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June 23, 2009



  Independence Hall, Philadelphia




There is a frenzy of activity at WTP HQ. We apologize for the length of this update and the time lapse since our last communication!  From now until the event, we will endeavor to post at least one update each week.

Continental Congress 2009: The Thanksgiving Congress

Continental Congress 2009 will take place from November 9 -24, 2009, a Thanksgiving Congress!  While the outcome of this event is yet to be known, we will give daily thanks to The Creator for our Freedom and for the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind, as we take our stand for the restoration of constitutional obedience in America.  

We reach out to you with open arms to join us and stand together as ONE VOICE now, remembering that the cause of America is truly the cause of the world.  What we do in the days ahead is not just for us, but to hold tight and pass the Torch of Liberty to millions within and beyond our shores and for all future generations to come.

There is a place for every one of you, to help make Continental Congress a reality. At this website link you will see an interactive U.S. map.  Click on your state and help us to build an organization that stands strong and far above parties, politics and personalities, bringing our Founding Documents back into clear view. 

Continental Congress 2009: Delegate Nominations

Nominations for CC2009 delegates are coming in! What we receive here at headquarters goes directly to the state coordinator and their nominating committee for review and posting.

We invite you to nominate one or more individuals you feel could represent The People of your state at this event.  Delegates should have a proven passion for the Constitution; be upstanding citizens; be over 18 years of age; have not been convicted of any felonies; and, not have a conflict of interest, such as holding an elected or appointed position in local, state or federal government.

Click here for instructions and to access the Delegate nomination system.

The cutoff date for nominations is September 1, 2009. 

By September 12, 2009, final nominees will be posted on the State web pages. We have a committee of individuals working out the final nominee screening and vetting procedures, which will include a formal background check of each nominee.  

Continental Congress 2009:
Election Day & Voting Procedure

Election Day for Delegates to CC 2009 will take place on Saturday, October 10, 2009 from
10AM – 4PM.  

The process we follow will be obedient to the Constitution – an example of how we can and must end secret vote counting and voter fraud in America.  The most important aspect of the entire election process is that the chain of custody for the ballots is never broken. In other words, each and every step in the voting procedure is fully observable by the public.

Our thanks go out to Vickie Karp and Karen Renick, two of America’s most active and dedicated advocates for election integrity, for their resoluteness and steadfast assistance in planning and managing this important function.

Consider what will take place and be part of it:

There will be 51 different paper ballot versions, one for each state and Washington, DC.

Paper ballots will be provided for the voters who vote in person at the CC2009 Voting Center closest to their primary residence. (A list of Voting Center Locations in each state and the District of Columbia will be made available on the CC2009 website weeks prior to Election Day.) 

Prior to being able to receive a ballot for voting on Election Day, each voter will be required to fill out a CC2009 Voter Registration Form and turn it in at the Voting Center where they will be voting. 

Registration forms will be available at the Voting Centers on Election Day and also on the CC2009 website.

To be eligible to vote, a person must meet certain basic requirements such as the minimum age of 18 and U.S. citizenship.  (The requirements necessary to vote will be fully described on the website, as well).  

Each ballot will be hand marked by the voter with an indelible ink pen and then deposited by the voter into a clear plastic ballot box at the Voting Center that will ALWAYS remain in full public view and will only be “unlocked” when the vote counting begins.  

When the counters are in position, the ballot box will be opened in full public view for the publicly-observable hand-counting procedure to begin. (The counting protocol will be provided to each State Coordinator and/or Election Coordinator.)  

When all the ballots have been counted and accounted for and the totals for all the candidates on the ballot are fully tallied, the final results will be publicly announced and then posted at each Voting Center for all to see and record.

NON-DISABLED HOMEBOUND AND MILITARY VOTERS can download the registration form and ballot-style from the CC2009 website, fill it out with indelible ink, have it notarized and then give or fax it to a voter to “walk it in” to a Voting Center on Election Day.  (Each “walk-in” voter on Election Day will be allowed to deposit up to two total ballots at the Voting Center: his/her own and one from one other qualified voter from his/her state who is either homebound or in the military.) 

DISABLED VOTERS will call a special number to receive a Disabled Voter's kit.  Complete instructions will be available on the CC2009 website.


The nominee receiving the most votes in each state (and the District) will be the CC 2009 Delegate from his/her state with the responsibility of casting the vote for or against each Resolution to be voted on at the Continental Congress. 

The nominees receiving the next two highest vote counts in each state will round out the three-person delegation to CC 2009 from that state.


You can learn more about the incredible work that Vicki and Karen have done through their respective organizations Vote Rescue and Coalition for Visible Ballots at and

Continental Congress 2009: TV Advertisements, aka “Liberty Shorts”

We are developing a portfolio of 30 second messages which we would like to have broadcast by the five TV networks. We will need to pay for the air time unless the networks agree to air them as Public Service Announcements (PSA).

Here are a couple of works in progress:

    Jefferson Prediction - spot v 2
    Does Not Defend Itself spot v 1

Any willing network affiliate in any community will eventually be able to download each such advertisement for broadcast in their service area. We anticipate network affiliates across America may accept these “shorts” as PSA’s individually and will direct the State Coordinators to initiate the appropriate contacts with the local stations to place them.

Continental Congress 2009: Radio Advertisements

Each such TV advertisement will be converted into a downloadable 30 second message for broadcast by any radio station.

Continental Congress 2009: Viral Marketing via IT

Each such TV advertisement will be suitable for distribution and marketing over the Internet via email, YouTube, Face Book, MySpace and so on.

Continental Congress 2009:

Jekyll Island Documentary and Dedication Scroll

Last month’s meeting of leaders of the American Freedom movement at Jekyll Island represents a significant milestone in the drive for Continental Congress 2009.

A documentary DVD of the Jekyll Island Project is currently under development. It will include a segment on the train ride, the Opening Ceremony, the Special Ceremony in the Federal Reserve Room, a collection of the five minute speeches by each of the leaders, each of the Patriotic Presentations, and much more. Many of the segments will be prepared for YouTube.

Here are a few short previews: 

Train Ride to Jekyll Island
         Patrick Henry at JIP

         Bob Schulz Opening Ceremony
         Jekyll Island Opening - short

When its ready, the DVD will be available for purchase through the WTP online store. Stay tuned for announcements!  All proceeds will go to Continental Congress 2009.

Here are a few still photos of the Jekyll Island attendees and events:


Liberty Leaders in Federal Reserve Room at Jekyll Island holding Dedication Scroll signed by all.


On the veranda outside the main meeting room at Jekyll Island.
Karen Renick and Klaus Tode (who traveled from Germany)

Rob Gray, Michael Badnarik and Edgar Steele on the train to Jekyll Island.
One of the two Gadsden Flags flown above the turret atop the Jekyll Island Club during our meeting

Ed Griffin receiving one of the Gadsden Flags flown above the Jekyll Island Club.
Bob Schulz receiving the other Gadsden Flag flown above the Jekyll Island Club.

Gary Franchi, Jon Stadtmiller and Karen Renick on the train to Jekyll Island.
Bob Schulz congratulating the Amtrak Chef for the delicious crab cake dinner entrée.

Katherine Albrecht, Vickie Karp, Karen Renick and Judy Schulz on the train to Jekyll Island.
Adam Kokesh on the train to Jekyll Island, along with Ernie Hancock behind the camera, and cameramen James Allen Walker and Aaron.

Catherine Bleish and Ray Powell on the train to Jekyll Island.
Ed and Patricia Griffin at Jekyll Island.

Opening ceremony at Jekyll Island with founding documents on display.
Ueli Rohrer (who traveled from Switzerland to participate in the historic meeting at Jekyll Island), Judith Whitmore and Michael Traines, preparing to add their voices and acting skills during one of the patriotic ceremonies.

Robert Crooks, Creg Maroney and Karen Renick at Jekyll Island.
Paul Venable and Edgar Steele at Jekyll Island.

Daneen Peterson, Gary Franchi and George Shepherd at Jekyll Island.
Gary Franchi, Bob Schulz, Rob Gray and Michael Badnarik at Jekyll Island.

Lt. Cdr. Eric Cunningham (Ret.) at Jekyll Island.

Bob Schulz on the train to Jekyll Island.

Deborah Stevenson, Estelle Stevenson and Edgar Steele by the bus that transported train riders from Jesup, Georgia to Jekyll Island.
Jon Roland in Federal Reserve Room during ceremony and signing of the Dedication Scroll.

Bob and Ed on bus from train station to Jekyll Island Club Hotel.


One of the highlights of the time spent at the Jekyll Island Club was the effort made to establish a New Righteous Record for America in the Federal Reserve Room where the banking cartel was originally conceived in 1910.  This New Record was established through a special ceremony whose centerpiece was the Reading and Signing of a Dedication Scroll. 

The words on the Scroll speak to the heart of every American and include a re-dedication to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the Governing Documents of our Land and our belief that a complete and unconditional return to obedience to these is the ONLY way to save and restore America. 

For those who were present in the Federal Reserve Room, reading and signing the Scroll was a profound and intensely emotional experience.  It became very clear to us at that time that the Scroll was meant to Go Forth to all the freedom-loving people in America for their signatures.  Thus has begun an effort to send copies of the Scroll to each state – eventually in a hard bound cover with engraved gold letters WE THE PEOPLE OF  _______--  along with attachment pages, so that citizens everywhere can sign it.  In our next mailing, we will announce details of the Scroll plan.

Continental Congress 2009:

The costs of CC 2009 fall into five principal categories:

1.       The cost of informing and educating the body politic about the Continental Congress: what it is, why it is being convened, what the issues are, what’s at stake and the importance of reaching a critical mass of people (5% or more) willing to consider the justification of the course of action recommended by the delegates to the Continental Congress 2009 to bring the government back under the control of the Constitution. 

2.       The cost of transporting, lodging and feeding up to 153 delegates.

3.       The cost of licensed stenographers and preparing an official, written transcript of the proceedings.

4.       The cost of live web casting of the entire proceedings.

5.       The cost of a team of professional independent contractors required to organize and manage the myriad of tasks required for a successful Continental Congress 2009. 

6.       Contingencies: special AV equipment, transportation costs for delegates who need financial assistance, service fees, overruns, etc.

Our best estimate of are as follows: 

$1.3 million for Media Buys for July thru October.

$100K for event sponsorship (Freedom Keeper events that will help leverage awareness)

$300K for lodging and meals for delegates and staff.

$50K for stenographic services.

$600K for live Web Casting
$200K for ten (10) Independent Contractors for six (6) months

$300K for contingencies and miscellaneous logistics costs

If everyone helps a little, we believe we have the viable means to bring the news about CC2009 to every corner of our nation and raise the funds needed to successfully host and produce the Continental Congress 2009 event.

Continental Congress 2009:
Fundraising via the "20-20-100" campaign

To raise two million dollars in the near term, we are asking 20 people in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia to donate $100 to WTP, and to do their best to get 20 other people (businesses, friends and family member, etc.) to donate $100 to WTP.  51 x 20 x 20 x $100 = $2,040,000.

We have prepared a letter that can be used by each participant to approach other potential donors in their state.


As a CC2009 fundraiser, WTP is now also offering the CC2009 .999 pure silver Round for a nominal donation of $100 under the 20-20-100 fundraising project. (See offer just below)

For every $100 donation we receive through this special WTP online store link or by specific written request via mail, we will ship you (1) one .999 pure Silver Round commemorating the historic CC2009 event. Offer commences July 4th, 2009.

Continental Congress 2009:
Fundraising via Republic Magazine

The publisher of Republic Magazine is currently working on a “Special Edition” focused solely on the 2009 Continental Congress as a fundraiser for the event. Each of the 25 leaders who attended the Jekyll Island event will be featured on a half page. The Special Edition will also include two articles by Bob Schulz, one about the first Continental Congress in 1774 and one on the importance of Continental Congress 2009.  Stay tuned for more info on this highly-anticipated edition.

We The People and the 2009 Continental Congress are featured in this month’s edition of Republic Magazine titled “The Second American Revolution”.

Republic Magazine exposes the issues that threaten our liberty in a high-quality, professional magazine. Their printed edition is professionally produced and rivals the mainstream newsstand publications.

Both the printed and digital editions are great tools for activists to spread the message. They also offer a free digital subscription for those who can’t afford a printed subscription or that want to send out the magazine virally on line. Please show your support for their hard work and advancement of the cause.

You can subscribe to the printed magazine, get activist copies in bulk or download the digital edition here:

Continental Congress 2009:
Fundraising via the Continental Congress Round

On May 25, 2009, we announced that the American Open Currency Standard has produced a stunning hand-crafted one-ounce Round of.999 Silver in order to commemorate the historic Continental Congress 2009 event honoring the Constitution.

To support the historic Jekyll Island event, a donation was made of 40 silver rounds to We The People Foundation. WTP, in turn, chose to pass the gift along to those volunteers who worked so long and hard toward the success of the Jekyll Island event. 

As a CC2009 fund raiser, WTP is offering the Silver Round for a nominal donation of $100.

We are now integrating this offering with our 20-20-100 fundraising project (See just above)
For every $100 donation we receive through this special online store link (ONLY) we will ship you (1) one .999 pure Silver Round commemorating the historic CC2009 event.
Offer commences July 4th, 2009.

Click here for more details and to order yours through the WTP online store

Continental Congress 2009:
*Preview* of the New
"Portal Page" for all things WTP and CC2009!

We have long recognized the need to “rearrange the furniture and apply a new coat of paint” to our principal, branded website

In anticipation of the many new visitors that will find their way to our website as word of the Continental Congress 2009 spreads across the nation though our upcoming advertisements and marketing activities, reads across the nation, we have finally given our website "front porch" a face lift and are also developing a series of new, high-impact media-rich information pages devoted specifically to all aspects of the CC2009 initiative. 

Included in the upgrade is an overhaul of the public WTP Congress state and county web pages which will feature improved functionality and a significantly improved "look and feel."

Although it's not quite complete yet,
click here to see a PREVIEW of what's coming soon...

Be sure to also click through on one of the 50 state links to see an "under construction" preview of the new county and state pages. You can also now access the Jekyll Island Project website which has just been made public.


On May 13, 2009 we posted an update about our case against the AIG and $700 billion bailouts. The article included a link to our BRIEF to the United States Court of Appeals.

This week we filed our REPLY BRIEF. It was only one page, so we post it below in its entirety. You can RIGHT-click here to download the Government’s Brief contesting our appeal to the Second Circuit.



More dangerous to the health of the Republic than seems evident, as in an insidious disease, is defendants’ cunning Statement of the Case, Standard of Review, analysis and recommended treatment. Have Defendants no honor with regard to the facts, the Law or their ethical obligations both as attorneys and as counsel for the United States Government and the (privately-owned) Federal Reserve?

The truth is this case was not brought by Schulz as a taxpayer objecting to putting taxpayer money at risk as (falsely) stated by defendants (Brief, 2). The truth is this case was brought by Schulz as a natural born citizen whose natural, individual, unalienable Rights, Liberties and Freedoms are protected by the U.S. Constitution (A-12, par 4), who brought forth one, and only one, cause of action in the lead case (i.e., the agreement with AIG is ultra vires and unconstitutional) (A-13), and who brought forth one, and only one, cause of action in the member case (i.e., the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is ultra vires and unconstitutional) (A-68).

With malicious artifice and stratagem, Defendants would undermine the Republic, conning this Court in order to induce it to state this case is something it is not, and to permit the government defendants to act outside the Constitution – i.e., without any authority granted to them by the People. 

Sophisticated government defendants have a plain and unambiguous duty to speak to Plaintiff’s true, and concisely articulated constitutional challenges as presented in the court below and argued in his Brief to this Court. Defendants’ failure to do so is admission of treason to the Constitution.  

Defendant’s artful Brief rises to the level of frivolity, if not outright duplicity.

Dated: June 17, 2009



2458 Ridge Road

Queensbury, NY 12804




On May 11, 2009 we posted an update about our NCEL case. The article included the news that the Court had issued an Order, setting forth a schedule for discovery and directing the case to proceed to a jury trial. 

This week, as required, we provided the State’s attorney with our initial list of individuals and documents we believe have discoverable information we may rely on in support of our claims.

Click here and here to view copies of our submissions.  We thank the many individuals and organizations across the country who are hearing about this case and offering their assistance.

Click here for
U.S. District Court's Pre-Trial Scheduling Order.


For many years, we have envisioned the day when citizen vigilance centers – appearing as mini-Monticello structures - in each state, would represent the True Citizenship of Americans, who will make priority the need to protect and defend their governing documents by holding government officials accountable.

Join us in holding this picture!  This will come to pass.

Do Not Be Fooled – Discrimination and Discernment

We are living in a time when many people and organizations pretend to be one thing, when under the surface they may be something entirely different.  Be vigilant. Listen closely with your heart.  Don’t be fooled.  Trust your gut.   Actions speak louder than words.   Many will talk about freedom or pretend to represent freedom for America.   Many will talk about the Constitution as though they are followers and defenders of Its Directives.   See if what they say and what they do add up.  It is very SIMPLE.  If they are not following the Constitution, all else is treason against America.


As we all awaken to the need to take greater action now in this critical time, we invite you to examine all that WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION and its predecessor organizations have tried to do over these past 30 years.   Educate yourself.  Help us to become the True Fulfillment of our name.   Stand up for America.  Tell your friends and families there are solutions.  Help others to channel their frustrations, angers and complaints into constructive action-oriented activities that will make a difference.

We can stand together as ONE VOICE for America now, remembering that the cause of America is truly the cause of the world.  What we do in the days ahead is not just for us, but to hold tight and pass the Torch of Liberty to millions within and beyond our shores and for all future generations to come.

There is room for every one of you to join with us to make Continental Congress a reality. At you will see our current interactive U.S. map. Click on your state and help us to build an organization that stands strong and far above parties, politics and personalities, bringing our Founding Documents back into clear view.



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