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March 18, 2010

Thank You * Thank You * Thank You 

AIG/TARP Bailouts: 
Argument Heard – Follow-up Sent - Decision Pending 

NCEL: WTP Replies on Confidentiality Order Appeal
Securing Witnesses, Gathering International Evidence

IRS: Next Steps 

Articles of Freedom: Gearing Up 

WTP: Events Update!


Dear Patriots and Friends, 

Thank you so much for the support you have shown since the last update went out.  The donations you have sent, along with the many emails expressing your support and encouragement mean everything to us.  We are so grateful for you. 

Because of $17,000 of your contributions, we have been able to reduce the Foundation’s remaining debt incurred as part of the historic Continental Congress 2009 initiative to approximately $65,000.  (Bob Schulz’s American Express balance is now down to about $10K while the other webcast debt has been reduced to approximately $56K.)  Every dollar coming, with the exception of travel and administrative expenses for important meetings and court activities taking place now, is going to the payment of this debt.  There is so much to be done now and in the future, that we want to clear the slate!  

We can only exist to do this work because you support us.  May your Creator return to you and your world – amplified many times over -- all that you give, whether it be time devoted to the Cause of Liberty, donations or otherwise.  Again - many, many, thanks.

AIG-TARP Bailouts:  U.S. Court of Appeals Hears Schulz Argue the Issues of Standing and the Unconstitutional Bailouts 

Oral arguments took place on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan.  A press release went out to over 1000 talk show radio programs in America, plus key NYC broadcast and print media, Facebook, twitter and numerous other select outlets. The court room was filled with the usual law clerks, attorneys and others involved with the cases that were scheduled, but was brightened by the handful of WTP supporters who came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, NY City and Long Island to show their support.  

Bob had eight minutes to present his views and also had the opportunity to respond to the defense’s argument after their presentation.  He also decided to send a “post argument communication” to ensure important clarifying points were made for the Record.  A decision is pending. 

Following the arguments, Bob did an interview with the French version of TIME Magazine, L’Express, and then a broadcast interview with the national organization “We Are Change.” 

NCEL: Still Haggling on Issue of Confidentiality

The New York State Board of Elections Responded to Bob and JP Liggett’s Objections to the Court's  “Confidentiality Order.”  Bob and JP have filed a Reply.  

Efforts are also underway to secure the key witnesses who will play a major role in the case.   Through research, WTP has learned that by far, most other countries around the world, including Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Germany and many, many more rely exclusively on hand-counted paper ballots for their elections.  Bob hopes to include international examples and participants from Canada and Germany if the right persons can be identified and agree to participate.  WTP has also connected with an international organization in Sweden who has compiled information from many countries pertaining to their approach to recording and counting votes which will strengthen the case.

IRS – Next Steps 

With so much taking place, it is truly unfortunate that this situation comes now.  Perhaps that is exactly what was planned.  Whatever the case, we are ready to see it through. We are especially grateful for our WTPC members across America and those who participated in CC2009, who continue on with tireless energy and efforts, even as we deal with these issues here.  The Creator works in wonderful ways.  

We have notified the IRS that we will be asking the US District Court to overturn IRS’s revocation of WTPF and WTPC’s exempt status and the conversion of our Form 990 tax returns to Form 1120 tax returns. We need to identify an attorney to represent the organizations, as Bob is not permitted to do so.

Articles of Freedom: Going Out….and Out…. and Out to America! 

Stories are coming back now, from CC2009 Delegates from Maryland and New Hampshire and Iowa, to name a few, from what is taking place when the Articles of Freedom are delivered to elected officials in the states.   In some instances, language has been pulled directly from the AOF and is being used as part of pending legislation.  The Articles are being read by more and more groups and organizations and awareness is spreading. 

Plans are still underway, in states where we have CC2009 Delegates, State Coordinators and/or other enthused volunteers to step up and oversee the event, to meet at the state capitols on April 19 and officially present the Articles to elected officials. 

If YOU feel to help, please send us an email at with the town, state where you live and we will connect you with the contact person there!  If there is no one handling the event at this time in your state and you are willing to step up, please let us know!  We are hoping every state will have an AOF event that day! 

For some, it has made sense to “piggyback” onto other liberty events which were planned in advance of ours, mostly on April 15.   While any showing is positive, this is not our ultimate goal 

We remind that the delivery of the Articles of Freedom in every state, to elected officials, is part of a  step-by-step PROCESS that has been underway for 15 years, and our united showing on April 19, in every state, will make an important RECORD for Liberty in America, with a definite impact and effect. 

Upcoming WTP National Events: 

(PLEASE NOTE:  MANY of the states have events taking place which are the result of great efforts being made by the WTP State Coordinators, CC2009 Delegates and other volunteers there.  We have only listed those that are being coordinated with our national office.)  

The April issue will feature Continental Congress 2009 and the Articles of Freedom and is tentatively set to include a special commemorative DVD of the CC2009 event.   Ordering information will be released shortly.  In addition to spreading the word about the Articles of Freedom, proceeds from the DVD will be used to pay off the Foundation’s remaining debt related to the 11-day, free live webcast of CC2009.   We appreciate your support! 

Don’t Miss This One: Judge Napolitano speaks out about what is happening in America now and YOUR opportunity.  Short video link here. 

SCHULZ & NAPOLITANO: Bob will be meeting with FOX News Judge Napolitano for an in person briefing in New York City on March 25. 

April 15 – MARDI GRAS/TAX DAY/TEAPARTY   Madison, Wisconsin
25,000 people+ are expected for this huge event surrounding the state capitol which will include Bob and Judith Whitmore (Chief of Staff for CC2009 who led Opening/Closing Ceremonies) joining with the Wisconsin CC2009 Delegates and the Wisconsin Liberty Coalition (representing 65 independent liberty organizations in the state) to lead a special ceremony dedicated to the Articles of Freedom.  The ceremony will include Honor to America, mass singing; acceptance of the AOF by all attending; and presentation of the Articles to elected officials.  Swiss National TV, who have taken an interest in Bob and We the People Foundation, have asked if they can film the event.  Other media is expected to attend.

A National Strike is being called by Karen Tostado (see on the days leading up to the presentation of the Articles of Freedom on April 19.   WTP suggested to her that people use their time during the strike days to learn about the Constitution and the Articles of Freedom and to sing for America.   Karen agreed!  She has been promoting the AOF on all of her radio interviews.  

An education task force comprising a group of esteemed CC2009 Delegates has been organizing an online CONSTITUTION FEST which will reach out to adults, families and children with special lessons designed to teach about the Articles.   Exploration is underway to see what musical activities can be included across the country. 

April 17 – GREEENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA  “TEA PARTY” Another mass event will include Bob and Judith giving the “Freedom Ceremony,” a special event which has now been given in seven other states.  This will include Bob giving a talk on the Articles of Freedom and the plan to restore constitutional governance. More than 15,000 people are expected to attend. 

Bob and Judith will also present the “Freedom Ceremony” at the annual Gun Show with up to 200,000 people expected to attend over the three day event. 

On A Final Note:

There are 14 Continental Congress 2009 commemorative coins remaining in inventory. For each $100 donation we will send one. They are available through the WTP online store. 

We also think it is time for an “ARTICLES OF FREEDOM” commemorative coin to be designed to continue the series.   Any one interested? 

We also have LOTS of Freedom Calendars left for 2010.  Fundraising Special: For a $ 30 donation, we will send a calendar plus our landmark “We the People” pin.  Simply note your request in the special instructions area in the PayPal payment form after clicking the button below: 

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