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April 10,  2009

UPDATE #25: Continental Congress 2009

Tea Parties, State Donations & Next Week’s Schedule

Ed. note
: This update regards the upcoming historic Continental Congress 2009 event to be held later this year.  As part of CC 2009, delegates selected by the People from each of the fifty states will convene to discuss the Government’s ongoing violations of the Constitution and strategies the People can employ to peacefully curtail the abuses. Although these violations have been widely debated for years, it is the Government’s patent refusal to respond to any and all First Amendment Petitions for Redress that now compel the People to educate our Nation and begin to organize to restore Constitutional Order and secure Liberty.

We strongly encourage our readers to review each of our
latest updates.  At a minimum, please be sure to read our “Summit Call and “Line in the Sand” web articles
which provide a good overview of the constitutional crisis and CC 2009 initiative.


Meeting Schedule: ID, MT, ND, SD 

Bob Schulz continues his second national tour next week in preparing the nation for this year’s historic Continental Congress assembly to restore Constitutional Order.

His next meetings take him through Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas.  Please get to one of these important organizational and educational meetings.  Be sure to copy all your email lists so that others can be made aware of the meetings.

Those who have attended Bob’s CC2009 meetings thus far are encouraged to send links to any video they have posted or photos they may have taken at the meetings to the WTP home office or by email to Please limit photo submissions to your best 2 or 3 pictures.

Click here to see the full meeting schedule for additional details.

Sat., April 11, 2009, 10:15am–12:30pm. Boise, Idaho. Venue: Boise Public Library, 715 S. Capital Blvd, Boise ID, 83702.  208 384 4450. Contact: Brandon Yates,  

Sat., April 11, 2009, 6-9pm. Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Venue: Idaho Falls Public Library, 457 West Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, 208 612 8460. Contact: Mike Aldana    ph#208-522-5050

Sun., April 12, 2009, EASTER SUNDAY – No Meeting.  Happy Easter!    

Mon., April 13, 2009 – 7-10pm. Casper, Wyoming.  Venue: Natrona County High School, 930 Elm Street, Casper, WY, 82601.  Contact:  Lance Crain,   

Tue., April 14, 2009, Billings, Montana.  6-7pm buffet dinner ($8.00), 7:00-10pm meeting.  Elks Club,  934 Lewis Ave., Billings, MT.  59102   Contacts:  Statis Sylvyn,  or Mae Woo,  

Wed., April 15, 2009, 6:30- 9:30pm. Bismarck, North Dakota.  Venue:Radisson Hotel - New York Room, 605 E. Broadway Avenue, Bismarck, ND, 58501.  Go to the Tea Party which begins at 3:30pm at the Federal Building.  Get some dinner and then come to the meeting!  contact:  

Thur., April 16, 2009, 7-10pm. Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Ramada Inn, 2727 6th Avenue, S.E. (Hwy 12). Contact: Bill Stegmeier,, 605 940 0354.     

Fri., April 17, 2009, 7-10pm.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Achieve Convention Center, 4100 S. Western Avenue (North of I-229 at Exit 2.) Contact: Bill Stegmeier,, 605 940 0354.  

April 15th Tea Parties

On Wednesday, April 15th next week, the nation will likely witness a large outpouring citizens frustrated with the numerous offensive behaviors of our government. Hundreds of “Tea Party” protests have been scheduled in cities all across America and will likely attract many, many thousands of the American People. 

Although the organizers of the Tea Parties are generally leveraging off public sentiment offended by the audacious government bank bailouts, budgetary spending spree, and confiscatory taxes on “income,”  many in these crowds are likely still oblivious to the fact that these offensive acts are in fact, not merely poor policy decisions, but significant violations of the Constitution

In short, next week offers our organization a golden opportunity to take advantage of these gatherings to spread word of the Continental Congress 2009 initiative to restore Constitutional Order. 

If our organization can attract, and secure the support of, just a fraction of those attending, we will be well on our way to greatly building toward the “critical mass” needed to ensure the success of CC2009.  This is an enormous opportunity to reach a large number of like-minded Americans and enlighten them about the battle for Liberty that rages around them and the People’s profound, inherent powers to peacefully restore Constitutional Order.  

We strongly urge everyone to contact their WTP Congress state Coordinator, and arrange to meet with other activists and make plans to hand out thousands of CC2009 flyers at the Tea Parties. 

Here are the important Tea Party links:

WTP CC2009 "Tea Party" Flyer (1-page)
WTP CC2009 CC2009 "tri-fold" brochure  (1-page, 2 sides printed)
WTP April 15 Tea Party Procedure
    (for State Coordinators, CC2009 Team Members, & Tea Party participants)
Click here for full a full list of Tea Party event locations.
Here is a  Google link which shows Tea Party events on a map
$$ Low Cost Flyer Copying @ STAPLES --  around 4 cents/page!
     (WTP Foundation flyers only, 501(c)3, restrictions apply)

Let’s bring CC2009 to America next Wednesday. 

State-Specific CC2009 Donations 

The WTP Foundation is now ready to receive (tax deductible) donations targeted for support of each state’s CC2009 activities through a customized process hosted by the PayPal online payment service. 

Donations made through the special PayPal state-specific donate “buttons” will be held in reserve by the WTP Foundation to help build a “nest egg” to assist, as necessary, covering the costs of sending each state’s Delegates to the CC2009 assembly as well as helping to fund a portion of the costs each state’s WTP Coordinator network may incur while promoting the CC2009 initiative locally within each state.

The state-specific donate buttons take you directly to the PayPal system where you can donate with a credit card OR your existing PayPal account.  NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation through this system.  (Use the form on the left side of the PayPal page)

The state button web page also includes a button for making (tax deductible) donations to the Foundation’s general fund so that it can help host the historic CC2009 event and cover the significant costs anticipated in both producing the event, promoting it nationwide, as well as bringing CC2009 assembly to the nation via live Internet webcast. 

In short, our historic undertaking requires a significant financial commitment from our supporters to achieve success. Together, we can do this. 

We encourage you to step forward, take a stand for Liberty and make a donation to help send your state’s chosen Delegate’s to CC2009 and to help bring CC2009 to both your state and the nation.

Information regarding the amount of donations made to each state and expenses reimbursed from the funds will be made periodically and posted online. Procedures for requesting reimbursements of allowable CC2009 related expenses will be released in the near future. 

Click here to access the PayPal CC2009 state-specific donate buttons.  

If you prefer, click here to access WTP’s regular, secure donation system.

Live CC2009 Meeting Broadcasts

If sufficient Internet bandwidth exists at a meeting venue, Bob Schulz plans to broadcast each meeting on his tour LIVE using the Mogulus webcast system. Click on the link to see the live broadcast:

Click here to see the full meeting schedule for additional details

WTP CC2009 "Tea Party" Flyer (1-page)

RIGHT-Click here to download the CC2009 "tri-fold" brochure. 

Thank you for your
generous support.  Please remember that your tax-deductible donations are the sole source of funding the Foundation's Continental Congress 2009 project work.


Please remember, the operations of the WTP Foundation
are funded
entirely by your generous support.

Video of December 8th, 2008 WTP Press Conference at the National Press Club
in Washington, DC is now on Google video.