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June 4, 2010

“Operation People Power” National Tour Kicks Off June 5 

Be The Leader You’ve Been Waiting For:
Establish an Articles of Freedom Meetup In Your Town 

Join We The People Congress! 

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From border-to-border and shore-to-shore, Americans will see and hear from Bob Schulz this summer as Operation People Power hits the road. 

First stop is Lansing, Michigan on Saturday, June 5. All are welcome to join the meeting which begins at 10:30am at the Ramada Lansing, formerly Holiday Inn West, 7501 West Saginaw Highway, 48917 - (517) 627-3211.  

Bob will address Liberty leaders from around the state, as well as committed patriots and newcomers about the Plan to restore constitutional governance.  

Michigan citizens have laid a template for the Articles of Freedom that other states are looking to follow.  Elected officials holding federal and state positions at every level have been served with the Articles and Michigan citizens mean business in holding them accountable. 

Saturday’s meeting is being organized by Regional Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, David Irons.  It is hoped that Articles of Freedom Meetup Groups will be established in every city and town across the state as word spreads about the need for a critical mass of people to take a stand. 

Get on the Schedule!  Let us know if you would like to host an Operation People Power meeting and have Bob Schulz speak in your city or town.  Contact and we will set a date:



June 27 - Return to NY
July 1 ----- Tour Part II - TBA

Be The Leader You’ve Been Waiting For!
Establish an Articles of Freedom Meetup in your
town as a network of Liberty forms across America

Go to the community building platform of and put in “Articles of Freedom.” See the Meetup Groups now being formed across America.  Together, we can make it happen.  Individuals and small groups cannot prevail with what is before us. It is going to take a critical mass of the People, to ensure the Voice of Liberty is heard loud and clear. 

Local AOF Meetup groups is HOW we will connect with those that share our values in our communities.  This is how we will build critical mass -- one neighborhood, one city at a time.

Ready to begin?  Go to and click on “start a group.” You will be asked to provide information.  The information can be found on our website at AOF Meetup "Do-It-Yourself" Input Info. Copy and paste fields into the online form.

Go here to download/print the weekly agenda for each Meetup and find content, media and promotional materials:

Many of the new Meetup Groups conducted orientation meetings this past week and plan the first official Meetup on June 8, with the intent to meet every Tuesday evening thereafter. 

Once you establish a Meetup, or find one near to you, tell everyone you know to come along.  In our shared journey back to Freedom, nothing can replace the brotherhood of a Patriot hug, the warm smile of a purposeful community, or the luminous Light of Liberty, as we study our Constitution together, raise our voices for America and take action to hold government officials accountable to their Oath of Office.

AOF Meetups are not Internet chat rooms. We need to physically assemble together, love our nation, love our People, awaken ourselves to the majesty of our Founding Principles and give each other the strength that will be needed to defend our Constitution. In short, we need to spend some time in the "real world" for this epic struggle will not, and cannot be fought on an Internet blog. With the help of many committed, organized souls, we can't be stopped!

The agenda for the weekly Meetups are uniformly organized so as to achieve maximum effect. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SCHEDULE.) New Meetup Groups or members can step into the process at any point in the meeting cycle and be right on track with everyone else. Remember: WTP national provides all the content and materials you need to start, administer and run your local Meetup group. Check your local group for specific local information.

Join We the People Congress

Our Republic is at real risk. Numerous threats, from both outside and within, now threaten our economic system, our viability as a Republic, and our very Liberty.

Simply put, the plethora of continuing violations by our own Government against our Constitution have placed at grave risk the vision of our Founders and the divine unalienable gifts of our Creator.  A government -- a servant government -- created of, by and for the People cannot be allowed to commit unconstitutional acts.

It is up to the People to stand up and save our Constitution before it is irretrievably lost.

The Articles of Freedom is a profound plan. It is unlike any other solution that has been offered to fix our nation. It is beyond Tea Parties, beyond elections, indeed beyond any established political process. 

Join the WTP Congress. Become a member of this growing organization that will one day establish citizen vigilance centers in every state, where informed citizens proudly scrutinize government behavior at the state and federal levels, to ensure the Constitution is being obeyed. Our efforts are constructive, peaceful, legal and in compliance with that which the Creator gave to America – the Supreme Law of our Land through our Charters of Freedom. 

To become a member of WTPC is to give whatever assistance and support you feel to give, whether it be your time and direct efforts or support that enable others to act on behalf of Freedom for all.

At the most basic level, becoming a member requires a commitment of only $7 per month, processed on the day of your choice each month.  Your support enables WTPC to stand up against injustice to the Constitution, to speak out for the Freedom-loving People of America and to be a significant part of a huge, unfolding process that is awakening, illumining and guiding the American People back to the Power Seat where it was always intended they be.  

From the Petitions for Redress of Grievances to the Continental Congress, to the resulting Articles of Freedom (the Works of the Continental Congress), to Operation People Power, look what is being accomplished.  Add to this, Bob’s relentless stand in court on the unconstitutional bailouts, the National Clean Election (NCEL) case in New York State; and all the other opportunities to say NO MORE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS IN AMERICA. 

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We hope you have received our recent announcements about the NEW two-hour DVD, that not only contains highlights from the historic 11-day assembly of the Continental Congress 2009 last November, but provides an introduction to each of the fourteen Articles of Freedom. There is no better way to quickly introduce others to the Profound Plan to save our Constitution.

This DVD explains why the Articles of Freedom may be the last bastion of hope to save our Republic.

Visit: to get your copy of this historic DVD.

God Bless you for all you do for America and the Cause of Liberty!

Bob Schulz

and all on the national team at WTPC


You, The People, are the only ones
who can Save the Constitution.

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