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September 5, 2010


Our apologies for the pause in updates; our days have been filled with business, peppered with an unusual mix of unexpected activity and challenges. J

Time Magazine

At the gracious invitation of NY patriot and CC2009 Delegate John Wallace, Bob attended and spoke at a Tenth Amendment Rally for NY State Sovereignty in Albany on August 7th, including Sheriff Mack and others. Click here for a copy of Bob’s speech.   Prior to the appearance, a “contributing editor at large” for TIME Magazine made contact and asked to interview Bob after the event.

There have been two several-hour sessions, with more questions to come and more people to interview. We do not know when the article will appear, if at all, nor would we speculate on the story line. What we can say is the writer is a critically honored author, journalist and blogger who said he is interested in writing about the Patriot movement, wanting to look beyond the rhetoric, “by both sides,” to the substance.

By his questions, he seems to be searching for the organic or essential element of the movement which actually exists within the People, as distinguished from its qualities, attributes and the sometimes distorted caricature which is generally portrayed or perceived by the media.

The researcher has expressed his opinion that he believes that, in America, the People are sovereign.

Thus far, he has delved into subjects including, but by no means limited to, Bob’s beliefs regarding the meaning of the First Amendment Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances regarding violations of the Constitution.

Bob’s long established viewpoint is of course this: Our servant government is obligated to respond and, as Sovereign, the People have the Right of Enforcement if government refuses to respond. After all, any Right that is not enforceable, is not a Right, and with each and every Right there must be a corresponding Remedy or else the Right essentially fails to exist. Hence the logic, openly and plainly expressed by the Founders, behind WTP’s oft-repeated mantra, “No Answers, No Money.”

The writer also explored Bob’s beliefs regarding the malleability of the Constitution; i.e., whether it could be pressed or "molded" into various shapes, without breaking, by official public proclamations, interpretations or court rulings. Bob’s view: the words of the Constitution (and the Declaration of Independence) have the full meaning and impart they had when they were added to the documents, and the Government cannot usurp or grab power from the People, it must ask for it, using the Amendment Process provided by Article 5. Without precise and fixed definitions of the terms and language utilized in the Constitution, the Rule of Law cannot be maintained and abuse of power will naturally ensue -- precisely the situation in which our nation now finds itself.

Bob was questioned about his beliefs regarding the Articles of Freedom; i.e., who were the Delegates speaking for? Bob’s view: given that all the Remedial Instructions in the Articles of Freedom are so firmly rooted in the Constitution and, if followed, the Instructions would merely restore Constitutional governance as mandated by that document, the Delegates were speaking humbly, not only for their individual, unalienable Rights, but for all people who truly understand what the Constitution means for America and its promise for all mankind. 

Bob’s opinion was solicited regarding what the CC 2009 delegates wrote in the Sovereignty Article of the Articles of Freedom.  The writer seemed to be saying that some of the passages were inflammatory, possibly even suggestive of “armed rebellion” if the Remedial Instructions are not followed. Bob’s view: as the language of the Pledge at the end of the Articles clearly states, the delegates were firmly against the initiation of any violence. Beyond that however, it is readily arguable that violence has already been initiated, not by the People, but by the Government, given the nature and extent of its treason against the Constitution as evidenced by the on-going, and escalating violations and their cumulative injurious effects on our People, economy and Country. 

When Bob departed St. Charles, it was his hope that by this time a critical mass of Americans would learn about, embrace and gather behind the Articles of Freedom as the viable, peaceful pathway back to constitutional governance and the solutions to what now ails America. The numbers of awakening Americans are finally there, but they are more or less isolated from one another. It’s now a matter of what is going to bring us all together to take a stand.

Bob’s background and decades of continuous effort in the defense of Liberty was also of interest; i.e., what were the highlights of his education, work experience and activism? Bob provided him with a rough timeline.

Judge Napolitano

Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News network is publishing another book, which will feature a chapter on the history, nature and significance of the First Amendment’s Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances. Napolitano requested and WTP provided an extensive body of legal and historical material for his consideration and is engaged in continuing discussions with Napolitano and his staff. Click here for a copy of the Judge’s questions and Bob’s answers.


We are in the process of renovating our various websites, making them new, or like new, cleaning up, replacing obsolete and broken parts and otherwise making them more current and user friendly.  Much work is ongoing in consolidating and restructuring the significant library of content, research and legal materials contained in the current web platforms. We hope to roll out the new sites in the next 4-6 weeks.


Our question on the constitutionality of vendor confidentiality in the context of public voting systems is before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan, Case No. 10-2726. 

Whereas Motions to Expedite are routinely settled in a day or two, our Motion to Expedite, which was filed on July 20, 2010, is still pending.

STATUS: AIG and $700 Billion Bailout Case

On July 23, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied our Petition for Rehearing of the Court’s dismissal of the case for “lack of standing.”

A Petition for a Writ of Certiorari must be filed with the United States Supreme Court before October 22, 2010.

Articles of Freedom Meetups - Operation People Power:
Civic Education, Civic Action

Operation People Power meetings were held in Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California and Oregon in June.  Since then, our own Articles of Freedom Meetup group in Queensbury, NY has been gathering every Tuesday night, at the same time as other  established Meetups across America, to learn about the Constitution and study the Articles of Freedom. 

Agendas for each meeting and Article, have been posted each week at and have been designed so any person - neophyte on the Constitution, Articles or otherwise - can lead themselves and others through a study group meeting.  This assistance is being given to encourage those who would like to help build a critical mass. 

The first fourteen-week cycle on the Articles will complete next week.

Click here to look at the Agendas (only).   Click here to start a meetup.



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Bob Schulz


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