March 16,  2009

Schulz in Texas Accident 

He’s OK, Meetings Continue

Early this afternoon, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz was in a serious traffic accident near Houston, Texas. 

Bob apparently suffered no major injuries and was released from an area hospital following routine tests/scans.  

Bob was in contact with the WTP home office late this afternoon and reported that he was with local Houston supporters who were helping him gather his personal belongings from the wrecked van and was then headed to prepare for tonight’s WTP Continental Congress meeting in the Houston area.  See the meeting schedule for details. 

The cause of the accident was apparently a vehicle towing a “makeshift” trailer that unexpectedly pulled onto the I-10 freeway and across traffic into Bob’s lane forcing Bob to brake.  Bob’s vehicle was then hit from behind by a commercial tractor-trailer which failed to stop. 

Schulz’s meetings continue this week as scheduled: Houston (tonight), Austin (Tuesday), Dallas (Wednesday), Oklahoma City (Thursday) and Amarillo (Friday).

Please check the meeting schedule for the latest details and local WTP contacts.

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