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November 1, 2009


Delegates Represent the Free in 49 States

Non-Delegate Registration Now Available!

$150K Needed to Webcast the Event

Independence Hall, Philadelphia


St. Charles, Illinois


In advance of next month’s Continental Congress 2009, the citizen-elected Delegates have settled on a Vision Statement and an Agenda.

124 citizen-elected Delegates representing the free people in 49 states are now registered to attend CC 2009 at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois from November 11-22.

All non-delegates wishing to attend part or all of CC 2009 must register.

  • If you are a member of the GENERAL PUBLIC, click here to register.

  • If you are a WTP state/county coordinator, media/reporter, CC2009 guest speaker, or a contracted CC2009 production team member, etc. click here to register.

We are experiencing a steady stream of donations for which we are very grateful. Thank you one and all.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is to raise the $150K needed to sign the contracts with those who will provide the equipment, manpower and streaming costs necessary to bring the proceedings to people the world over, live (and for free), via the World Wide Web. Please note that all donated funds received to date have already been spent or committed.

It is absolutely essential that People everywhere have the opportunity to view CC 2009 -- to learn about the violations of the GREATEST GOVERNING DOCUMENTS EVER GIVEN TO MANKIND, to see the Great American Experiment in Self-Government in action as citizens from every state discuss the wrongdoings by their elected officials and develop a plan for the Free People to end those violations. Unless we raise the $150K this week, we will be unable sign the necessary contracts to webcast this historic event.

Will There Be A CC2009 Webcast?

Since the beginning, it has been a primary objective of our vision for CC2009 to enable a worldwide audience to experience this historic event LIVE, and at NO cost, via a professionally produced, high-quality video production of extraordinary length – 11 packed days – each of which will be no shorter than 10 hours in duration.

The full production costs of hosting CC2009 go far beyond hotel and meal costs for the Delegates. In fact, it is really the many technical aspects of CC2009 which are driving the overall costs of the event.

Among those complex requirements is the need to produce the webcast across multiple event locations within Pheasant Run (e.g., the auditorium, the main Delegate hall, live broadcast dinner events, etc.), insuring proper lighting, audio and video capability, and having adequate technical staff and equipment redundancy to deliver and maintain a continuous, high-quality production.  

Importantly, the planned webcast content also includes a full-time “news room” where daily CC2009 highlights, morning and evening “wrap-up” shows will be broadcast daily along with periodic constitutional/historical commentaries and “event-centric” personal/patriot interviews which will take place throughout each day.

Each event location also requires separate and varying levels of staging including microphones, video connections, video projectors, lighting, electrical, and support equipment. Each Delegate table in the main hall will have its own microphone and access to electricity for personal devices. The webcast (video & newsroom) contract itself, without Pheasant Run staging and room audio personnel, requires approximately 10 full-time technical craft personnel, many billing at least 10 hours/day across the full duration of the event, including pre-event set-up, testing and post-event breakdown. As part of the hotel’s profit structure, rental costs for equipment and staging needs procured through Pheasant Run hotel and/or vendor are additionally subject to a normal 22% service fee.

To provide better appreciate what specifically drives the substantial cost of producing such a professional webcast for CC2009 we are releasing two internal documents our team has been using to plan and evaluate various production strategies for the webcast.  One is an earlier graphical representation of our high-level technical requirements, while the second is a detailed cost estimate for the professional-grade video production and web streaming costs.

(Note: the cost estimate spreadsheet is for video & streaming bandwidth costs ONLY, and does NOT include at least $50K estimated additional costs for room audio, audio mixing, room staging costs, tech crew overtime, tech crew hotel lodging/meals, etc.). Please know that the production design and anticipated costs have been thoroughly reviewed, well negotiated and are most reasonable according to regular industry contracting practices and pricing considerations.

There is no doubt that producing an historic, 11-day long event for a worldwide audience is a substantial undertaking -- but also without doubt, this effort is well within our reach. The fact is, with your help, we can bring CC2009 to the world – LIVE, and for FREE – all 11 days of it.

With your support, we can begin to restore our Constitution and change the world. Please consider a generous donation ASAP.  

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