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December  8,  2011


The phrase, “On a Wing and a Prayer” originated with the WWII patriotic song Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer, 1943, by Harold Adamson and Jimmie McHugh, which tells of a damaged warplane, barely able to limp back to base:

One of our planes was missing
Two hours overdue
One of our planes was missing
With all its gallant crew
The radio sets were humming
We waited for a word
Then a noise broke
Through the humming and this is what we heard

Comin' in on a wing and a prayer
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer
Though there's one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer

What a show, what a fight, boys
We really hit our target for tonight
How we sing as we limp through the air
Look below, there's our field over there
With just one motor gone
We can still carry on
Comin' in on a wing and a prayer

Severely Challenged, But Still Managing To Get The Job Done.

The meaning that has been given to the phrase, “On a Wing and a Prayer” is “In poor condition, but just managing to get the Job done.”

The phrase fits the We The People Organization. Like that damaged warplane, we too are challenged, but still managing to continue the mission, while relying on the continued courage and skill of the pilots and the support troops on the ground.

We are in a precarious position. We are having a difficult time covering our expenses, charging many of them to Bob’s personal credit card. Bob is trying to sell another two acres of his land to cover the expenses and debt, but getting the approvals from no less than five state agencies (yes, five!) is time consuming and expensive in its own right.

Perhaps you are in a similar place.  The reality of hard times ahead is upon us.

We know there are many demands on your time and resources, and we never like the fund raising part of our work, but things are what they are. So please click here to make a donation and/or click here to check out the mix of year-end fund raising items we offer in exchange for your donation.

Current Missions: Constitution Lobby, N-CEL,
Occupy Wall Street…and Tax Court 

CONSTITUTION LOBBY If you have followed the chain of events these past months, then you know of our earnest effort to work with Americans wherever there are willing hands and hearts, to lay the foundation for permanently institutionalizing citizen vigilance to hold our elected officials accountable to the Constitution on an ongoing basis, totally separate and apart from the electoral process, regardless of what party we belong to (or don’t) and who we vote for.  This we can and must do.

As Incorporators for “We The People of New York, Inc,” we have spent the last five months blanketing the state with meetings and presentations on the Constitution Lobby and there is widespread support for the Lobby and its purpose among those who have heard us speak.  Now the need is to expand the Lobby’s member base dramatically, appoint regional coordinators and organize specialized groups led by volunteer professionals to focus on communications, development, viral marketing, and member-building.

In addition to ongoing efforts in
New York, we continue to work with citizens in many others states who want to establish a Constitution Lobby.  We have a plan to bring all together under a national Lobby when the time is right.

We are especially grateful for the brave and steady efforts of those in Connecticut, Kansas and Nebraska who have established Constitution Lobbies there and all those who are en-route to doing the same.  Our National Call on Wednesday nights continues, interrupted only by live presentations elsewhere.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to fill the demands of this time.

:  Thanks to the generosity of YOU we filed a timely appeal of the lower court’s decision to dismiss the case for lack of standing.  The Motion to Expedite the Appeal is now in the hands of the Court of Appeals in Manhattan. We expect the Motion will be granted. We will keep you up to date as the case proceeds. In the meantime, click here for a copy of our last Brief to the District Court, and here for a copy of the Motion to Expedite the Appeal.

OWS: You know that we started a Constitution Working Group at Occupy Wall Street in early October, to give the Constitution a voice within the Occupy Movement. Since that time, the Group has held numerous meetings in NYC (yes, we are driving the four hours down and four hours back to Queensbury each time!) and a few on-line. We have appeared before their General Assembly and Spokes Council.

We have obtained the domain where we have posted a Statement of Beliefs for review and approval by electronic signature.  We have now posted Seven Petitions for Redress for review and comment and are doing all we can to encourage dialogue and comments on the Petitions before seeking consensus of the General Assembly this Sunday.  The remainder of this week will be filled with conference calls, a webinar, and live “Constitution Teach-ins” on the “Petition Packet,” hosted by us as organizers of the Working Group.

Given consensus by OWS, we will roll out a nationwide program through to accept signatures on each of the seven Petitions for Redress from 3-5% of America’s population, IN AND OUT OF THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT.  If enough people sign and stand behind the Petitions, these instructions can then be served on the President, each member of Congress and State Legislators for response.

Pay no attention to the denigrating news stories about the Occupy movement.  For the most part, their issues are legitimate, their participants are bright, clear thinking young people who are eager and quick to learn and are searching for intelligent, rational, non-violent, legal solutions to real problems plaguing America. Yes, there are a few kooks doing stupid things that seem to catch the attention of the media.  You would do well not to paint the whole of the movement with the “kooks” brush, any more than you would label all People living in NYC as criminals based on the acts of the City’s thieves, murderers, arsonists, rapists and drunk drivers.

Based on a series of events from 1999-2003 and a very specific project we undertook in 2003, (minor for us, but struck a major nerve for them), the IRS took WTPF and WTPC to court and the result was a swift injunction that said we were not to  distribute any more materials which questioned the constitutionality of withholding from paychecks.  Other patriots in the movement at that time, suffered through a 6700 case as we did and found themselves railroaded through, without due process. Fortunately for the Foundation and Congress, our efforts to Petition government on the constitutionality of the income tax and withholding is only one of many violations of the Constitution about which we have made effort.

Not satisfied to let it lie, the IRS came back in 2008 to retroactively (!) revoke our tax-exempt status back to 2003 (!), based on the previous case.  We did not have official confirmation about this decision on their part until February, 2010 (!).  Believing we have strong legal arguments to stand on, we are resisting the revocation. The matter is in Tax Court and should soon be decided.  If necessary, the matter will go to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan. Whatever the outcome, we will continue on, tax-exempt status or no, if the people want our work to continue.

Click here for a copy of our Brief in Response to the Government’s Motion for Summary Judgment.  You can follow the proceedings at The Docket number of the case against the Foundation is 20998-10. The Docket number for the case against the Congress is 20999-10.


Related websites:  – Statement of Beliefs and Petitions to remedy violations of our Constitutions. - Portal site and home of Constitution Lobby Project  - Home of New York State's Constitution "Lobby" - Civic Education: helping people to become better informed about their constitutionally guaranteed Rights - - Civic Action: organizing people to hold government accountable, intelligently, rationally, professionally and non-violently. - Jekyll Island Project, May 2009  - Continental Congress 2009  - The work product of Continental Congress CC2009 - "Articles of Freedom" - Liberty Walks Across America to Honor the Constitution - Updates on the "NCEL" federal lawsuit to ban all electronic voting systems: they count votes in secret, a violation of our Federal and State Constitutions  

That’s it for now. Until our next Update, stay well and stay vigilant.

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