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February 17, 2009

UPDATE #18: Continental Congress 2009

Help Bring CC2009 to Your State

Organizational Outreach & More Video

Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peaceably curtail the abuse.  Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to justly and actively resist the tyranny.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.


Last update, we announced Bob Schulz’s latest CC2009 meeting schedule to hold 56 additional regional meetings over the next two months in preparation for the Continental Congress 2009 assembly starting later this year. 

As he did with his previous regional meetings, Schulz is asking supporters to step forward and help make arrangements for meeting venues for the locations detailed on the updated meeting schedule.

The venue should be in or near the listed city and not too distant from a major highway. 

Because of the relatively tight schedule, significant changes to the location or schedule will be considered, but will likely not be possible. 

Venues that worked well on Tour #1 are public libraries, community rooms, restaurant meeting rooms, VFW and other banquet halls and hotel conference rooms.  

In all cases we prefer the attendees be able to sit at a table (it’s known as “classroom style”). We should plan for 35 people at weekday meetings and 100 people at weekend meetings.  NOTE: There have been exceptions where our coordinators have managed to attract hundreds of concerned Americans to their meeting, in which cases the coordinators had a good idea of the turnout and prepared accordingly. 

For weekday meetings the room should be available from 7-10 pm. Some venues may close at 9, in which case the meeting would need to begin at 6 pm. For weekend meetings the room should be available from 1-4 pm. 

In all cases we need a projection screen, a small table for the LCD projector and a 3-prong extension cord with a power strip. Except in cases where more than 75 people are expected to attend or in venues with poor acoustics, Bob will not need a microphone. 

Potential venues should hold at least 75-100 people for moderately sized population centers and be near at least one moderately priced hotel property.  Venues can be located anywhere in the general suburban vicinity of the target city scheduled.  

E-mail Bob ( the following information for each venue, preferably in the following format: Local event coordinator: (name, email address, phone number). Venue: (name of facility, complete address including zip code, phone number and website if available).  

After February 25, Bob will be available by email. For emergencies only, Bob will be available on his cell phone (518-361-8153). 

Bob will finalize any paperwork needed to secure a meeting room.

Most critical to arrange are the meetings for the first cities in Bob’s Prep Tour #2 that commences in Florence, South Carolina on Saturday, February 28th:

Sat., February 28, 2009, 1 pm, Florence, South Carolina.
Sun., March 1, 2009, 1 pm, Atlanta, Georgia.
Mon., March 2, 2009, 7 pm, Savannah, Georgia.
Tues., March 3, 2009, 7 pm, Jacksonville, Florida.
Wed., March 4, 2009, 7 pm, Orlando, Florida.
Thurs., March 5, 2009, 7 pm, Jupiter, Florida.
Friday., March 6, 2009, 7 pm, Naples, Florida
Sat., March 7, 2009, 1 pm, Tampa, Florida.
Sun., March 8, 2009, 1 pm, Tallahassee, Florida.

Click here for the new full CC2009 meeting schedule

Call for Unity Among All Patriots

WTP needs to know how the upcoming Continental Congress can better serve all of the organizations and credentialed “sole practitioners” devoted to the defense of one or more of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Therefore, on March 17 in Austin, Texas, WTP will host a private, “closed door” conference meeting for all organizational leaders across the spectrum of Constitution-based groups.  

If any organizational leader or influential individual wishes to attend but is financially strapped, he or she should contact WTP (asap) by email at  

Bob will soon send an invitation to such leaders. While he has the contact information for some, he does not want to inadvertently leave anyone off the invitation list. Therefore, please forward the personal contact information of any organizational leader(s) you know to Please include leader’s name, organization, complete street address, email address and phone and fax numbers if available to you. Please do not phone Bob or the WTP office with this information – again, emails only.

More CC2009 Video 

Dean Haskins (Patriot, master videographer and musician) has crafted a stirring 4-minute video promoting the historic CC 2009 initiative. Everyone should watch it and help send it along a “viral” journey.  Here is the YouTube link:


We bring your attention again to the work of WTP California coordinator Nancy Craighill who edited this 10 minute video on YouTube containing edited highlights of Bob Schulz’s CC2009 January presentation in San Francisco, California.

In our previous update we featured a link to North Carolina Patriot Bernard Carman. Bernard prepared a well edited .mp3 audio recording of Bob’s presentation in Asheville, NC. It is available for downloading here. Bernard had copied us on an email he sent to his family, friends and associates regarding CC 2009 which we published here.

As a follow-up, we thought that you might enjoy this independent “Home Town” endorsement of Bernard’s commitment as a Patriot. The following is courtesy of Linda Hunnicut (aka “Granny Warrior”):


Please check the meeting schedule for additional details and local WTP contacts.

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Video of December 8th, 2008 WTP Press Conference at the National Press Club
in Washinton, D.C is now on Google video.