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March 8, 2010




Dear Freedom Keepers for America, 

You who have been followers of Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation (WTPF) for years know how and why this crusade for education and citizen vigilance has methodically moved beyond elections, beyond petitions and beyond tea parties in its pursuit of re-establishing a constitutional republic.  

The path chosen by Bob and those who have stood with him has been anchored in the Constitution.  The long-standing efforts made by WTPF and WTPC have been transparent for all to see. 

None of it has been easy.   

For nearly thirty years, Bob Schulz has been one of the vanguards for the Constitution in America, awakening and educating people.  Very few have built such a methodic and righteous record for the ages as the next steps for a Free People.

This message is an appeal to you to financially assist WTPF and Bob’s Herculean efforts in defense of our liberties and rights.  There are numerous important reasons to step up at this specific time.

Please consider donating $50, $100, $250 or $500 to support the current critical efforts outlined below.  We ask that you make your donation by March 10, 2010, if  possible.

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The three key court efforts that WTPF and Bob Schulz now wage are historic in precedence and will leave a lasting and impactful Record for the Cause of Liberty. 

Bob’s efforts have set the standard for Citizen Vigilance and Accountability to the Constitution, which thousands are now following across America.  He has shown us a process that will one day be permanent in our Land, carried out by the People in our states.

Top 5 Reasons To Financially Support
We the People Foundation Today:
1.  Bailouts Case – U.S. Court of Appeals – New York City - March 11, 2010:

Bob has oral arguments this week before the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan in his lawsuits against the Federal Reserve - Ben Bernanke and the U.S. Treasury - Henry Paulson over the unconstitutional billion dollar bailouts of the (privately owned) AIG corporation and major Wall Street financial institutions.  The District Court tried to dismiss his Individual Rights on the basis of lack of standing, but he is still standing (!) The hearing this week is vital to our work and highly newsworthy.  

Your financial support will help us ensure this historic effort is documented and filmed for posterity and evidence.

2. National Clean Elections Lawsuit (NCEL) – in process – New York State

Bob has just appealed a federal Magistrate’s District Court “Confidentiality Order” he was repeatedly asked to sign by the Defendants (aka the State Board of Elections) enabling Schulz to obtain access to detailed evidence and documents pertaining to the voting machines and procedures used for elections in New York State as part of the lawsuit’s discovery process. 

Bob said “No, thank you” to the proposed Order which would effectively keep all of this information strictly confidential, believing first that the records he requested are essentially all public records of the state and most importantly, that every person has a Constitutional right to know their votes are being counted, how they are being counted and that they are being counted accurately.  The appeal of the Order is pending.  The jury trial will take place early next year.   

Bob’s appeal has the support of NCEL and election integrity supporters from all over America. 

Your financial support will help ensure that future elections are fair and clean and no longer controlled by a corrupt two party system.  If Schulz/WTP wins this case (to be tried by a jury) it may mark the end of the use of voting machines – electronic or otherwise - across the nation.

3. The Articles of Freedom – This historic document is the work product of the Delegates of November’s Continental Congress 2009, an event envisioned, sponsored and realized by Bob and We the People Foundation.  Hopefully you have taken the time to read this, the only Plan in America that shows the way back to constitutional governance.  While the website is new – and the pledges to support holding elected officials to the Constitution are just starting to come in, there are now over 7 million impressions on major search engines referencing this important document.  The Articles are already being delivered by numerous CC2009 Delegates to elected officials in the states, with documented positive response.  We await to see what they will do to fulfill their sworn duties under the Constitution. 

Your financial support will help ensure the Foundation can fund the technical resources needed to build out the emerging liberty alliance, move the Articles into the national awareness and provide our supporters with the branding and marketing tools needed to bring together the critical mass necessary to ensure compliance to the Constitution.

4.  April 19th Nationwide Event

Work is now underway to officially deliver the Articles to elected officials on April 19 at every state capital in America.   There are numerous costs associated with organizing and promoting this effort. Specifics include the new website functions and much needed organizational building tools including – a “pledge activator” that automatically informs elected officials instantly when someone has signed the pledge from their state; auto-notifications of pledge signers to appropriate WTP organizational individuals (e.g., coordinators), administrative efforts leading up to the delivery event; travel for Bob/staff to give much-needed assistance in some of the states; and printing/production for a pocket size version of the Articles.

5.The Continental Congress Video Archives remain free and open to the public at and also at The programming and filming accomplished over 11 full days in St. Charles, IL at the Continental Congress event is a significant record providing critical video evidence, relevant history and learning resources for educating Americans about the Constitution and the grave risks we face unless we act in Its defense.  Bob (personally) and Republic Magazine producer, George Shepherd, along with Republic Broadcasting producer, Gary Franchi, have taken on a financial burden to produce CC2009.  This remaining debt needs to be paid so we can move ahead.   

With all of these efforts, progress is surely being made, the kind of progress that is lasting and represents the best year for Liberty in more than two centuries.   These projects speak for themselves.  

We have all seen that eschewing the political process does not pay off financially, and it can feel like becoming a social outcast, but this stigma is less and less with every waking day. The signs of change are all around us. It is clear that all roadways to avoid the Constitution are becoming dead ends and OUR DAY IS COMING.  

The catalysts are clear:  The numerous Petitions for Redress on the major violations to the Constitution; Bob’s 50-state tour to 88 cities last January – May to reach out to the People; The Jekyll Island with its Freedom Scroll and resulting Coalition; the Continental Congress; and the Articles of Freedom are having their impact in the mainstream and in the Freedom Movement. 

If you review our past work closely, you can see how the efforts of We the People Foundation have directly impacted and elevated the level of discourse in America today regarding the Constitution and accelerated the exposure and dialog about peaceful pro-active remedies to ward off America's devastation.   

In just this last week alone, Bob heard from and is being interviewed by Swiss National TV, L’Express (the French version of TIME magazine with two million readers). CNN Worldwide has also expressed interest.   

Indeed, no less than the propagandistic Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had this observation about the impact WTP has had to the Freedom Movement in a recent article:

It's not clear what role Bob Schulz and We the People (sic) will play in the coming months and years. What is certain is that they have had a key, and little-noticed, part in the dramatic expansion of the radical right over the last year. It may well be, when the history of these years on the radical right in America is finally written, that the Jekyll Island summit, and the continental congress (sic) that followed, did more than any other effort to build the muscle of the radical antigovernment movement.”

WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION could not do any of these things without you standing STRONG IN SUPPORT and those who are now very much part of the team and making their own great efforts in every state across america.

So here's where the hard ask comes, folks.

On March 11th, Bob Schulz walks into the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan to argue the unconstitutionality of the AIG/TARP bailouts.  Prior to that, he will be filing his case against the IRS in District Court in Washington, D.C.

By March 10th, let's send him on his way with our full support including helping pay for obligations that have gotten US ALL HERE

Without doubt, our lives have been changed by Robert Louis Schulz.  We are better Americans because he came along and knocked on our hearts with a wake-up call.  

Just prior to CC2009, when we were all trying to reach the financial goal required to convene the Congress, Bob put a large amount ($20K) on his personal American Express card so George and Gary and web stream team would have equipment they needed to come to St. Charles and get set up and going for the Continental Congress live webcast. 

These were not personal charges for Bob and his life – but charges so that YOU and ALL could have the (free) live stream recording of the Continental Congress and learn about the Constitution. 

Those charges remain un-reimbursed on that card. American Express.  Ouch.  We want to help Bob pay that off fast. He has NEVER been in debt and this one is not acceptable from our view.   His home and farm of 40 years is on the line. 

WTP also owes Gary and George and team 60K for the remaining charges to do the CC2009 live stream.  We also need to pay for the new AOF website and needed enhancements. 

Bob also wants to get on the road soon to come and visit all the states again, but to do so, there will need to be funds available for the trip. 

If you have read his updates and watched him in action and your life has been changed because of him, help is needed now.  

I know times are getting interesting for all of us, but somehow “It’s a Wonderful Life” comes to mind. 

We are in this thing together and it is only the PEOPLE who can stand up now and accomplish the goal.

The WTP Foundation can only pay off the expenses for CC2009 and meet its regular month-to-month financial needs, and continue to wage the coming efforts with your support.

Will you press the donate button and do what you can? 

We hope you can see the value and progress that have resulted from your past support and the decades-long, life-purpose commitment to the sole objective of restoring Liberty.

If you feel to donate at this time, we hope that same amount will come back around to your world, amplified ten times (!) to bless your world.  

Thank you for all you are and do, 


A Significant P.S.  – Click here to read the latest move by the IRS against WTP

We decided to put this update in its own space, so we could focus on the projects and progress that are underway, because these are the constructive things which we are doing, which will continue.  Because of what is taking place, we can not ensure that donations to the WTP Foundation are tax-deductible at this timeWe hope you will feel to give anyway.

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