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August 21,  2009

Citizens Rising in Defense of the Constitution

  • Pheasant Run to host CC 2009

  • 1,670,000 Impressions

  • Freedom 21 Speech by Bob Schulz

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

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Pheasant Run

The Pheasant Run Conference Center will host CC 2009 from November 9-22. A contract was signed on Monday, August 10, 2009.

Pheasant Run is located 28 miles west of Chicago in the community of St. Charles, Illinois.

Pheasant Run will accommodate the needs of CC 2009, including the requirements for specialized meeting space, lodging, meals and access to the world wide web.


Signing the Pheasant Run contract

The meeting space includes a 320 seat, hi-tech amphitheater where the CC 2009 delegates will gather for presentations by renowned experts on the history, meaning, effect and significance of specific provisions of the Constitution and factual accounts of existing violations of those provisions.

The CC2009 meeting space also includes a large meeting hall where the delegates will meet for their deliberations, discussions, debates and decisions regarding their recommendations for the free people of America.  Finally, a 3,500 seat arena is available for the closing ceremony.

Access to the worldwide web will include 2 MBS upload capability for our live Internet broadcast of the entire CC2009 proceedings. To further insure against disruptions to either the proceedings or the live webcast, Pheasant Run is equipped with 100% backup emergency generators, providing uninterruptible electric power.  

Superb sleeping rooms will be provided for the CC 2009 delegates, staff, and “faculty” (constitutional scholars/presenters). Additional rooms are being made available for members of the public, state legislators and media outlets who would be interested in attending CC 2009, not as participants, but as observers to the historic event.

1,670,000 Impressions

As soon as the contract was signed with Pheasant Run, a press advisory under the heading, “Citizens Rising in Defense of the Constitution”, was released announcing a press conference to be held the next day at the National Press Club in Washington DC.


On Tuesday, August 11, 2009, Bob Schulz delivered a 10-minute statement to the press at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, which was followed by the distribution of a press release, under the heading, The Appropriate Next Step for the Free People of America,” to 5000 national media outlets including print and broadcast media in the top 100 markets, wire services, national news magazines and 3,800 online news sites.  Click here for a list of the recipients.

The benefits of our use of the National Press Club and its Broadcast Center for the formal announcement of CC 2009 was well worth the investment of $7000. The news, including copies of the full release, has been posted by numerous outlets, from CNBC,  to The Daily Paul  and is now going viral. For instance, we found there were more than 1,600,000 impressions on Google at this search link. See some of the other media outlets that received our Press Release. (1.5 MB)

Appearance on

On August 12, 2009, the day after the press conference in DC, Bob Schulz visited the FOX News studios in Manhattan to appear with Judge Andrew Napolitano on his show, “Freedom Watch,” which is streamed live at  every Wednesday from 2-3 PM.  See
this link to view the Aug 12th show.

Bob’s Speech at Freedom 21 Conference

On August 14, 2009, in Oklahoma City, Bob Schulz delivered the keynote speech at the Freedom 21Conference’s Friday night banquet.   The speech was part of a special dedication ceremony that continued what began in the Federal Reserve Room at the Jekyll Island Club on May 21, 2009 with the signing of The Freedom Scroll. The ceremony included a local unit of the color guard from the United States Navy, patriotic singing, reading and signing of the Scroll.

The speech, referred to by some as “outstanding and of historic significance” is, itself, beginning to make the rounds, appearing on numerous web sites.  Click here to read Bob’s Freedom 21 Speech. If you feel inspired to do so after reading, please circulate to friends and contacts.

What You Can Do To Help CC 2009

At the signing, we gave Pheasant Run a check in the amount of $39,200. An additional $39,200 is due on September 10, 2009. An additional $78,400 is due on October 16, 2009. These three payments represent approximately ½ the cost of housing and feeding the delegates and staff for the 14 day CC 2009 event. In addition to covering the expenses of the Delegates, we need to raise the money needed for the live webcast of the event and the myriad other costs associated with hosting the historic Continental Congress 2009 event. 

We are proceeding on faith, faith that CC 2009 is the appropriate next step for the Free People of America and faith that the funds needed for a successful CC 2009 will be there.

CC2009 is unique in that we are asking people to donate for an event that is not political or partisan. CC2009 is based on the defense of our Creator-endowed Rights rather than the promises and assurances of men.  This is not about the electoral process, but about constitutional accountability.

We need your help.  Please continue your donations to make CC2009 a reality.  

For each $100 donation, we will send a free one ounce .999 pure silver round minted in commemoration of Continental Congress 2009.

And just announced, for each $50 donation, we will send a free one-half ounce .999 pure silver round minted in commemoration of Continental Congress 2009.

What’s Ahead:

Delegate nominations continue in the states until September 8, 2009.  Go to and click on your state to post a CC2009 Delegate nomination.

Mark October 10, 2009 on your calendar as the day to visit an election polling place to vote for CC2009 delegates.  More information will be released about locations in the weeks to come.

‘LIBERTY SHORTS’ PSA’s about the Constitution are ready for broadcast and radio outlets.  Go to and click on videos and audio to hear the eight different shorts.  We would appreciate any effort you feel to make to contact your local affiliates, send them the links to download for immediate broadcast quality airtime.  You can contact your local media at this link.

Volunteer in your state.  The time is now for our America and for the defense of our Constitution.

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