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August 1,  2009

UPDATE: Continental Congress News

National Awareness Emerging…
Still Need Your Support!


Independence Hall, Philadelphia


After reviewing the eight 30-second CC2009 “Liberty Shorts” we provided on a DVD, a prominent national TV broadcast concern has apparently made the decision to air them as a series of PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSAs). Following its review, the broadcaster has asked us to provide the 30-sec spots on broadcast quality tape for production use.


On Wednesday, August 12, 2009, Bob Schulz will appear as a guest on Judge Napolitano’s FOX News program, “FREEDOM WATCH.” Many thanks to all those who contacted FOX News encouraging them to feature Bob so he could bring news about our viable solution to our Constitutional crisis -- i.e., the Continental Congress initiative, to this nationwide audience.

AUGUST 14, 2009

On August 14, 2009, Bob Schulz will give the keynote address at the Friday evening banquet at the 10th Annual Freedom 21 Conference in Oklahoma City. Get all the details about the Conference and register to attend here.


Continental Congress 2009 is now scheduled to end this November within days of when millions of Americans will gather to bow their heads and give thanks to their Creator for bounty, family and friends.

Question.  Should CC2009 end with a closing ceremony in an indoor arena with 6,000+ Patriots giving thanks for Life and Liberty, with Freedom Fighters and Constitutional scholars, authors, activists, singers and musicians as their leading Thanks Givers?

In other words, shall the Free and the Brave give America a Thanksgiving message She is most in need of and might ponder for years to come?

The team members who are facilitating plans for a Continental Congress of, by and for the People believe the answer is “yes” and are now working toward that end.  They are working feverishly to work out the details and reduce the overall plan to acceptable contract language this week.

Once the contracts are signed we will host a News Conference and line up meetings with the local Chamber of Commerce, editorial staff of the media within the host city.  We will be issuing a News Release after the Announcement for national, state and local distribution.  Stay tuned for more details later this week.


Earlier in July we launched our CC2009 donation program where every donation of $100 receives a free, custom designed, 1-oz. .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative medallion.

We want to thank the many Patriots that responded to our call.  During the initial days of this program we realized donations in excess of $70,000.

Unfortunately, if we are to cover the costs of funding this historic Continental Congress initiative, each of us must do what we can to foster public awareness about CC2009 and support the project.  Fund raising is critical if we are to succeed. Please remember that our initial cost estimate for the CC2209 project, including delegate housing, meals, and a live 17-day worldwide Internet broadcast is well in excess of $2M.

As we have repeatedly stated, this amount, while significant, is certainly not beyond the ready grasp of even a fraction of the Patriot community. If just 400 people from each state donated just $100, the Continental Congress project would have over $2M in available funding – a small price for a significant stand in the defense of Liberty, indeed.

We need to reach our nation, our friends and our families.  With each passing day the forces aligned against Freedom commit additional atrocities as they seek to extinguish – for all eternity - the Light of Liberty. See our “20-20-100” fundraising flyer.

Please consider making your donation of $100 today. It’s time for the People to take the Next Step. It’s time to do your part.

You can make your $100 donation through this special WTP e-store link.

Please also read our previous web update for more details, “A MOST URGENT APPEAL REGARDING CC 2009.”

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Who’s going to represent you?

Fill out the online Delegate nomination form here after reading the instructions.

We need voting locations in every state! Right-click here to download the official CC2009 Election Handbook.  Everything you need in one packet to secure a voting location and procedures to conduct a bona fide election of Delegates without voting machines, etc.  Will you or your neighbors be able to vote in your city or town?

Election-Handbook-Jul-19-09.pdf  (550KB, .pdf)


Flyers, ideas, resources, etc. All the links you need!  Includes all vital WTP Congress secure Coordinator links too!


In two significant ways, the Pennsylvania State Coordinator, Frank Szabo, has been successful in reaching out to spread the word about CC2009.

First, Frank has been successful in getting the State Library Board to agree to have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT about CC 2009 posted on the bulletin board at each and every public library in Pennsylvania. The libraries will now download and post a 8 ½” x 11” announcement (available later next week).

Second, Frank has gotten the head of the association that runs the gun shows in Pennsylvania to agree that everyone who buys a ticket to attend one of the dozens of gun shows in PA will be given one of our CC 2009 Slim Jims along with their ticket. Frank has added some color to the existing CC2009 Slim Jim and is having 10,000 individual Slim Jims printed on cover stock for a total of $388.00! (printer-ready color version available next week)

Patriot James Madison from Colorado has set up an 800 number for anyone to call to listen to a 4 min, 39-second recorded audio message about CC 2009: 1-877-225-6059.  It is most important to get this number to those lacking ready Internet access.  The phone number might also make for a great Twitter “tweet” on political-Tweet channels so those using PDA’s/mobile phones, etc. can learn about CC2009.

Send us your best outreach idea.  We need to help CC2009 go “viral.”

PLEASE NOTE: online donations made to WTP through our "general" donation links are NOT eligible for the CC2009 medallion offer.  "State-specific" donations through our state PayPal buttons are likewise, NOT eligible for the CC2009 medallion offer.

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