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September 13, 2009

HOMESTRETCH: Continental Congress 2009 

56 Days to Historic Gathering  

Tea Party Destination? 

Seeking the Brave and Wealthy

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Be sure to check out our new
CC2009 website, state/county web pages
and CC2009 activist resources!

We have turned the corner and have entered the homestretch. The finish line is in sight.

Think of it:

  • a national assembly of constitutionalists,
  • from every state and the District of Columbia,
  • to convene on November 8th,
  • in a recorded, public forum, streamed live on the Internet,
  • with purpose of devising and recommending justifiable civic action,
  • for a free People,
  • aimed squarely at forcing an end to violations of the Constitution,
  • peaceably.

Think of it:

  • CC 2009 becomes the final destination of the Tea Party Express,
  • a landing point for all People who have been attending Tea Parties,
  • to voice their objections to violations of the Constitution,
  • while realizing that deeds, not words, 
  • will be required to hold elected officials accountable,
  • to the Constitution and its essential, underlying principles.


The only thing that can stop us now is the financing.     

Our first layer of expenses has been paid, including two (non-refundable) installments to the venue, and those for consultants, publicity and newswire services, travel, printing and postage, meetings, IT programmers and expenses related to fundraising.   

CC 2009 donations totaling $90,000 have been expended. Now we need another $150,000 by October 10.   Another $ 1,500,000 is needed to fully cover the cost of: a) webcasting the entire event for 15 days; b) housing and feeding the delegates and staff; c) transportation and other costs of the “faculty,” that is, those constitutional scholars who will be on hand to educate the delegates about the historical context, purpose and violations of various provisions of the Constitution; d) stenographic services; and e) other planned and unplanned expense.  

To that end, we have launched a series of fund raising events that should get us over the top, on a wing and a prayer. 


We have a developing list of people we believe to be both “Brave” and “Wealthy” and potentially able and willing to support CC 2009 with large donations. 

We are sending a package to each, by Federal Express, informing them about CC 2009, requesting their financial assistance and offering a private conversation/ meeting with Bob Schulz, if desired. We will work with each one-on-one as they respond in kind. 

We need to hear from you. If you know of anyone who loves America, is concerned about the frequency and severity of the violations of the Constitution and the general direction the country is taking,  and who might consider being a major backer to CC 2009 in this critical hour of our history, please immediately contact us at Your shared contact information will be kept confidential.   

Help us find the people who will immediately understand the value of making Continental Congress happen. 


This Thursday, a very popular weekly newspaper serving the Capital District area of New York State, the Glens Falls Chronicle, will publish a front page feature story about CC2009, including its need for donations to cover all the related expenses. The article will mention the fact that on Friday and Saturday, teams of two residents of the area will be calling on the merchants on various Main Streets in the region, requesting donations.  Also included will be colored photographs of the silver round that has been minted to commemorate CC 2009. Donations of $100 or more will receive the .999 pure silver round as well as a poster to hang in their windows.


Tomorrow, a comprehensive press release is being mailed to every weekly newspaper in America, requesting them to run a feature story as the Chronicle is doing. To help insure this widespread coverage, everyone is encouraged to call on the publisher of their weekly (with the press release in hand) and plan to spend some time “Walking Down Main Street,” every Friday and Saturday for the next few weeks. 


On October 1, 2009, there will be a “wine and cheese” fundraiser at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois – the CC 2009 venue, sponsored by WTP, the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce and the St. Charles Convention Bureau. Invitations are also being sent to leaders of the areas’ veteran, religious and educational organizations. 

The fundraiser will include a Freedom Scroll signing ceremony and a speech by Bob Schulz. 

The Freedom Scroll is a re-dedication to the Founding Documents of the United States. The words came forth when we were planning a meeting of the Freedom movement leaders at Jekyll Island.  There on May 21, 2009, we stood in the Federal Reserve Room to put a new and good record in place of that which happened in 1910, when the Federal Reserve System was conceived.  The ceremony that took place was moving beyond any one’s imagination and expectation.   

Since that time, we have taken The Scroll on the road for The People of America to sign.  The ceremony includes singing to America, a dedication, signing by those in attendance and a FREEDOM speech from Bob.   Young and old step up to sign The Scroll and people have told us the experience changed their lives.  

If anyone is able to conceive of a fundraiser similar to what is scheduled for St. Charles, and is willing and able to assist with the basic legwork required, please contact us at


Not much time left, but there are plans afoot for a “CC2009 Money Bomb” for Constitution Day, September 17th. More details coming...


There is one week left to nominate delegates for Continental Congress!  PLEASE go to your state page at and nominate someone you feel has a passion for America and the Constitution.  We want every state to be proud of their citizen nominated and elected representatives for this National Assembly of The People.

If you know of someone who is worthy to be nominated in another state, please let us know at and we will take action. 


The state coordinators and many volunteers are giving their all for this event.   We are looking for polling places – VFW halls, churches, schools, firehouses – in which to hold the delegate elections from 10am-4pm on the 10th.

We need seven volunteers in each place to oversee the process.  Go to your state page and email the state coordinator if you can help in any way!  This is a constitutionally valid election – something to be proud of --- no votes counted in secret.


Tell your neighbors, your friends, your associates, about Continental Congress 2009.
Tell them to go to for more information.



In the previous Update (CONSTITUTIONAL DIVIDE:  THE GROWING THREAT, August 30, 2009) we wrote:

“Kostric and Broughton are long-time supporters of WTP, helping to create the record we have established regarding the Government’s failure to honor its obligation to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of violations of the Constitution. Both are listed on our website as Continental Congress 2009 Team Members who are working to make CC2009 a success. 

“To set the record straight and to promote the potential of CC2009 to peacefully and legally bridge the Divide and relieve our national distress, Kostric and Broughton are in the process of scheduling a press conference to be held this week. They have asked and Bob Schulz has agreed to participate.”

Correction: Mr. Broughton has not been a long-time supporter of WTP. His only connection with WTP was his attendance earlier this year at a CC 2009 orientation meeting held by Bob Schulz in Phoenix (one stop on Bob’s nationwide tour), where Mr. Broughton became a CC 2009 Team Member, indicating his willingness to be called upon from time to time to assist the Arizona State Coordinator in accomplishing the work needed to be done in support of CC2009.

Editor’s note: The press conference did not materialize. 


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