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December 31, 2009



Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA





Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL

As we ponder our activities of 2009 we are overtaken with a feeling of thankful appreciation for the increasing attention our Charters of Freedom are receiving from a growing number of Patriots concerned about the course our Parties and elected officials are steering for America. 

We are particularly grateful for the marked attention and thoughtful consideration given to Continental Congress 2009 by so many People, clearly emanating from nothing more than their love and loyalty to their country and devotion to the welfare of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

CC 2009 would not have become true to life and successful without the support of a cast of thousands, voluntarily granted without obligation, charge or payment, guided merely by what they saw as correct reasoning and the logic of a better course.

The CC 2009/Articles of Freedom experience are a clear indication of the readiness of Freedom-seeking People to respond to stimuli that is appropriate, complete and thorough.

We honor and hold in high esteem all who contributed their ideas, time and talents in one way or another. America owes them a debt of gratitude.

They all deserve our thanks and praise: those, including WTP’s state and county coordinators who made the arrangements for us to introduce and explain the concept of Continental Congress 2009 at 88 venues in all 50 states between Jan 3rd and May 1st ; those who attended those meetings and signed the Citizen Participation Forms (offering to assist with the planning and development of CC 2009); those who participated in and contributed to the success of the Jekyll Island coalition building event on May 21-22 (including the leaders of liberty-oriented organizations, those who planned the Freedom Scroll ceremony in the Federal Reserve Room and who wrote and staged the highly professional and educational Patriotic Presentations); those who  wrote the historic CC 2009 Election Handbook and organized and supervised the election of the Delegates; those who ran for election; and, those who voted for the Delegates on October 10th.

We also wish to thank the national experts who came to Continental Congress to address the Delegates on the historical context and purpose (and current violations) of individual provisions of the Charters of Freedom, and who took the time to meet with the Delegates to share their knowledge and ideas on how to end those violations; those who produced and recorded the live, 11-day video webcast of the entire proceedings; and, those on the interdisciplinary management team who planned and organized CC 2009 and who handled all the scheduled and unscheduled activities, problems and personalities with an extraordinary degree of poise and professionalism.

And of course, we owe many thanks to the Delegates who sacrificed their time and financial resources to attend CC 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois from November 11-22, and whose character, loyalty, courage and patience were tested time and time again as they deliberated and debated no less than 14 serious, on-going violations of the Constitution, and as they voted on the specific Instructions to Government and courses of action for the free People of America to end those violations.

Finally, we thank all those who contributed to the success of CC 2009 by donating money to help cover the significant expenses of this historic event.

Thank you one and all.

We look forward to 2010 as we work to bring the Articles of Freedom to the attention of the body politic and seek the support of 5%.

Happy New Year!


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