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February 1, 2010


Not the Hour for Summer Soldiers or Sunshine Patriots 

The 2010 Plan to Restore the Constitution


Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA





Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL

Today, the We The People Foundation and the We The People Congress are pleased to announce the launch of , where the Articles of Freedom can be read, the Nationwide Civic Action and Pledge can be signed, and where WTP’s Plan for 2010 can be studied: the appropriate next steps in our process of restoring and maintaining the Constitution. 

A resounding Plan for all those who are uneasy and anxious about the fate of America: 

The action required of all Patriots is two-fold:

1)    SIGN THE PLEDGE IN THE ARTICLES OF FREEDOM, to hold elected officials

   accountable to the Constitution and to engage in civic action if millions of other

   People also take the Pledge, and


   the Articles of Freedom on your elected officials. 

The Articles of Freedom, produced by the Continental Congress 2009, document:

1)       the fact that the Government has been violating fourteen provisions of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, and they have been doing so  for many years, over many Administrations and with the complicity of both Parties and each of the several states, and

2)       the fact that the Government has refused to listen or respond to those citizens who have tried to hold them accountable to the Constitution, often answering their Petitions only with repeated injuries. 

The Articles of Freedom, a post petition-era document, include specific Instructions to each branch of the Federal Government and to each of the several States, all designed to end those fourteen violations and ultimately, ALL VIOLATIONS of the Constitution, and show America the way back to Constitutional Governance, as the only means to save our Nation. The Instructions follow decades of unanswered Petitions for Redress. 

The Articles of Freedom are of, by and for the People and therefore come with recommendations for civic action by the People of each of the several States to ensure compliance with their Instructions. 

SUCCESS requires that tens of millions of Patriots, including the newest, SIGN the Articles of Freedom AND STAND side-by-side in their state capitals on April 19, 2010. 

SUCCESS requires the PARTICIPATION of millions of Patriots, including the newer, from all 50 states, each doing a part of the work to mobilize those tens of millions of signers.  

SUCCESS requires that thousands of Patriots, including the new, organize and guide the activities of those millions, state-by-state, county-by-county, town-by-town.  

SUCCESS requires dozens of Patriots, including the old, doing the yeoman’s work to facilitate the Plan by designing and developing the resources needed by the Patriots to bring the Articles of Freedom and the Plan to the attention of everyone in America and to have 5% of Her People stand in defense of the Constitution on Patriot’s Day. 

Are you a Patriot? Prove it. Here is what you can do, NOW:

1.       READ AND SIGN the Articles of Freedom;

2.       SEND IT OUT to others and ask everyone you know to do the same;

3.       SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS from our web site that says “I’ve signed the Articles of Freedom.”  Watch as the messages to them increase by the thousands in the days leading up to Patriots Day, demonstrating a massive show of support never before seen in our history.


5.       DOWNLOAD NEW TOOLS to use in your location from the Resources page on the website.

6.       RESOLVE TO BE AT YOUR STATE CAPITAL ON APRIL 19: start coordinating transportation and ride shares with your friends and families in advance.

7.       HELP YOUR STATE/COUNTY COORDINATORS (find contact info on the AOF website.) If you do not find a network established, start one.




11.   DISTRIBUTE AOF/EVENT FLYERS DOOR-TO-DOOR (our design and yours) and reach out to your neighbors and town.

12.   SEND OUT THE VOICE OF FREEDOM: PLACE FULL PAGE ADS in your print and broadcast media (those designed by us and your own).

13.   ARRANGE POT LUCK DINNERS in home-after-home to help others learn about and discuss the Articles of Freedom and what these mean for America.

14.   POST MEETINGS in the “Calendar of Events” in your newspapers; look for patriot group meetings and attend them!

15.   BUILD A COALITION in your state of organizations and individuals who know the time has come to take a stand.  Contact local organizations such as Veterans, Rod and Gun, Patriot, etc.

16.   FLOOD YOUR LOCAL MEDIA: Send letters to the editor, call-in to radio talk shows, identify opportunities on local commercial and public access TV about the Continental Congress and the Articles of Freedom, and discuss the importance of these HISTORICAL events. Make this a group effort by organizing letter-writing campaigns and call-in days. Work parties are fun and build excitement among volunteers!

17.   NOW THAT’S EDUCATION: If you have children in school, print out copies of the Articles of Freedom and this Action Plan for each of their teachers and the principal, and ask for comments and support for this HISTORICAL effort.

18.   THE MEETING OF CHURCH AND STATE: If you attend a church or synagogue, provide a copy of the Articles of Freedom to your spiritual leader. Set up a meeting with him/her in order to discuss the Articles of Freedom personally. You can make this a group effort with other like-minded members.

19.   GET ON THE AGENDA of any social or civic organization, contact the Chair to request a special meeting in order to make a presentation about the Continental Congress and the Articles of Freedom. Your State Coordinator or any of your state's Continental Congress Delegates will be glad to present or assist you. Find them at (click through to your state's page).

20.   TAKE AOF EVERYWHERE: Drop a copy of the Articles of Freedom on the doorstep of your local fire department; leave one on the front desk of your local police department. Discuss the Articles of Freedom with your doctor, your dentist, your hair-dresser, and any other professional you hire. With permission from the business owners, provide copies for their waiting rooms, with signs that say: FREE: TAKE ONE.  Be sure to provide local contact information on the cover, and restock regularly. Get the word out to as many people as possible!

21.   STOP SUPPORTING THOSE WHO VIOLATE OUR RIGHTS: Remember, the idea behind this Plan of Action is ACCOUNTABILITY. Every American is accountable to uphold and defend the Constitution. Therefore, seriously consider withholding your business and support from any professional who gives aid and comfort to those who would violate our rights. Withdraw your support not only from those directly responsible for violating the Constitution, but to their supporters!

22.   FORGET THE GUY WHO IS NOT INTERESTED, FOR NOW: Time is short and we have many people to reach.  DO NOT WASTE VALUABLE TIME 'WINNING' ANYONE OVER!  In the time you use fighting and arguing with that one person you have been working on for so long (and not really getting anywhere) you could have reached a dozen people that are receptive to your message and they, in turn, would be spreading that same word to countless others.  Leave those 'tough nuts' alone.  As more and more people sign on, the atmosphere becomes more attractive.  The 'hard sell' people tend to wait and watch on the sidelines, and then jump on the Bandwagon 'of their own accord' when things start looking good.  They'll come around - eventually. Until then, go for the 'easy' ones first, and let's build up the numbers of concerned Americans that we KNOW are out there.

23.   DOOR-TO-DOOR CANVASSING: Hit the streets and reach out. Those volunteers that are physically unable to participate should take charge of bulk mailing and Phone Banks - small groups of people getting together and making phone calls to raise awareness of the Articles of Freedom, gain donations, and increase support for the effort to restore Constitutional Rule of Law in America.

24.   SET UP A BOOTH AT ANY AND EVERY EVENT: Gun Shows, County and State Fairs, Art Fairs, Farmer's Markets, Conventions, Conferences, anything where people gather in large numbers that allows vendors to purchase space is an opportunity waiting to happen. This is also valid for Flea Markets and Swap Meets.  The costs for obtaining permission to distribute materials varies depending on the size of the event, but that takes into account the amount of people you can reach.  Be advised that most of these events will only allow you to give away material without any exchange of funds; and it also varies whether you can take donations or not, so make sure to be clear about these issues before paying any fees to avoid any confusion later. 

25.   DEVELOP A CUSTOMIZED-PLAN: Who knows your area or state better than you or the people who live there?  Put together a plan that is going to reflect and appeal to the culture, habits and behaviors of your local citizens.  What works in one place might fall flat in another.  Take a look around and emulate events/activities/interests that reflect the personality of your citizens. 

Remember the old adages; “anything worth having does not come easily” and “getting started is 80% of any battle.” 

We respectfully ask all our supporters and friends to please take a few moments today to donate to WTP. There is much to be done as we go forward in 2010 with the appropriate next steps for the Free People, and we still have outstanding bills as a result of our sponsorship of the very successful Continental Congress 2009.  We thank you for your passion for Liberty.

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