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April 18, 2010

On Monday, April 19, 2010 - PATRIOT'S DAY

At the Same Moment in Time in Every State
9am Hawaii, 10am Alaska, Noon - PDT, 1pmMDT, 2pm CDT, 3pmEDT


We will honor God, our Country and our Constitution
and then serve the Articles of Freedom on our elected officials.



Dear WTP supporters,

We the People have petitioned the government for a Redress of Grievances for violations of the Constitution in an effort to hold them accountable.  The Petitions have not answered.  A Continental Congress has once again been convened. The result of that gathering, a non-political document which addresses the violations and provides remedial Instructions, is now ready to be served on elected officials.  The Articles of Freedom have a mission to accomplish. 

Tomorrow will be an important day in America's history as we take the appropriate next step on the Pathway of Liberty.  The Articles represent the only plan we know of at this time that show America and each of us -- we, the people and those we elected to serve us -- the way back to the system of government intended for this Nation.  
Come and be part of this event in your state.  Visit  and see what is happening where you live.  Please tell your friends, families and associates.  Send a note to persons and organizations who may want to participate.  

Each state has a different level of momentum on which to build for this event, depending on its volunteers, past and present.  Whatever is taking place, a RECORD will be made for the citizens of your state.

If you happen to live in one of the few states where it appears there will not be a gathering, YOU can take LIBERTY into your own hands and act.  It feels GOOD to fulfill your God-given Individual Right to hold your elected officials accountable to their Oath.

YOU can go to your capitol and serve the Articles and/or ensure they are sent by certified mail.  If you let us know what you plan to do, we will post the information and you may find you have company from others like you who felt to do the same.  If you cannot be at the state capitol, but want to participate, serve your federal representative at his or her office in your own district.

To serve the Articles on elected officials, simply visit the link above (The Plan page) and scroll down to the RESOURCE section which is near the top left side. There you will see "To Serve the Articles on Elected Officials." There are three parts to this process: you will need to print a copy of the Articles for each official; customize the transmittal cover letter for each official and sign your name; and fill out the Certificate of Service as indicated on the form.

One of my favorite mottos by which I live, comes to mind here:  Do the right thing and you never know what will happen.

The goal is to have the Articles served on the two U.S. Senators, the Congressman in the state capital district, the Governor, and the Head of each Chamber of the Legislature, in every state.  There are volunteers in several states who are dividing into "delivery teams" with plans to serve many more.  In your state, tomorrow may be a beginning which will continue on from there.  Talk to each other and begin to build a network that will express the Power of the People to hold their elected officials accountable to their Constitutions.

As you join with us to serve the Articles of Freedom, we will be grateful for every effort you make to dress and act as the BEST example you can be of an American who is Honoring their Constitution and their country.

What we do for ourselves, our loved ones and our fellowman tomorrow, we do for all mankind and the millions yet unborn who will live for the words, YOU ARE FREE.


Bob Schulz
All on the national team
We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education
We The People Congress

NEW!  DVD of Continental Congress 2009 Just Released!

George Shepard, Gary Franchi and team have put together a special 2-hour, action-packed DVD of highlights from the historic Continental Congress event.  To order a copy or copies, visit Proceeds will go towards paying off the cost of live streaming CC2009.  We appreciate your support. You can preview the entire DVD (at no cost) at the same link.

WTP will also soon be printing a pocket-size version of the Summary of the Articles of Freedom, as can be viewed on the website.  We will keep you posted as to when they will be available. 

SCHULZ ON CNN: Monday Night

Be on the look-out for CNN's interview with Bob Schulz on the "Anderson Cooper Show" at 10pm on Monday night. 



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