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May 13, 2010



“The People …are the only sure reliance for

the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

Picture it! Hold the picture!

Critical mass!

A mass movement!

Bands of Brothers and Sisters, American citizens all, totaling 3-5% of the national population (between 9 and 15 million people), coming together to successfully bring about a drastic change in government.

No more unconstitutional acts by their Government: no more undeclared wars, no more corporate welfare, no more fiat currency, no more unconstitutional debt, no more un-enumerated programs and activities, no more direct taxes on labor, no more unenforced immigration laws, no more machine counted votes, no more loss of privacy, and no more meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries.

That’s big, in anybody’s history book, in both size and importance.

Can it happen? You bet!

Getting started is 80% of any battle!

As with any successful campaign, first we plan the work. Then we work the Plan!

The Articles of Freedom is the Plan’s base, with its Remedial Instructions and standby civic actions. 

Next up! Operation People Power, the Plan’s roadmap to critical mass, with its organization and money.

 Read the Articles of Freedom. Read Operation People Power.

Get involved! Don’t procrastinate!

Anything worth having does not come easily. Many hands make for light work!

Truth is on our side! Truth has a way of accumulating against pride and arrogance and then sweeping them from its path.

Handle With Care

Beware of Contrarians and Charlatans. Be firm but respectful. Use facts, not opinions. Use reason, not emotion. Avoid politics and political questions. 

Join our National Call on Sunday Night – May 16th

All are welcome to join us as we talk about “Operation People Power” and how to start an Articles of Freedom Meetup Group in your area.    

The invite to the Webinar will be posted in the “Resource” section on the “Plan” page at or you can email to have one sent to you directly.


You, The People, are the only ones
who can Save the Constitution.

You can obtain a printable .PDF version of the
AOF/Meetup/Operation People Power Manual by clicking here.


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