area (zip code lookup).

With your help, the vision of CC 2009 will become a reality, and may well become the turning point in history where a minority of determined citizens decided to claim and exercise their constitutional, LEGAL Right to hold their government officials accountable to the Constitution, thereby rescuing America from the slippery slope of democracy and socialism, peacefully halting the erosion of their Liberty.  

It really is up to us – each and every one, because if we –i.e., you – don’t step up to help, it simply won’t get done.   

U.S. Pulls Plug on Philly

Despite our continuing success in launching the Continental Congress 2009 initiative, or more likely, because of such success, the management company contracted to run the Government’s National Constitutional Center (NCC) directly across from Independence Hall in Philadelphia decided to effectively withdraw their contract offer to make available the facility for the CC 2009 event. 

Despite the existence of a firm offer from NCC, good through April 2, 2009, including price and conditions, needing only a CC 2009 start date, representatives of NCC this week rebuffed WTP’s efforts to fix the start date and to obtain bank wire transfer instructions to submit the required $14,000 down payment.

After repeated contacts between NCC and WTP’s Bob Schulz, it was clear that NCC (acting as proxy for the federal government) had changed their minds about the CC 2009 engagement and was attempting to quietly scuttle the negotiated arrangement by introducing new and unacceptable terms and conditions that would have made it impossible to execute the CC 2009 event.

NCC unexpectedly imposed new, draconian conditions this past week on WTP when it was made clear WTP was about to fix the event start date and make the down payment.  

Examples of NCC’s ill intent were NCC’s newly imposed insistence that WTP would be barred from the entire facility for two full days during the main March event period, and that NCC could additionally bar WTP from the facility entirely during any other day, for any number of days, if NCC had any evening event planned in any of its other conference rooms-- effectively meaning that if NCC booked evening events each night during the WTP contract duration, WTP would be barred, by its own contract, from all access to the NCC venue. 

Unfortunately, these less-than-subtle hints seeking to discourage WTP from using the Government’s NCC public facility were quite deliberate (having been re-confirmed with NCC staff management via phone) and also quite unexpected, given the numerous good-faith exchanges previously engaged in during contract negotiations between WTP and the NCC that began last December. Click here for a copy of the offer tendered by the National Constitution Center to WTP.

Bottom line: It appears that the Government’s only true commitment to the Constitution at the Philadelphia NCC may be in sustaining a fading, historical reminiscence of our long-forgotten founding documents.  Unfortunately for the Republic, it seems the Government may not want to appear as helping the People actually resurrect, protect and proliferate the Principles of Liberty embodied by those documents, which not so ironically, is the very purpose of the Constitution.

Impact on CC 2009 

Following the NCC’s change of heart WTP has begun the process of evaluating alternative venues across the nation capable of hosting the CC 2009 event.  WTP supporters are urged to submit their recommendations to  Please bear in mind that potential venues need to have adequate seating capacity, technology resources and a good number of available hotel rooms in the area.

It is also likely the CC 2009 schedule will be delayed by several weeks to late March.  Details as to venue and schedule changes will be made public as they are available. 

Please note that WTP updated its first CC 2009 flyer  and sample Press Release to reflect the current status of the venue issue. Supporters are urged to continue to contact their local media regarding the CC 2009 initiative.


Mon., 1/26/09, Richmond/Chesterfield, VA 6 PM,. [NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME] Venue: Chesterfield County Central Library, 9501 Lori Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832-0297. 804-751-4955.The library is right off of Route 10, Ironbridge Road, just after the Chesterfield County Courtroom Building Complex.  It has easy access to Route 288. Available for breakfast meeting on 1/27/09 with potential delegate(s) or donor(s). 

Tues., 1/27/09, Charleston, WV 6 PM  [PLEASE NOTE EARLY START TIME]. South Charleston Community Center, 601 Jefferson Rd, S. Charleston, WV  35039.  Phone 304-744-4731.  Also available for breakfast meeting on 1/28/09 with potential delegate(s) or donor(s).

Wed., 1/28/09, Knoxville, TN 7 pm. Venue to be announced. Also available for breakfast meeting on 1/29/09 with potential delegate(s) or donor(s).

Thurs., 1/29/09, Atlanta, GA 7 pm. Venue to be announced. Local assistance needed. Also available for breakfast meeting on 1/30/09 with potential delegate(s) or donor(s).

Fri., 1/30/09, Winston-Salem, NC 7 pm. Venue: Holiday Inn Express 110 Miller St., Winston-Salem, NC  336-721-0220. Also available for breakfast meeting on 1/31/09 with potential delegate(s) or donor(s).

Please check the meeting schedule for additional details and local WTP contacts.

Nominate Your CC 2009 Delegates!

Potential Delegates to the Continental Congress 2009 assembly can now be entered into nomination using our secure, on-line nomination system.

Please be sure to read the procedure before attempting to access the nomination system.

After an initial review by WTP management and/or state designees, the information submitted by qualified nominees will be displayed on the main WTP Congress web site pages for public review and consideration.  See an example of the nominee display concept here.

Remember that the Continental Congress 2009 project is funded entirely by your generous, tax deductible donations.

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Please check the meeting schedule for additional details and local WTP contacts.

Thank you for your
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