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March 30,  2009

UPDATE #24: Continental Congress 2009

Schulz Heads to Northwest

Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peacefully curtail the abuses. Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to educate our Nation and begin to organize to restore Constitutional Order and secure Liberty.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.


Bob Schulz brings his call to prepare for the historic Continental Congress 2009 assembly to the far northwest this week with multiple stops in the states of Oregon, Alaska, and Washington.

Please pass word of his travels to your e-mail lists and make plans to personally attend one of these important meetings as the People begin to organize to reclaim our Constitution and our Liberty.  If you can, please use our 1-page or tri-fold flyers to spread word about the coming meetings.  

This past weekend Schulz spoke in Mt. Shasta, California where crews from San Francisco PBS television as well as National Public Radio and other regional media covered the event. Schulz continues to be a requested guest on a growing number of radio talk shows.

Here’s the public meeting schedule for the next Continental Congress events:

Mon., March 30, 2009, 7-10pm. Medford, Oregon. Venue: Medford Library Meeting Rooms – main room, 205 South Central Avenue, Medford, OR 97501.  Contact: Rick Hake,

Tues., March 31, 2009, 7-10pm Eugene, Oregon. Venue: Veterans Memorial Hall, 1626 Willamette St. Eugene, OR. 97401.  Contacts: Dee Lopez,; Tracey Weiss,

Wed., April 1, 2009, 7-10pm. Portland, Oregon Venue:  Mallory Community Enrichment Center, 126 NE Alberta St and Mallory Ave, Portland, OR. 97211. Contact: Dede Farrell, , 503 288 5846.  

Thurs., April 2, 2009, 7-10pm. Olympia, Washington. Venue: Comfort Inn & Conference Center, 1620 74th Avenue, SW, Tumwater, WA.  98501.  360.352.0691.  Contact:

Fri., April 3, 2009, 7-10pm Bellingham, Washington. Venue: Fairhaven Library, Fireplace Room, 1117 12th Street, Bellingham, WA 98226.  Contact:  Mark Edson,

Sat., April 4, 2009, 1-4pm Juneau, Alaska. Venue: Juneau Public Library –downtown branch, 292 Marine Way, Juneau, 99801. 907-586-5249. Contact:

Sun., April 5, 2009, 2-5pm Anchorage, Alaska.  Venue: APDEA Union Hall at 500 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AL, 99518.  Contact:  

Mon., April 6, 2009, 7-10pm. Fairbanks, Alaska.  Venue: ARC building, 3049 Davis Road, Fairbanks, AL 99701.  Meeting in smaller building in back. Look for WTP signs! Contact:

Tues., April 7, 2009, Travel day! (No meeting…) 

Wed., April 8, 2009, 6:30-9:30pm Seattle, Washington. NEW VENUE: University of Washington, Electrical Engineering Building - Room 045, Stevens Way East, Seattle, WA 98144.  Location info and a map is on the webpage:   Contact:  Sanford Staab, 425-415-2137,

Thurs., April 9, 2009, 7-10pm.  Spokane, Washington.   Venue search underway! Contact: Mike McIntire,

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meeting schedule for additional details

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