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November 24, 2011


As we gather with our families and friends to give thanks, let us seek the interposition of Divine Providence to help America.  May we be joined by millions of other people doing the same. Let us be mindful of all that patriots have ever done for the Cause of Liberty, not just in America, that mankind could be FREE.

We, the People know, instinctively, that something is wrong in America. Most are hurting in one way or another.   Many have been “tapped on the shoulder” to arise and do something rather than remain unknowledgeable, apathetic or complacent.  Some of us like to learn but are hesitant to act other than on election-day.  Others are willing to engage in peaceful, civic action, but aren’t quite certain what needs to be done.

Let us seek that “still, small voice,” to understand what we are called to do, when, where and how for the Cause of Liberty.

No matter the appearance of the hour and in the days ahead, we can turn to our Creator for whatever is needed to fulfill the Divine Plan for our country.

We ask our Creator:

·       To prevent violence and unnecessary, extreme divisiveness in our Nation; and 

·        To heal the wounds of hate and open the way for Truth and Justice to prevail; and 

·        To protect our individual, Creator-endowed Rights, guaranteed by our Constitutions, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights; and 

·        To stop all plans against America which would deprave, enslave or pauperize Her people; and 

·        That NOTHING be hidden from the American people that we need to know; and 

·        That every office be restored to the Honor and Dignity of George Washington; and 

·        To fill every position of trust, authority and influence in America with men and women of good will, desirous of securing individual Rights and fulfilling their Oaths of Office to defend our Constitutions; and  

·        To illumine our citizens to know when their our State and Federal Constitutions are being violated, by learning what their constitutions say their elected officials may do, what they are prohibited from doing, and what they must do; and 

·        To institutionalize citizen vigilance in America, to develop a mass-movement, united in spirit and purpose, determined to restore and maintain government accountability and constitutional governance; and

·        To bless our transportation, communication, supply and necessities of Life, especially our food and water, the abundance of crops, and that these be protected and bring comfort, safety and plenty to all in America; and 

·        To bless those who are without work, who have lost their homes, who feel hopelessness, depression or despair about the future, their loved ones or themselves, and  

·        To enfold each American in The Light that Never Fails, giving each the illumination and strength to know the way. 

These are hard times, but we can shore up our spirits and stand together, help one another, reach out and give a hug, a dollar or whatever is needed.  Whatever or whoever crosses our Path, we can reach out and give the best we have to give, whether it be friendship, assistance or something else.

We here wish you a Blessed, Peaceful Thanksgiving. Let the coming holiday season be the Mightiest Gift of Love for America and all within our borders.

And finally, what we have asked in this Message for our Beloved America, we ask for all Mankind.

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