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October 31, 2010








SAT. NOV. 27!



TIME Magazine Excerpts Schulz Response


TIME Magazine included select excerpts of Schulz’s response to TIME in the “Letter to the Editor” section of the November 1 issue.  The libelous portrayal of Bob and WTPF was featured in the October 11, 2010 issue cover story: “Locked and Loaded: The Extreme World of Militias.”

U.S. Supreme Court Dockets AIG/TARP Bailout Challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged placement of WTP's appeal of its constitutional challenge to the AIG/TARP bailouts on the Court docket.  The Solicitor General for the United States has until November 29th to respond. See the notice from the Court.

The original lawsuit was initiated within days of the September 2008 Federal Reserve and Treasury taxpayer funded bailouts of the privately-owned AIG corporation and numerous other Wall Street financial firms.

The lower courts denied the WTP lawsuit by incorrectly asserting that plaintiff Schulz lacked legal standing based on a general judicial "doctrine" which requires that injuries must be "unique" and "particularized". In essence, the lower courts dismissed the constitutional challenge (erroneously) reasoning that if all citizens are damaged equally, no citizen has standing.  

WTP's Petition for Writ of Certiorari argues that because the lawsuit is in fact, a First Amendment Petition for Redress directed to the Judiciary, the denial of the Writ based on the judicially-invented "standing doctrine" is an unconstitutional denial of the First Amendment Right of Petition.

The Petition also notes that legal authorization to bring constitutional challenges to the 2008 EESA bailout legislation is expressly included within the EESA legislation itself.

Click here to view a copy of our Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Liberty Walk for the Constitution:
58 Towns, 30 States

Patriots from 58 cities and towns in 30 states participated in the first Liberty Walk for the Constitution on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 1pm in all time zones.  Coverage of the events is coming in and will be posted on the website and is also showing on individual and group pages on Facebook. 


In Glens Falls, New York, the temperature was 41 degrees and it was raining. 50 hearty people joined Bob for the one mile Walk from City Park to Crandall Park for a Ceremony to honor America and the Constitution.  The Walk was given a very much appreciated police escort in front and back.  A 2 x 8 foot banner “OBEY THE CONSTITUTION” was held by young people at the front of the line, followed by WTPC member Creg Mahoney carrying a large U.S. flag.  Behind Creg were three other walkers holding the NY State, Betsy Ross and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.  Some of the Walkers spontaneously sang patriotic songs along the route where local residents had put out their flags.  It felt GOOD to be Walking in Honor of our Constitution (and “singing in the rain”)! 


At Crandall Park, a special ceremony was held which included a “Constitution Message” from Bob.  An unexpected highlight of the Ceremony came when rain caused Bob to invite the attendees to step into the park bandshell under cover. Each person was asked to take one of 50 state flags that had been brought there to symbolize a return to the Constitution in all the states, and hold the People of that State in mind, while “Decrees” were given for America which ended with “Let Freedom Ring!” and a freedom bell ringing 9x.


Two area television stations and several newspapers were on hand to cover the story. 


In other towns where efforts to contact local media were made, the response was very positive.  Many of the organizers felt they greatly increased awareness in their communities about the need to honor and protect the Constitution.


Second “Liberty Walk” for the Constitution Announced:


The goal of the Liberty Walks is to build a critical mass of People in America who want to see constitutional governance restored and maintained at the state and federal levels. The idea is to steadily increase the number of participating towns AND the number of those walking with each month’s LIBERTY WALK.


The second Liberty Walk will take place Thanksgiving Weekend, on Saturday, November 27, at 1pm in all time zones, when Americans are invited to walk for Honor, Gratitude and Obedience to our Founding Documents.  Click here to read the national announcement release (.pdf printable version).


YOU can make it happen in your town!  Go to and sign up to be a local Walk organizer.  The organizers resource page on the site provides all the information needed to plan and promote a Liberty Walk. The Walk will again include a special program at the end to Honor the Constitution, including “Constitution Message #2” by Bob. 

We hope you can organize or be part of a Walk near to your home or community.  The Walks will continue with the hope of millions standing up together peacefully to show the way for America to get back on track. 

Plans include a Freedom Keeper’s Event in auditoriums across America in January (a walkers reprieve before February) and then a Liberty Walk in February, around Washington’s Birthday, in memory of what took place in Valley Forge at the low point of the revolution.  At that time when they arrived at what are now some of America’s most sacred and beautiful grounds, the full brunt of winter was upon all, with soldiers barefoot, bleeding, starving, freezing and many had given up hope.  It was here that Washington kneeled and prayed in the thicket, asking for Assistance and the turning point came.  

We need a turning point in America now too and every person’s decision and action is important at this time.   


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No frivolous Christmas gifts here. J


Once again, we are honored to present the “Freedom Calendar,” a sumptuous collection of writings, readings, stories, lessons and gifts about our Founding Documents, as well as inspirations to keep you going when times are tough.  


Order early so you can usher in the Spirit of the Season with less distress – one can always wish. 


As always, we thank YOU for your support of We the People Foundation and We the People Congress.  We exist to educate and awaken our citizens about each ones’ Natural Individual Rights and the importance of protecting our Constitution so the People’s Sovereignty and the Eternal Spirit of America can express. We exist to take peaceful action to hold the government accountable. 


If your heart resonates with our purpose, please become a member of We the People Congress. 


The Constitution cannot defend itself.  It is up to the People to ensure it is protected, restored and maintained now.

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