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October 22, 2010







On October 6th we posted an Update titled, “Schulz Responds to TIME Magazine,” which included a link to TIME’s October 11 Cover Story, “Locked and Loaded: The Secret World of Extreme Militias,” which featured WTP’s Chairman and Founder, Bob Schulz.

We also included the full text of a letter Bob sent to TIME in response to the Article, including his promise, “There are so many falsehoods in what was attributed to me that I cannot address them all in this letter. I will take them up with TIME management.”

Bob did send a second letter to Richard Stengel, TIME’s managing editor, detailing nine falsehoods and asking for a retraction and an apology.

On October 20th, TIME’s Deputy General Counsel, Steven Weissman faxed a letter to Bob, saying, “we will be including in the November 1, 2010 issue of Time a significant, but necessarily, excerpted portion of your Letter to the Editor.”  Click here to view a copy of Weissman’s letter to Schulz 

The Glens Falls Post Star, Bob’s hometown newspaper ran a front page story about Bob and TIME’s Militia story. Click here to view a copy.

Liberty Walk For The Constitution This Sunday

The idea for a Liberty Walk for the Constitution came from a patriot in Texas only a few short weeks ago, as we had a conference call to discuss the expansion of the Articles of Freedom Study Groups there. 

We decided to see if the idea would fly nationally and chose October 24, 2010, nine days before the mid-term elections to put the idea into action. We all knew time was short and the idea was risky with such little notice. 

One thing led to another. George Shepard and his amazing team stepped up to do the website.  Gary Franchi interviewed Bob about the Walk and sent out a link for all to see. Todd McGreevy developed a concept for the flyer which then was taken up by an amazing graphic artist (at the suggestion of George) named Eduardo Rother, who donated his time to create the branding, logo and the final, flushed-out flyer concept. 

What has taken place is truly a Miracle.  

As of 10/21, there are 56 cities and towns participating in the Liberty Walk.   Some are walking in small groups, some with their neighborhoods, some are going to mountain tops, some along beach paths, some amidst fall scenery, some have picked historic routes.  All have come together with our Constitution in mind and want to see this idea work. 

IT IS PAST TIME TO SEE HOW MANY REALLY WANT constitutional governance in America and are ready to take a stand together, to make it happen. 

Please go to Click on your state and see if there is a Walk near you.  If you can, go and be part of it. Don’t forget to print out the program for the Ceremony and bring it with you. 

If there is nothing happening near you, sign up to be an Organizer for a “Walk” in your town.  It is not too late.  Planning a Walk is quick and easy!   

Thank you for all you do for the Cause of Liberty.  

We will be WALKING THE WALK here in New York in Glens Falls on Sunday.  Come on by.

UPDATE: WTP’s Case Against the Bailouts

On October 21, we formally asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear our cases challenging the constitutionality of the $85 billion bailout of A.I.G. and the $700 billion bailout of the financial industry.  

As required, we mailed 40 copies of our Petition to the Court, together with the $300 filing fee. We also mailed 3 copies to the United States Solicitor General, who will represent the federal defendants 

The case is titled, Schulz v. Federal Reserve System, et al. 

If our Petition satisfies the Court’s exacting formatting requirements, the Court will apply a docket number. The Solicitor General has thirty days to file his response.  

Once the Solicitor General responds, the nine justices of the Court will decide if they will hear the case.   

The lower courts had dismissed the cases for “lack of standing.” 

Click here to view a copy of our Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

UPDATE: WTP’s Clean Election Lawsuit 

In our September 5, 2010 Update of our NCEL case, we informed our readers that we had appealed the Court’s Order that prevented us from freely releasing all information we obtain from the State defendants and their vendors of the electronic voting systems during the Discovery Phase of the lawsuit. 

The Court of Appeals dismissed our appeal on the ground the lower Court’s Confidentiality Order was not a final decision.

Finally, we have begun to receive the documentary evidence we have requested. 

The best way to inform our readers of the status of this case is to provide a copy of a recent letter we sent to the State’s attorney. Click here to view a copy of Bob’s October 14, 2010 letter.

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