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May 8, 2009

BACK TO JEKYLL ISLAND: May 20-22, 2009

Defenders of the Constitution to Meet


For many weeks, WTP has been quietly planning and making preparations for a private meeting this month at Jekyll Island, Georgia.

On May 21-22, Patriots who have given so much for America and the preservation of its governing documents -- the greatest ever given to man – will meet at Jekyll Island where, in defense of the Constitution of the United States of America, as now written, they will lay the groundwork for a NEW AND RIGHTEOUS RECORD FOR AMERICA to replace and Redress much of the evil our Republic has endured since 1910.

In 1910, a group of the world's most powerful financiers traveled incognito by train one night from New Jersey to Jekyll Island, Georgia to covertly design the strategic, political and legislative foundation needed to install the privately-owned banking cartel that we now know as the "Federal Reserve System."

In 1913, this private banking cartel was quietly and fraudulently granted power by the U.S. Congress to conjure the currency of our nation out of limitless debt. For almost a century it has effectively bankrolled (through populist fraud, political deception, and financial alchemy) a broad array of escalating, unconstitutional acts by the federal Government. These acts, in violation of the fundamental Rights of the People, have taken our Republic - and the Liberty of the People - to the brink of ruin.

On May 20th, 2009, many of the Jekyll Island participants will board an Amtrak train in New Jersey and travel overnight to Jekyll Island. They will retrace the very footsteps of the global financiers who succeeded, via stealth almost a century ago, in seizing the monetary machinery of our nation to finance their elitist and despotic ends. Those attending will meet, eat and sleep in the very same rooms occupied by the men who endeavored to enslave us for their benefit, profit, and power.

The meeting at Jekyll Island will bring together leaders of the Constitutional movement from across America for the following purposes:

1.  To participate in a bold, momentous “on-location” event of vast potential significance to set forth a NEW AND RIGHTEOUS RECORD for America to replace and Redress the legacy our Republic has endured since the events on Jekyll Island in 1910;

2.  To make evident and secure the collaboration of national leaders who have dedicated themselves and their organizations to the preservation of the Constitution and our Founding Principles.

3.  To emerge with a shared vision and a viable plan of action to re-ignite the Flame of Liberty within the Hearts of our People and bring them the hope of peacefully restoring Freedom that is the promise of CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009.

In short, while Bob Schulz has been traveling across the nation promoting the coming Continental Congress, WTP has been quietly arranging for many of the leaders of the Liberty movement to convene at Jekyll Island. With the support of these leaders, the CC2009 initiative will move forward much faster.

Read the letter sent from Bob Schulz to the Sheriff of Glynn County, Georgia.

The Appropriate Next Step for a Free People

As many know, WTP is facilitating the Continental Congress assembly that will be held later this year.

What must the People of America do when their elected officials decide that “[T]here are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time…things that are no longer relevant
to a modern society - things that are inappropriate, anachronistic." ? (Footnote 1

What is the appropriate next step to take when the Government’s violations of our Founding Documents are causing the collapse of our Republic and the suffering of our People? 

What can we do, as witnesses to a system of government that now includes routine abuses of long-settled judicial doctrines and the People’s Right to Due Process which deny the People not only any modicum of Justice, but their constitutional Rights? 

Awakened Americans are now faced with a Government they no longer recognize, that follows no charter, arrogating and usurping powers not granted it by the Governing Documents that rule this Land.  Yet these same officials have only one oath, under God (no less), to uphold the very Constitution!

Civic education without civic action is for naught.  This is especially true in a time when we routinely fail to educate our children the true history, meaning, effect and significance of every provision of our Founding Documents.  Were that every citizen knew how the Founding Fathers meant it to be!  Each of us would be invigorated to progress through our lives, knowing our Rights and Government’s obligations. 

If we truly grasped the need to vigilantly defend Liberty or endure its loss, the core of our daily lives and being would surely include a healthy measure of active loyalty and obligation to the Republic to ensure those in office never step beyond the lines of power drawn by The People.  

Through ignorance and apathy America has come to rely exclusively on the electoral process to alter public outcomes and government behavior.  Is this ultimately not a fatal mistake?

The vested, self-interest in the status-quo and beneficence of the state so cherished by most of our fellow citizens, must inexorably result in the extinguishment of all constitutional limitations. As such, it remains a virtual impossibility to restore Constitutional Order through the electoral process. Such remains the nature of a “democracy” – i.e., “mob rule.”

Even if the numbers were there to dominate an election, our Rights do not, and must never depend, on the will of any majority. OUR RIGHTS ARE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS; WE HAVE THEM SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ARE ALIVE.

Our Rights are unalienable, beyond the reach of both the tyranny of public officials and the tyranny of the majority.

Again, we ask: What can The People do to peacefully restore Constitutional Order and bring under control those public servants who now seek to restrain and destroy that which the Creator has endowed?

As we consider the contemporary necessity to convene a new Continental Congress, our personal commitment to such an undertaking, and the potential outcomes of such a bold stand by the People, it is critical to look back to the early days of our Republic and attempt to understand the escalating crisis of governance our Founders eventually confronted.

The parallels to events commencing in 1774 are most startling. As you read the following, please consider that although the wheel of time has turned many times since, and as our Founding Fathers so eloquently foresaw, the nature of government seldom changes and it may, once again, be now appropriate to borrow a page out of their “playbook:” 

Like our Founders, our Rights are being violated by the Government.

Like our Founders, many of us have repeatedly engaged in Petitioning the Government for Redress in the most humble terms, over many years.  While many people may still be waking up to the legacy of our contemporary, but failed, attempts to Petition our servant Government, it will be important that these Records – this train of formal legal documents -- has been established to show the path and pattern of the violations our People have endured.

Pushed beyond what they determined were beyond the tolerable limits of abuse, our Founders convened a Continental Congress in 1774 to discuss the facts surrounding Government’s violations of the Rights of the People.  They debated about the People’s repeated attempts to right the wrongs (Petitions for Redress) and the Government’s steadfast refusal to justify its behavior or to otherwise be held accountable.  They decided what course of action they could take in the interest of preserving, protecting and enhancing Liberty.

We should do no less. We must do no less.

In taking a page from our Founders, We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., has proposed what it believes is a viable project framework for the good of the Republic, through a delegation of the People representing all fifty states and the District of Columbia, to come together, document the People’s record of our Constitutional crisis and develop a viable, cohesive set of activist strategies to cure the cancer of despotism that now threatens the nation and our Liberty.

This initiative has been called “CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009.”

It with great hope that the We The People Foundation and Congress now commit all our resources towards CC 2009, a national assembly Of The People, By The People, For The People to address our crisis and our future.

As each of our states organizes to participate, Freedom-defending People have begun to nominate delegates – those with a proven passion for the Constitution - as authors, scholars or activists.

As unsettling world events continue to unfold at an unfathomable rate, CC2009 may be our last chance to go on record in defense of our Constitution and to peacefully restore the Republic.

As we know, the Founding Fathers did not mince words in their instructions to future generations who might find themselves also faced with a rogue government. They knew well the nature of men, the nature of government, and value of the Divine gift of Liberty.

That they left us the legacy of our Founding Documents is indeed, a miracle of the highest order.  They would surely pray we ought not concede these gifts easily.

The date and location for the formal CC 2009 assembly will be announced at the WTP Jekyll Island event on May 22, 2009.

WTP will commit every resource we have toward the success of CC2009, but it is ultimately up to The People of America to decide the fate of our Nation.  I urge every citizen to learn as much as they can about what is taking place, what our Founding Documents guide us to do, as opposed to what we are actually doing. 

Let our People come to know the profound Rights handed down to them through the First Amendment Right to Petition and the power of Popular Sovereignty that all men inherently possess and enjoy.

Let’s come together against those attempting to shred our Constitution and seize our Freedoms.

Despite the discord and despair our nation now endures and the escalating risks to Liberty our People face daily, our Republic’s brightest days may yet lie just ahead.

It’s time to awaken. It’s time to do something.


A Personal Note from Bob Schulz

It has occurred to me, as I have spent time with the People of each state during the past four months, that this is not a time to “curse the darkness,” but to Rise Above and give all we have to give for the Cause of Liberty through hearts filled with hope and faith.

There is much around us trying to bring us down: to dissuade us, to stop our efforts, to convince us we are imagining things, to take us off our Path. Let us not look there. Let us keep our hearts and our Vision High on that which our Creator gave to America, through our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Let us join together, share the sum total of our efforts to bring Justice Truth and Right for our citizens and see the Pathway ahead for the Continental Congress, in the Spirit of our Founding Fathers.

Let us try to be worthy to follow in their footsteps, set aside our differences where these may have blocked us in the path, and stand now together, facing the future, with determination and gratitude that we have been shown a peaceful means, a legal means, a means prepared for us by our Forefathers – those on whose words and examples we have all benefited and been fortified.

I urge you to please place a high priority on and to pray for the success of both the Jekyll Island Project and the Continental Congress 2009.

I am so grateful to my wife Judy, to our national coordinators (Michael Badnarik and Brian Smylie), to our 50 State Coordinators and the members of their teams, and to many others who have been providing, on a volunteer basis, so much of their time and talent toward the success of the WTP organization, the Jekyll Island Project and the Continental Congress initiative, especially Judith Whitmore, Amanda Moore, Ray Powell, Mike Bodine, Jan Graber, Ilona and Paul Blakely and Dr. Bob Frady. Note: For thirty years I, too, have been volunteering my time in the defense of my State and Federal Constitutions.

Beyond the services provided by the volunteers, there are goods and services which we will need to contract and finance.

For the Jekyll Island Project WTP is paying for a private lunch meeting for the Freedom organization leaders; we are sharing expenses of those group leaders who need assistance;  we have chartered a bus to transport people from the train station to the Jekyll Island Club; we are paying the expenses of the WTP staff needed to be on hand: we have a professional team of photographers and videographers to record the entire event; we have a very special “patriotic visitation” planned which requires a number of professional resources; and we have costs associated with other logistics involved in hosting the 2-day event. 

All in all, an investment of tens of thousands of dollars is needed to bring the leaders of the national Liberty movement together to begin to organize to make CC2009 a reality for We the People.

For the historic Continental Congress 2009 assembly: This multi-week event will require significant financial backing to cover the meeting venue, stenographers, a live national webcast, technology support, travel, hotel/lodging costs and a host of other all-too-easily-imagined expenses associated with informing and educating the People of our nation about our constitutional crisis, the promise of the CC2009 event and the need to choose delegates of exceptional caliber to represent the People.

We need everyone to make a solid, personal commit to this most vital Liberty project and begin to make donations to help us cover the enormous costs that will be incurred to host these two events. Please be as generous as you can.  Quite frankly, we cannot succeed without you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we move forward on this journey together. If there is any leader of any organization who has been wholly, and demonstrably dedicated to the cause of Liberty and our Constitution, but who has been left off of our list and you feel should be part of the gathering at Jekyll Island, please let us know immediately by email at

Thank you for your time and for all that each of you do, and are yet to do, for the cause of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of Man.

Bob Schulz

[1] Congressman Henry Hyde, Chairman, House International Relations Committee, October 3, 2002, responding to Congressman Ron Paul’s passionate defense of the Constitution’s war powers clauses, given in opposition to the White House’s Iraq Resolution.

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