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June 20, 2010


A Plan to Restore and Maintain the Constitution

Citizens United in Purpose and Procedure

The “Great American Experiment II”

Bold, Doable and Essential

Editor’s note:
Please don’t miss the special plea from Bob Schulz at the end of this article.

The Constitution is not a menu and cannot defend itself. As a set of rules and principles to govern the government it is all that stands between the People and total tyranny and despotism.

Those familiar with the fourteen year history and work of the We The People organization know we are firmly committed to keeping elected officials within the boundaries the People have drawn around their power by the terms and conditions of our Founding Documents.

Knowing there has never been any instant gratification in the evolution of Liberty, we at WTP are process oriented.

We plan the work and work the plan; “If we do not know where we are going, any road will get us there.”

Each action we take is considered to be the “appropriate next step” given the elected official(s) response to the prior step.

Those familiar with work of WTP know we rely heavily on the Rights of the People and the obligations of our elected officials under the last ten words of the First Amendment – the accountability clause, that includes a guarantee of our Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, obligates our elected officials to a responsive response and guarantees our Right of Enforcement should our elected officials ignore the Petitions for Redress.  

So, where are we in the process?

We have Petitioned all three braches of the federal government regarding violations of numerous restrictions, prohibitions, mandates of the Constitution by our elected officials. Each Petition for Redress included a citation of a specific provision of the Constitution, a factual account of the violation and the Remedy sought. The result has been the same with each Petition: an arrogant refusal to respond. Click here to read the Petitions for Redress.

The appropriate next step was Continental Congress 2009: 116 delegates from all 50 states except ND and OK discussed fourteen violations and recommended a course of action for the Free to put an end to them. Their work product is titled, Articles of Freedom, the Works of Continental Congress 2009.  Each of the fourteen Articles in the Articles of Freedom includes Remedial Instructions to the federal and state government. Click here to read the Articles of Freedom.

On April 19th, in nearly every state capital, at the same moment in time, freedom-loving citizens like you and me, joined with CC2009 Delegates and WTP State Coordinators and supporters, to Honor God, America and the Constitution in a special ceremony and then to Serve the Articles on federal and state officials. 

Unfortunately, based on the factual record of the long-standing refusal of our elected officials to respond to the People’s repeated First Amendment Petitions for Redress regarding violations of the Constitution, we should not expect the  Remedial Instructions to bring about the end goal of restoring and maintaining constitutional governance without “People Power” – that is, without the force and effect of the determination of a mass movement of Americans standing together to hold the Government accountable to the Constitution and the reform they are entitled to.

We have reached the point in our fading Republic where individuals and small groups can no longer prevail in defense of their individual, Creator- endowed, unalienable Rights against the power, organization and money of the “government.”   

Concerned Americans now need to come together. We need to reach Critical Mass! This is now the appropriate next step.

Operation People Power, with its community-based Articles of Freedom Meetup groups, is a practical pathway to Critical Mass. No other practical plan to limit the actions of our elected officials to the letter and spirit of our Constitution has been made available. No other practical plan relying on the Constitution’s written guarantees of our Creator-endowed Rights rather than the promises and assurances of men has been put forward by anyone, whether conservative, libertarian or those of any other political persuasion.

We are in a rush to the bottom, rushing headlong into debt, dependency and decay. We need a plan, NOW, and we need to work the Plan. We at WTP have no pride of authorship. If not Operation People Power with its community-based Articles of Freedom Meetups and balance between civic education and civic action, then what? Click here to read about Operation People Power, the Vision Strategy and Action Steps.

Please don’t hesitate to organize a Meetup in your community and encourage your like-minded friends to do the same.  Meetups are being formed across America by people just like you and me who know that time is of the essence. No special knowledge about the Constitution or running a Meetup is required. Participation ensures the People are informed about the Constitution, the Remedies for the violations, what America would be like if we restored constitutional governance, and enables us to network together, en masse, to bring about the desired end.  The agenda for each week’s Meetup is posted in advance.  Click here for orientation information, and the curriculum


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You, The People, are the only ones
who can Save the Constitution.

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