The Obama Citizenship Question:

Is Barack Obama a "natural born"
citizen as required by Article II
of the U.S. Constitution?

See the Evidence, Judge for Yourself:

WTP's Chicago Tribune "OPEN LETTER"

This is the full-page ad WTP ran in the Chicago Tribune Dec. 1 and 3, 2008:


VIDEO:  WTP National Press Club press conference December, 2008 WTP Chairman Bob Schulz and attorneys with cases pending at the U.S. Supreme Court challenging Barack's Obama citizenship status as a "natural born citizen" as is required by Article II of the Constitution.



Despite the overbroad and erroneous claims of many news sources, Hawaii officials have NOT confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii.  Read the 10/31/08 official Hawaii Dept. of Health press release.

Again, at NO time do Hawaii state officials confirm that Obama was actually born in Hawaii.

Compounding the question surrounding Obama's citizenship status is a subsequent statement of Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo (see Chicago Tribune, 10-31-08). Citing Hawaii state privacy laws, and guidance from the state attorney general, she said she, “was not permitted to confirm the authenticity of the certificate released by the Obama campaign.”


Read the Berg lawsuit (currently at the U.S. Supreme Court)
Berg's initial complaint  (right-click to download)

Among Berg's arguments is that if Obama was born in Kenya, U.S. Immigration law in effect in 1961 barred Obama from U.S. citizenship at birth because his father was a Kenyan citizen and his mother, although a U.S. citizen, was not a resident of the U.S. for at least FIVE years following her 14th birthday. Obama's mother was only 18 at the time of Obama's birth, and thereby barred - by U.S. Immigration law - from passing U.S. citizenship to her child Obama -- even though she was a U.S. citizen.
See page 6 of the legal brief.  

Read the Donofrio Supreme Court appeal: Mr. Donofrio’s arguments to the U.S. Supreme Court. (right-click to download). Donofrio's primary legal argument is that Obama could never be a constitutional "natural born" citizen simply because his father was a legal citizen of another nation, i.e. a foreign national of Kenya, regardless of place of birth. See page 16 of the brief.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: "Certificate" or "Certification" of Live Birth?

Mr. Obama has only proffered a discredited 2007 computer-generated, unsigned, "Certification of Live Birth" that is suspected of being a forgery.

This “short-form” document is NOT the same as an original vault copy "long form" birth certificate (i.e., a “Certificate of Live Birth”) as it does not bear a sworn certification of an attendant physician or contain other vital birth information such as hospital location, mother’s age, etc. which are necessary to verify the full citizenship status of a person, i.e., a "natural born" OR "naturalized" U.S. citizen. 

By Article II of the U.S. Constitution, "Naturalized" U.S. citizens, such as California's Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger are NOT eligible to hold the Office of President.

Sample Hawaiian original birth "CERTIFICATE"

 Obama's questioned birth "CERTIFICATION"

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Obama's Indonesian school document indicates Obama was a citizen of Indonesia. (original copy and translation shown)
Until 2006, Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, meaning that because Obama, as a minor, was legally acknowledged as an Indonesian citizen by his parents, he was temporarily stripped of his U.S. citizenship at that time.  Under U.S. Immigration law, Obama could have regained his citizenship as an adult, but only as a "naturalized" citizen, ineligible to hold the Office of President.  


Read the sworn affidavits of Bishop Ron McRae and Kweli Shuhubia (second affidavit includes partial transcript of an audio recording of Obama's grandmother stating she attended Obama's birth in KENYA.) 

FACTCHECK.ORG: False claims and undisclosed conflict of interest is an arm of the powerful Annenberg Foundation which also runs the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the entity which employed Barack Obama as its chairman of the board. conducted an allegedly "independent" analysis of Obama's 2007 computer-generated birth document (see image link above, on right).

According to the National Review, the Annenberg Challenge was founded by former “Weather Underground” terrorist Bill Ayers, who apparently played a pivotal role in politically positioning Obama to run for public office.  See this National Review article detailing Obama’s relationship to Annenberg and Ayers and its unsuccessful efforts to review the archives of the Annenberg Challenge.

FactCheck is guilty of making the patently false claim that the Hawaii
"…Department of Health confirmed Oct. 31 that Obama was born in Honolulu…" See officials have made NO such claim. See specific rebuttal at top of this page.

On the same web page FactCheck also falsely states that, “ staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.”  In truth, the document examined by FactCheck is a 2007 computer-generated document and is obviously not the “original” Obama 1961 birth certificate sought by the Foundation.

These are simply and unequivocally, false statements.


A highly experienced Document Forensics expert, writing under the pseudonym "Polarik" for the safety of his family, recently released his final findings and evidence concluding the birth document proffered by Obama is a forgery.  The detailed analysis examines not only the original graphic released on Obama's website, but the digital photographs later released by Annenberg's on its website as part of its allegedly independent analysis (see above). To WTP's knowledge, neither nor Obama have allowed any other party to conduct a direct examination of the document.

Again, it is important to note that Obama's document is NOT an original, hand-signed "Certificate of Live Birth" but only a computer-generated printout which lacks vital birth information necessary to conclusively establish Obama's citizenship. Click here to access Polarik's analysis:

Polarik has also released a short YouTube video summarizing his findings: