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December 19, 2009

Gratitude: Looking Back

Strength, Courage and Illumination: Looking Ahead

Will We The People do What is Necessary to Save America? 

The Articles of Freedom: a Wake-up Call 

Year-end Fundraiser: The 2010 Freedom Calendars +

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA





Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL

Dear Friends of We The People Foundation and We The People Congress, 

As we enter into this Holy Week that is so filled with good wishes for family and friends, earnest prayers and up-reach for America and mankind, we stop to consider all that has taken place in 2009 with deepest gratitude.

For those of us here, this is a much-needed time to pause, to reflect, to rest, to gather strength, energy and illumination for what is ahead.   The resting points in this past year have been few and far between, if at all.  There has been more to do then there are hours in the day for those concerned with the protection of our Republic at this time.

The patriot heart appears to run alongside the world as most know it, but in truth, we are living a different reality now, a stark reality with an hourglass that shows a critical hour when it comes to America and Her Destiny, our Charters of Freedom, our Republic and our way of life.     

One year ago, the idea of a Continental Congress had been formulated and expressed, but we had no idea if it would take hold, if enough people in this country would respond to the idea and want to help bring it into manifestation.

One year ago, on Christmas Eve, we were not cuddled at home gazing at a Christmas tree, warmed by the fire, surrounded by gifts, relaxing with our loved ones.  We were driving in icy rain and fog heading towards Virginia to talk to a great patriot about the idea of gathering Citizen-Delegates from every state as the appropriate next step for the Free People of this Nation in response to encroaching tyranny.  To our questions, he gave considerable thought and input, and then, a resounding “yes.” 

With faith and determination, we set out on the road, visiting 88 cities in all 50 states.  We began in San Antonio, Texas on January 3rd and finished in Burlington, Vermont on May 1.  The journey was arduous but the People of this Great Land kept us going as their patriotic voices graced our meetings.  The answer to our questions to them “Is Continental Congress an idea whose time has come?  Will you care enough to help make it happen?” was a resounding “Yes.” 

As soon as we got home, (exhausted, with no time to rest), the meeting at Jekyll Island was confirmed and took place May 21-22.  The purpose was to gather leaders from the Freedom Movement to discuss Continental Congress to see if major organizations could support such an event.   We decided to meet in the place where the Federal Reserve was conceived in 1910.   We wanted to put good energy in the place of something most of us now know without question has been very wrong for our people and our country.  Without expecting such a Blessing, The Freedom Scroll* came forth as the means through which we could put a New Record in place for America and also re-dedicate ourselves to our Charters of Freedom.   (Link to Scroll)  

On May 21, 2009, we stood together in the ‘Federal Reserve room’ at Jekyll Island and knew our prayers were answered.   The group discussed Continental Congress in the presence of many who were in the midst of their own fruitful ideas and projects for Freedom.   The answer to our questions to them was a resounding “Yes.” 

Amazing patriot hearts, tireless patriot hearts, determined to see this effort through, came forward in nearly every state, as state coordinators, county coordinators, local, regional and national volunteers.  So many heroes to the Cause of Liberty.  

These have not been easy months for any of us in our attempts to create interest and support in this idea which has been such a departure from the American way of thinking.  The focus in our Nation has been on the political system for so long, on the electoral process, on putting new candidates into office as a way to fix our discontent.

To what end?  And to what degree, relative to the size of our overall voting population, have we neared the majority necessary to assure any Victory?  Perhaps in 2010.  We pray it will be so.   

Every organization in the Freedom movement has had its own thrust, its own members, its own rice bowl to clutch onto….even still today. 

As we sought to create thrust behind a Continental Congress, the tea parties were springing into birth – Glenn Beck was rising as a Voice to which the people were responding and the 9-12ers were forming everywhere.  Ron Paul was making earnest headway with the Audit the Fed Bill, and many other amazing efforts were in motion, but who had an overall PLAN TO GET US BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION? 

Like many, we have seen the waves kicking up and a perfect storm brewing – coming on faster than we may even know -- but still no one has seemed to have a common destination.  What is going to bring all the people and all the energies together so there will be enough thrust for the world to hear the VOICE OF FREEDOM THAT MUST NO LONGER BE DENIED lest we wake up in a country that would shake the Founding Fathers from their graves in discontent?   When will there be the GREAT MERGE?   These are questions we are still asking now. 

From our view, the sole focus of Continental Congress 2009 has been to create a plan that could stop the violations of the Constitution and restore Constitutional governance in America, across the board. 

We have watched people awaken in this effort – to see so many of them suddenly realize that it didn’t matter who they had voted for –THEY WERE NOT OBEYING THE CONSTITUTION and without the Constitution, there is no rudder, nothing but the whims of man guiding the ship.   We have watched the defensive posture of others protecting their favorite candidates or their parties disappear like blowing sand and suddenly they are FREE from personalities, parties and politics.  Suddenly they know it is all about the Constitution and nothing else.  It is the Constitution that will save us or we will not be saved.  

From our view, Continental Congress was to be free from any paintbrush and could hold out a torch to any person, group or organization who simply wanted to take a stand for our Constitution, and come together to ensure we do not lose it.  

All of this was a new way of thinking for many of our volunteers, let alone the people we were all trying to reach and awaken.

With the end of summer and the approaching Fall season, people were being nominated in nearly every state to become Delegates.   More amazing patriots stepped up with the necessary skills to organize and oversee a constitutionally-valid election.  Will Americans ever know the example we tried to show?  

An economic down-turn made conversations of giving and donating seem like molasses in the mud.  Countless citizens who had little gave their all and many who had more than most listened, but did not go the distance.  Why?  Did it seem impossible that a Continental Congress could take place in this modern-day age, like an idea that has no means to take hold? 

Despite all the odds and all that seemed against us, we kept moving forward, oft-times at a pace we could barely contend with.  Then, the morning of November 11, 2009 was upon us.  We stood in St. Charles, Illinois, in the early morning hours, knowing that Continental Congress really was about to take place.  The Delegates were here.  Tears of gratitude and many prayers to Heaven went UP that morning,  as we asked that something good would come from this effort; something that could help America at this time; something that could be protected and speak a Truth that all could see and hear and know with their hearts and heads.

No one could have predicted the things that took place over those eleven days. No one who attended will ever be the same. 

The most wonderful group of Americans from all walks of life, set aside their personal lives and gave their all – morning, noon and night to find out how America could return to the Constitution.  I will never forget how it felt to be walking around Pheasant Run at 1am in the morning from group to group, each huddled together, talking about the Constitution, loving the Constitution, trying to find the way back to the Constitution. 

I do not believe any of their efforts were in vain.   From this historic gathering now comes forth a document for the Free People of America, written by a group who feel they are some of those People. 

The Articles of Freedom will ring the bell of Liberty as a wake-up call for our elected officials and our people.  It represents a Plan that can turn us all around and restore our Republic.  The Articles of Freedom are for those who do not know how far we have strayed and who now need to decide where they stand.  The Articles of Freedom are for all of those who are wide awake, with the hope that this can be the basis for the Great Merge – the Rallying Call that will bring us all together. 

The Constitution is not going to defend itself and it is now, up to the People of America to do this, before it is too late.   

This is not a time for complacency, apathy or indifference.  It is not a time to sit back and watch the events which are unfolding before us.  This is not a time for the summer Patriot.   We have only just begun what may be the most challenging, unrelenting fight of our lives – on all levels --- to protect the America that God gave to the Free. 

If you blink, you could almost miss the changes which are taking place, which wipe away more and more of our liberties each day and will even find us waking up in a Nation we do not recognize, many believe, by this Christmas morning.   There has never been a more important time to stay awake, to act, to care, to live, to pray to God for the saving of this country. 

This has not been an easy year:  long, long days, many miles traveled, unrelenting pressures, oft times disappointing responses to our outreach, but never have we given up.  The Constitution has stayed in the forefront of our minds and our hearts like a lighthouse in a raging storm, calling us to continue on.

There have been times when the odds have seemed so great against our efforts that it might have been easy to just set it all aside, but something greater than ourselves has kept us steady on course, no matter the outer appearance.

There is much in this posting we did not discuss.  We are choosing to focus on the things that DID happen, not the endless things which tried and still are trying to take us off course or undermine the efforts.  

We know well that NONE of the things which have taken place this year could have happened without you. 

We have said thank you, but could never say it enough.  How do you thank those who have given the silent, steady support that has made every good outcome possible? We know that your presence with us has done more than we may ever even know.  We are so grateful for you

We wish you and your loved ones all the Blessings and Miracles that this Christmas can bring, not only now, but in all the days ahead.  We hope that you will feel all the love we feel at this time of year and that it is sustained in your feelings in the days ahead.  We hope you feel an ever-increasing sense of brotherhood and sisterhood among the Free People of America, a deeper call to the Cause of Liberty and the illumination that shows us the way as we head into what is likely to be a difficult year.  May we have no malice to anyone. 

Finally, we are ever so grateful, truly grateful, to be Americans.   We believe we have only just begun to find out what it really means to be a true citizen of this country, as Freedom Keepers for our Constitution and the Founding Principles which our Founding Fathers put in place that generations to come would know their individual inalienable God-given Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

As we seek to carry on the Sacred Trust given to us by our Founding Fathers, to be part of the enduring Voice that speaks the Eternal Will of the People to be Free,  we know we will witness times ahead that we cannot even imagine as of this writing.   We know the end, though we do not know what we will go through to get there.  

America has been given to the FREE and She will remain FREE. She will somehow throw off the chains that seem to bind her and go forward.  Her People will see a New and Lasting Day that Shines a Golden Pathway of Light and Liberty for all. 

We wish you a Miracle Christmas, a Happy Holiday, many Holy happenings, and every good and wonderful Blessing in the New Year of 2010 ahead. 

The BEST is yet to come. 

Robert Louis Schulz and the National Team
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education
We The People Congress 

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Many of you have ordered multiple copies in the past to hand-out to friends, families and associates.  With all that has been taking place surrounding the historic Continental Congress 2009 event, we have been somewhat slow in initiating our annual Year-end fundraising call.

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Again, we offer our many sincere thanks for your continued support of our work.

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*The Freedom Scroll Ceremony has now been given in seven states and we hold the Vision that 2010 will bring the opportunity to present the Scroll in all the other forty-three states remaining.   In each state we have visited, a Freedom Scroll in the Name of that State, is left with the People for thousands to sign as a re-dedication to the Letter and Spirit of our Charters of Freedom as the only way to Save America now.

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