March 8, 2010

(continued from our WTP Update, March 8th, 2010)

The IRS Again

The challenging journey toward Truth, Justice and the Right to enjoy Life under the protection of the Principles of Nature protected by the Constitution has garnered the attention of millions, the support of thousands, and the scorn of the establishment.

Most of you know that WTP has been interacting with the IRS for many years.

It was May, 1999, when We The People Foundation served its first Petition for Redress of Grievances, a Remonstrance, exposing the Income Tax fraud upon U.S. Government officials. 

Through hours of public meetings at the National Press Club, (some with full C-SPAN coverage), and numerous full-page ads in USA Today, the New York Times, and other national publications, WTP trumpeted the fraud of a direct, non-apportioned tax on the labor of American workers and the fraudulent ratification of the 16th Amendment. 

Through other Petitions for Redress, WTP exposed a barrage of ever-escalating constitutional violations such as the unconstitutional (privately owned) Federal Reserve, the fraud of the U.S. fiat “dollar” and the unconstitutional wars in the Middle East, among others.

Following a 21-day hunger-strike in the summer of 2001, which, thanks to the assistance of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, finally secured the written commitment of the DOJ and IRS Commissioner to conduct a public People’s hearing on the tax fraud, WTP hosted the 2-day People’s “Truth in Taxation” hearing which was webcast live – along with full documentary evidence, in its entirety, to thousands across the nation.  

In 2004 and then again in 2007, WTP also hosted a multi-day “Give Me Liberty” conference with agendas featuring highly-respected national Liberty speakers, authors and figures from the worlds of academia and law addressing the attacks on our Liberty.  

WTP challenged the courts to define the last ten words of the First Amendment, something which had never been done in America.  The judges avoided meeting the challenge entirely, through an abuse of starie decisis, resulting in a judicial decision that basically blows the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment out of the ball park:  “The people have a right to petition government, but government does not have to answer; and the people cannot withhold their resources until they do.” 

WTP conducted a high visibility silent protest in Washington D.C., with the 2007 “V for Vendetta” gathering just outside the White House. 

The response to this protest came fast and furious or perhaps it was all planned out. The Foundation was sued by the IRS  two days later for (allegedly) violating IRC Section 6700, by characterizing WTP’s dissemination of its series of potent Petitions for Redress (regarding the income tax and “withholding” frauds) as an improper “abusive tax shelter”. 

Any of you who know Bob Schulz may also know that he has never taken a dime of income for his efforts all these years; and that he will give his last pennies to someone in need, often time above those of his own.   If you consider the meaning of “abusive tax shelter” as defined by statute, there is NOTHING Bob or WTP has ever done or attempted to do that fits the description. 

The case built on the bizarre charge was a perfect set-up to silence WTP and the Truth about the real nature of the income tax laws.  Indeed, it is painful to witness the Judiciary’s Constitutional view of America:  In that civil lawsuit, IRS v. WTP, a New York District Court ruled against WTP without any adversarial public hearing, without a jury, without a trial, and in direct violation of the well-established Rules of Civil Procedure. The Court did not permit him to present his version of the facts nor was there any scrutiny of the materials and their validity, which had been disseminated. 

An injunction was placed on WTP to stop dissemination of the “blue folders.”  WTP complied after doing everything they could to stop it. 

Bob Schulz was never convicted of any crime, nor has he ever been. 

Since then, the IRS apparently has been sitting on this verdict wondering how it could work toward its larger goal of shutting WTP down.   It has taken this long for them to come back and inform WTP that the decision of that case provides ample justification to try and (retroactively) revoke WTP’s 501c3 status.  

Let’s see if we have this right:  For the collective and unrelenting efforts of Bob Schulz over the past years to revive and defend the Constitution (with no personal benefit or salary), the IRS has now moved again to abuse the tax laws to inflict further unjust injuries against the WTP organization, impede its essential work, and silence our messages of Accountability, Resistance and the fundamental Rights of the People.

On January 27, 2010, the IRS served Notice upon WTP Foundation that it had retroactively revoked, back to 2003, its corporate 501(c)3 “tax-exempt” status.

IRS also provided notice it is preparing to execute levies against the Foundation for (alleged) past-due (alleged) tax deficiencies arising out of the (alleged) administrative revocation.

The facts do not add up.  The organization passed two IRS audits with flying colors (IRS was hoping to find something but failed to) and has followed all compliance requirements through each year, without any contrary response from the IRS.  WTP has never altered from its dedicated purpose as an educational foundation under its 501(c)3 charter.  The sister organization, the WTP Congress, has likewise acted within the definition of its 501(c)4 charter. 

Just after CC2009, in early December, questions about WTP’s status were actually raised by two individuals from Illinois who claimed they had been told about this change of status by the IRS before they had even informed Bob.  When Bob called the IRS to find out if something was going on that he needed to know, the IRS person could not answer him and said someone higher up would have to call him back.  The information came in late January. 

In the defense of WTP, Bob is now going to challenge the revocation and is preparing to file the legal papers which will begin that process.  

Is this conflict all about Bob and the Foundation or is this more about you and I, about our Individual Rights, about our Constitution, and the Rights of those who will come after us? 

It is clear we either stand together now and see these things through or we will suffer more and more oppression. 

There may be some of you who decide not to support WTP or Bob any longer when you hear this news, though such a reaction seems hardly possible to us anymore.  We are living in a time when we are not backing away from Truth or letting someone else handle the tough stuff.  This is our test as much as it is his.

The Government, and the main-stream media, have tried to make Bob and the organization look controversial.  They have attempted to marginalize our work and clarion call for Constitutional Order.  Bob and WTP are often help high by the establishment as the “anti-government radical tax protestors.” We are now standing up to that definition loudly and clearly. 

As you know better than all, WTP has been anchored in the CONSTITUTION.  If that is “anti-government” what does that tell you? 

Bob has never been intimidated by those who have tried to stop him from standing against those who would usurp the authority of the Constitution.  WTP has acted within the system - professionally, rationally, intelligently, and always peacefully.  

He has never given up and is not about to begin to do so now. 

Finally, Bob has NEVER told anyone not to pay their taxes.   He has done his research, looked at the evidence, asked the questions and demanded that government examine the issues -- the evidence surrounding the ratification of the 16th Amendment, the legal meaning of the word “income,” the changes in the tax code, the effect of employer withholding -- all things we should all be doing en masse now.   Perhaps the coming weeks will attract additional interest in our research and repeated efforts to secure Redress as we move toward April 15th. 

Over years, Bob and many others in America have paid a stiff price for exercising their free Speech and Petitioning our servant government for answers to our compelling questions and demanding that these issues be publicly examined and Redress secured. The Government’s failure to do so, is in fact, an act of tyranny that the People must not tolerate.  

Before this week is up, WTP’s response to the IRS’s revocation will be filed in District Court in Washington, D.C.  We will keep you posted every step of the way.   For those reading this update who are actively involved in any of WTP’s projects, please carry on and see them through.  If you are not yet involved, your support is needed and most welcomed.

The fight for Liberty is now upon us.

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