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February 13, 2009

UPDATE #17: Continental Congress 2009

Organizing, Explaining, Volunteers and Venues

CC2009: Update + More Regional Meetings, AIG/TARP Lawsuit Update 

Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.  Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to justly and actively resist the tyranny.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.


Whew! What a project. And it’s just beginning.

We are engaged in a most serious struggle between good and evil, between defenders of our Republic and proponents of democracy. Our political parties and elected officials have seized power from the People. A doctrine of non-resistance by a free People to arbitrary power and oppression is absurd.

CC 2009 will be “awe-inspiring.” The cause of America is the cause of the world.

We intend to webcast the entire proceedings, thereby educating people the world over about the great American experiment in Liberty and Freedom: the history, meaning, effect and significance of every provision of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution; the factual evidence of the violations of the Constitution by our elected officials; the factual evidence of the People’s repeated Petitions for Redress (Remedy) of those violations; the factual evidence of the repeated refusals by our elected officials to respond to those Petitions for Redress except by repeated injury; and the justified, non-violent course of action the Free People of America must now follow to restore their Constitutional Republic, and insure that the lamp of Liberty is to remain burning not only for us but for oppressed people the world over. 

The problem the People must address is the unwillingness of our elected officials to be chained down by anything but the will of the majority voting in our election precincts, in the halls of Congress and on the bench at SCOTUS. 

The free People of America must now speak out, reminding those around the world that we are, as they are too, a free people whose Rights are Natural, Unalienable and Individual, endowed as they are by the Creator, and most certainly not dependent upon a grant by any government or the will of any majority.

Status Summary of CC 2009

STATES:  Bob has now met with audiences in nearly half the states. He is preparing to leave on a trip to visit the remaining states, beginning with South Carolina.

Click here for the new
meeting schedule

: It is imperative that all 50 states be represented at CC 2009. We find these initial meetings are absolutely necessary in helping to jump-start each state into action, including the identification of State Coordinators and teams of people within each state who are willing to work under the general direction of their State Coordinator(s) to accomplish the initial tasks of outreach, delegate selection and fundraising for their state’s delegation.

We have found that People have needed to “size up” Bob and WTP before deciding to get behind the CC 2009; they have questions that need to be answered; they want a first-hand explanation of what CC 2009 is and why it is so necessary.


We find most interesting that many accomplished people, who knew little about Bob and WTP, have been attending the meetings, and have come to offer their skills in the areas of marketing, public relations, communications, technology, fundraising, and organizational development. In addition, experienced people have offered to prepare an opening and closing ceremony!


ORGANIZATION: We are preparing a strategic PLAN to guide the work and track the progress of a “cabinet-level” interdisciplinary project management team, as well as the work and progress of the 50 intermediate-level teams.


The “cabinet” and each of the 50 state teams are in the process of setting up initial and weekly conference calls.


The long awaited reprogramming of the 50 state websites has been completed, enabling the State Coordinators to add the contact information for each member of their management team and to add or delete the names and contact information of their county coordinators.


Separate PayPal accounts are being set up for each of the 50 states to reimburse State Coordinators for certain expenses and to cover the expenses of their state delegation to CC 2009. 

VENUE: We are in receipt of proposals from a number of attractive venues. We have visited three last week and will be visiting others next week.

SCHEDULE: CC 2009 is now scheduled to begin on June 7 and run through the July 4th weekend, or to begin on the July 4th weekend.

SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOU:  WTP is merely suggesting and facilitating CC 2009. In truth, the CC 2009 initiative is, and must be, an initiative of the People.

The WTP organization has no role except: 1) to travel to each state to explain to whoever will listen what a CC is and why we need one; 2) to kick-start the states into action by encouraging and working with them as they set up teams of volunteers with complimentary skill-sets, and the communications systems necessary to accomplish the work needed in the months leading up to CC 2009 and beyond; 3) to arrange a system whereby the people of each state can nominate and choose their delegates and pay their expenses; 4) to find a suitable location for CC 2009 and to pay for it; 5) to arrange for coverage of CC 2009 via the World Wide Web, and pay for it; 6) to publicize CC 2009 across America and to pay to keep the news of the event and its progress in front of the general public; 7) to inform each of the 50 Governors and state legislatures about CC 2009 and, out of a respect for the critical role the states have been given in our Constitutional Republic, to invite them to send a representative(s) to observe the delegates’ deliberations, discussions, debates and decision making process; and 7) to do whatever else we may be called upon to do in support of CC 2009.

The People of each state will nominate and choose the delegates. The delegates assembled will represent the People and adopt their own policies, procedures and deliverables.  


We have found it necessary to respond to many questions about CC 2009, explaining the difference between and the desirability of a Continental Congress over a Constitutional Convention, the legal authority the People have to act in this way, the specifics regarding the Constitutional  violations, delegate selection process, how it will work and various “what ifs.”

We need to add a FAQ section to our Web Site. Any volunteers?

Nifty New 10 Minute YouTube Video
And 80 Minute Mp3 Audio Recording

With heartfelt thanks to Nancy Craighill in California and Bernard Carmen in North Carolina, you have two additional tools to use in informing your friends and associates about CC 2009. 

Nancy has done a great job in preparing a 10 minute video of the highlights of Bob’s presentation in San Francisco.  Her six-part, 1 hour version on YouTube is available just below.

Bernard has prepared an .mp3 audio recording of Bob’s presentation in Asheville, NC, masterfully editing out all pauses, “Ums,” repetitions and so forth.  It is available for downloading onto Mp3 players here. Bernard copied us on an email he sent to his family, friends and associates regarding CC 2009 and Bob’s message; we asked for and received Bernard’s permission to publish it and we do so here


OTHER NEWS: The Fed and Treasury Bailout Lawsuits

Bob’s constitutional challenge to the AIG and $700 billion (TARP) bailouts is moving through the federal court. Yesterday, Bob filed the last of the papers to be received by the United States District Court prior to its decision regarding the motion to dismiss by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.  

Click here for a copy of Bob’s two bailout complaints, (AIG COMPLAINT, TARP COMPLAINT), the Government’s MOTION TO DISMISS for “lack of standing“, Bob’s OPPOSITION, the Government’s REPLY and Bob’s SUR-REPLY.


YouTube Video Links

The following links are for the (6) six, 10-minute edited segments of the San Francisco January 11th CC 2009 meeting.  Notes below each link indicate the content of the segment: 

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 1
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 1
We The People Foundation
Right to Petition
Section 61, Magna Carta 

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 2
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 2
Declaration of Independence
Petitions for Redress
No Response 

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 3
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 3
Additional Petitions

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 4
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 4
Obama's Ineligibility 

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 5
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 5
The Plan
Continental Congress 

YouTube - WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 6
WTP CC 2009, Jan 11, '09 Meeting Part 6
Individual Rights
Mass Movement 

Nominate CC 2009 Delegates! 

Potential Delegates to the Continental Congress 2009 assembly can now be entered into nomination using our secure, on-line nomination system. Following an initial review by WTP management and state nomination teams, nominees will be displayed on their state WTP Congress web page.  Click here to go to your local WTP Congress web page.

Please be sure to read the procedure before attempting to access the nomination system.

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