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February 9, 2011


  Pausing from all that is on our plates to say THANK YOU to all who answered our Appeal and donated to the organization this past week.

It has never been my nature to ask for anything; I have always believed if I were serving the Creator and the Constitution, and did my best at whatever I was doing at the moment, everything else would take care of itself and the needed support would come in whatever form required.

People tell me we should do more asking and fund-raising, but it is not something I personally am comfortable doing, especially in these times. Yet, I have learned in these experiences of late, that sometimes you have to let people know where things stand and hold your breath to see who is in the process with you after all.

I am so grateful. Scores of People have responded – a few with sizeable donations, and many with smaller amounts and that in total, has made a significant difference here.

Given the many choices Patriots have, and the shape of our national economy, every donation is important and very much appreciated. Thank you.

I also want to send a huge thank you to the wonderful patriot who donated a one-year subscription to Lexis Nexis (valued at nearly $2,000), so we could re-activate our access to this superb on-line legal research service, saving us from having to trek to the nearest law library for time-consuming manual searches, enabling us to give the best possible effort towards our pro-se court cases. Truly, this donation was an answer to a prayer, as all of your giving has been.

Except for those who went above and beyond the call, if others were able and willing to do as they did this time, each month, and could feel content in doing so, we would know that our on-going fundamental expenses are covered and could proceed with our work without the need for periodic fundraising efforts. We will continue to post our annual Form 990 tax returns and will post quarterly income and expense statements.

Then, it would only be necessary to seek support for special programs and projects as they arise, as has been our method of operation over the years, reaching out to a broader base of individuals and organizations.

We cannot proceed without you and with you, most anything is possible for the Cause of Liberty.

Either way, thanks for stepping up.

I remain totally committed to the mission of the We the People Foundation, and We the People Congress, and I am grateful for the supporting service of other volunteers who have been with us through thick and thin, not only here at headquarters, but all those across America, who have participated and supported our projects in each State.

I appreciate those souls who stand with us, knowing the value of the last ten words of the First Amendment, the Record we have made and the steady, oft times pain-staking process we have undertaken, trusting as we all do that there will come a day when citizen vigilance, over the actions of elected officials at every level of government, will be one of America’s most enduring and shining institutions.

As T.J. wrote to Spencer Roane in 1821, “Let the eye of vigilance never be closed.”

Think of it, the People of America sufficiently organized for the purpose of routinely and customarily holding elected officials accountable to their State and federal Constitutions, regardless of their political stripes and whether or not they voted for them, thereby fulfilling their role and responsibility as America’s Freedom Keepers.

I believe there is a FREEDOM coming for us all, within and beyond our shores, that will exceed any expectation we now have, beyond our most positive visions.

Stay well and stay vigilant,

Bob Schulz
and all at We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education
and We The People Congress

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