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October 8, 2009





     Help: Viral Distribution Needed Now  

     Mail-In Voters: Postmark on or before this Saturday   
     Walk-In Voters: 10 AM – 4 PM this Saturday

     We Need Your Help!

After months of preparation, the national election of Delegates to the historic Continental Congress 2009 event has commenced.

Citizens from every state and the District can now cast their votes for the nominees of their state that will represent them at the 2-week long CC2009 assembly which begins November 8th just outside Chicago in St. Charles, Illinois.

Much like the First Continental Congress of 1774, the 2009 assembly or Citizen-Delegates will endeavor to formally document the widespread constitutional abuses We the People suffer, document the Government’s steadfast refusal to respond to any of the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances served over the course of 15 years, and to debate and adopt a course of concrete action the People may take to peacefully resist the escalating tyranny.

Viral videos:

The following are two new CC2009 promotional videos that everyone should help go “viral.”  They contain powerful concepts and information regarding CC 2009 and the Right of the People to secure Liberty. Please send these links to all your contacts and encourage them to do the same.

Here's the link:
Here's a 4-miunute version:


Here's the second link:

Here's a link to our CC2009-only YouTube "channel":


CC2009 Delegate votes can be cast by either U.S. MAIL or at a CC2009 WALK-IN Election Center in your state this Saturday, October 10th

Mail-in ballots and registration forms must be postmarked no later than this SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 10th.  Click here for Mail-in ballots, registration form and instructions

Walk-in Election Centers will be open ONLY this Saturday, October 10th between 10 AM and 4 PM.  Voters will be registered at the local Election Center.  Ballots will also be available there. Click here for a list of local CC2009 voting locations across the nation.

Who are your state's CC2009 Delegate Nominees? (click on your state) 

Final Delegate election results will be available on October 18th.  Following high-integrity vote counting and tabulation protocols, votes will be counted by hand in full view of the public at each state Election Center (on October 10th) and then combined with votes cast by mail and sent to the national mail-in vote Center in Austin, TX (on October 17th).  

The public hand-counting vote protocol being adopted as part of the CC2009 initiative, is the subject of current federal litigation brought by the We The People Foundation against New York state election officials seeking to end all machine based voting based on the inherent (and unconstitutional) vulnerabilities of machine or electronic voting.  The essence of the complaint is that machine based vote counting is essentially performed in secret by un-auditable counting mechanisms inside the machines, and is not visible to the public. WTP’s National Clean Elections Lawsuit, NCEL, is scheduled for jury trial in September, 2010 where a panel of Americans from New York state will decide if machine or electronic voting is constitutional.

Financing CC2009 

Again, we must ask for your help.  The Continental Congress will be an event of significant historical importance in our struggle to restore and maintain Constitutional Order. 

A lack of adequate funding is the only thing that can stop us now.

We have a significant amount of pre-event contract payments that must be timely made in order to assure our event proceeds as planned.  Unfortunately, we are currently well behind in our fundraising requirements.   

As of today, we need to raise an additional $78,400 more in order to make our next payment to the Pheasant Run Conference Center which, according to our contract, is due on October 17th.

Nearly all of the $170,000 raised to date (and Thank You everyone!) has been expended, in support and development of Continental Congress 2009, including two payments to Pheasant Run of $39,200 each.  

We have had to cover numerous other project related expenses, including but not limited to those related to the Jekyll Island Project, professional Internet hardware and software services, web and video production services, travel costs, professional Public Relations and communication services, project management, office supplies, postage and so forth.

Beyond the costs for lodging, facility and food/beverage payments for the Delegates, WTP needs to be able to finance a (free) worldwide Internet broadcast of gavel-to-gavel coverage of the entire 14-day CC2009 event and cover the myriad other logistical costs associated with guest speakers, staff travel as well as to continue to fund the “regular” recurring monthly operating costs incurred by the WTP Foundation and Congress – and please remember, neither Bob Schulz nor his wife Judy receive a dime for their dedicated service through the WTP organizations.  

Please consider supporting CC2009.  It is not only our common cause, but the Continental Congress stands uniquely postured to unleash the direct power of the Sovereign People to restore constitutional governance -- without political elections and without disturbing the public tranquility.  Before us lies a great gift – the Divine gift of Liberty, but we cannot get there without your help -- today.

In appreciation for every donation of $100 we will send for free, a one ounce, .999 pure silver, CC2009 commemorative medallion. Click here to make donation and receive the silver CC2009 medallion. In appreciation for every donation for $25 we will send for free, a CC 2009 Solidarity Pin.  Click here for the special donation link for the Solidarity Pin.

For those who do not care to receive the silver round or the solidarity pin, click here to make fully tax deductible donation of any amount.



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Video of December 8th, 2008 WTP Press Conference at the National Press Club
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