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December 26, 2010

2010: Year-End Recap

2011: Trust In The Creator and the Constitution


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Today we pause to take a quick look back over the past year’s advances and setbacks as well as to offer hope that during this New Year we may yet witness the Constitution coming into the possession of more citizens and public policy coming within its limits.

This past year saw the We The People organization move well into its second decade of federal constitutional activism. WTP’s work over the past 12 months included programs of constitutional education, public events designed to encourage rational resistance to unconstitutional behavior, celebratory events to share the joy of Liberty, and of course, our ongoing actions through the federal Judiciary to hold usurpers accountable to the Constitution. 

From meeting places across the nation, to the steps of the fifty state capitols and the U.S. Supreme Court, WTP again left its indelible mark upon the land, preparing the People to vigilantly and peacefully defend our Founding Principles while further establishing a permanent, and irrefutable record of the People’s attempts to exercise the First Amendment Right to Petition to lawfully secure their natural Rights.

As our Republic continued to falter fiscally and socially due to accruing adverse effects of violations of the Constitution’s restrictions and mandates regarding money, war, privacy, and more, the WTP organization has remained steadfast in its efforts to rally People in defense of our Creator-endowed, unalienable and individual Rights. With your support, we will continue to do so. 

Following the short recap of the 2010 efforts of the WTP organization below, we offer a few thoughts regarding the coming year. We hope that our long and extensive record of defending the Constitution warrants your continuing support.

2010 in a Nutshell 

ARICLES OF FREEDOM:  Regrouping after the historic 2-week assembly of Patriot Delegates to the Continental Congress, WTP finalized a new website and published the Articles of Freedom, the Work of Continental Congress 2009. This important documentary work marks the collective efforts of those assembled to design and adopt a plan to restore constitutional governance, both at the state and federal level.  The Articles of Freedom and many hours of free video can be found on the website.  A special DVD of the event is also available. 

After significant planning efforts, Patriots in nearly every State served the Articles of Freedom on local, state and federal officials.  On April 19th, many representatives of Freedom gathered at their state Capitals for a public ceremony honoring America and the Constitution before serving their elected officials with copies of the Articles of Freedom.  

The Articles of Freedom document 14 significant violations of the Constitution and includes Remedial Instructions to the Federal and State governments that are designed to stop the violations. The document also contains recommendations for (peaceful) Civic Actions the People may take to educate and encourage compliance by their elected officials.

FREEDOM CEREMONIES: WTPF partnered with STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA numerous times this year to present the Freedom Scroll to liberty-minded patriots at special events.  The Ceremony which combines Honor and Gratitude for Creator, Country and Constitution through flag presentation, patriotic singing and a talk on the Constitution, came out of the May 2009 meeting at Jekyll Island where the Freedom Scroll first appeared.  The Ceremony has now been given in twelve states and the Freedom Scroll continues to gather the signatures of American citizens who have felt to re-dedicate their lives as Freedom Keepers for our Charters of Freedom. 

AIG & TARP Bailout Cases: On March 11, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz presented oral arguments before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan seeking a reversal of yet another abuse of the standing doctrine by the United States District Courts. Bob’s constitutional challenge against the AIG and TARP bailouts had been dismissed for “lack of standing.” Once again, the federal Courts had refused to hear a constitutional challenge on its merits, choosing to dismiss the case because Bob’s injury “was no different from the injury being suffered by everyone else in the country.”

In what has become all too common, the federal courts are dismissing Judicial Petitions for Redress involving allegations of unconstitutional acts by elected officials merely because the Court (alone) has determined that the Plaintiff’s injuries are identical to those of virtually every other American citizen. In other words, if all Americans are harmed equally as the Government steps outside the boundaries drawn around its power by the letter and spirit of the Constitution, NO citizen has a right to a responsive response from the Courts to his or her meritorious Petition to Redress the Grievance.

As this “doctrine” effectively enables the Judiciary to unlawfully collude with the Executive and Congress to deny any and all Redress for constitutional torts committed by the Government, Schulz appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the last week of November, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case.  Despite this setback, the battle over the judiciary’s abuse of the standing doctrine is far from settled – and far from over! Click here to view a copy of our Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

NCEL (National Clean Elections Lawsuit). The principle of the public nature of elections emerging from America’s Basic Law (the Constitution for the United States of America) requires that all essential steps in the elections of federal representatives be subject to public examination.

When electronic voting machines are deployed, it must be possible for citizen-voters to check the essential steps in the election act and in the ascertainment of the results reliably and without special expert knowledge

In defense of the public nature of America’s elections and our fundamental Right to know that our votes are being accurately counted, WTP initiated its NCEL case in 2007, with the support of hundreds of citizen-voters representing all 50 States. The intent is to end the practice of counting votes in secret, which is what all machines do. The case is in the discovery phase, on its way to trial.  Early this year WTP engaged in a protracted legal battle over New York State’s obnoxious claim that virtually all documentary evidence sought by WTP was “confidential” and could not be viewed or disseminated (potentially even to jurors) without a highly restrictive non-disclosure agreement. 

Despite WTP’s valiant efforts to overturn this prejudicial procedural decision by the Court (which included yet another appeal to the 2nd Circuit court of Appeals) WTP was forced to adhere to this highly-unusual and restrictive trial procedure.  Thus far, in response to its First Notice to Produce, WTP has received documents totaling 44,414 pages. Discovery continues even as the state of New York (believe it or not) has filed yet another Motion to Dismiss for lack of standing. WTP’s response is due on December 28, 2010. 

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE: In February, the IRS revoked the Foundation’s 501(c)3 tax exempt status.  As there are numerous factual and legal flaws in IRS’s action, WTP is seeking a reversal of this administrative action. The matter is in the “Tax Court.” A trial date has not yet been scheduled. 

FOX NEWS/Napolitano/RTP: WTP’s groundbreaking work regarding the little-known Right to Petition finally caught the eye of FOX News.  During 2010 Bob Schulz had several one-on-one meetings with FOX senior news analyst and constitutional expert Judge Andrew Napolitano and even appeared on his FOX news show “Freedom Watch.”  Click here to view the segment on the Right to Petition. Napolitano has taken a significant interest in the Right To Petition enough so to warrant a full review of WTP’s legal pleadings and historical research.  WTP continues to work with his co-authors and has been informed that a full chapter of Napolitano’s soon to-be published book will focus squarely on the Right to Petition matter. 

SPLC: The Freedom antagonist Southern Poverty Law Center also took note of Bob Schulz and WTP this year, offering WTP notoriety as a key force in the Freedom Movement. Quoting from their Spring 2010 article:

It's not clear what role Bob Schulz and We the People (sic) will play in the coming months and years. What is certain is that they have had a key, and little-noticed, part in the dramatic expansion of the radical right over the last year. It may well be, when the history of these years on the radical right in America is finally written, that the Jekyll Island summit, and the continental congress (sic) that followed, did more than any other effort to build the muscle of the radical antigovernment movement.”

OPERATION PEOPLE POWER: In June 2010, WTP initiated a program to invigorate patriots everywhere to begin the long range task of educating and mobilizing local communities with respect to constitutional activism.  The program centered on local “Article of Freedom” “Meetup” groups.  Each group initiated a 14- week educational series utilizing videos from the 2009 Continental Congress event and pre-scripted overviews of each week’s subject matter coving a different violation of the constitution.  The second round of those AOF educational meetings concludes in early January, 2011.  Details are on the Articles of Freedom website “plan page.”

TIME MAGAZINE:  In October, the internationally published TIME Magazine ran a cover story regarding violent domestic militias that incorrectly and most deliberately portrayed WTP’s Bob Schulz as a philosopher and primary militia influence.  Schulz responded to TIME’s publisher detailing false facts and character smears contained in the article. After contact with TIME’s corporate counsel, on Nov. 1 TIME printed highly selected extracts from Schulz’s rebuttal as a Letter to the Editor in their national print edition. More at this link

LIBERTY WALKS: On October 24 and November 27 WTP sponsored coordinated Liberty Walk events at numerous locations across the nation.  More than 50 Walk (non-political) events were executed on each of the two days, each a local celebration of the Constitution and Declaration featuring patriot sing-a-longs and scripted speeches noting the importance of our founding documents to the continuance of Liberty.  A third “Winter Walk” is under consideration to commemorate the happenings at Valley Forge during the low point of the American Revolution.  We are very grateful for all those who stepped up to become organizers for a Liberty Walk in their localities and hope this effort will continue to expand across America. Go to

RIGHT TO PETITION CONFERENCE: We have begun work on a 2011 conference, which will have a singular focus on the First Amendment Right to Petition, believing there may have been enough of an awakening across America in the past two years that such an effort might yield the needed awareness and discussion to bring greater attention and action at both the federal and state level. 

LIBERTY SUMMIT:  Recognizing the precarious state of the Republic, WTP has called  for a 2011 “Liberty Summit” to bring numerous leaders of the Freedom Movement together to develop and better coordinate the disparate and multi-targeted efforts of the patriot movement.  WTP has long voiced the necessity for the Patriot community to channel their energies in order to develop the thrust needed to prevail in our ongoing battle to restore constitutional governance in America

With An Abundance of Gratitude  

We can not do justice in recognizing all those who are out there now, giving whatever they can, to protect the Heart of America.  We are very grateful for all the organizations and individuals like us and different from us, who feel a Calling to act and have proceeded with limitless determination and courage.  While it has always been our belief (and hope) that there must come a time when we come together if we are to be successful in the ultimate accomplishment (constitutional obedience restored and then maintained at every level of government), we see and very much appreciate that every channel of energy and focus has its Divine Purpose at this time. No effort in defense of Liberty is ever lost. 

For those who have been specifically committed to WTPF and WTPC, providing the financial assistance which enable us to continue, we hope that every dollar you have given comes back to your world multiplied without limit in whatever form of supply fills your need.  We welcome your input, your ideas and your feedback at all times as we move forward. 

If you are a patriot who has stepped up at any time during this year to assist with one of our Liberty projects, we hope your experience has been rewarding and that your efforts enhanced your understanding of how very important you are, each and every one of you, to the Cause of Liberty. 

We continue to feel deep gratitude for the Continental Congress that took place in 2009 and all who helped to make that happen.  We have seen the Delegates who attended, as well as many other People in each of the States, continue to serve the Articles of Freedom on their elected officials and seek a response.  We have more and more evidence that this document has made and continues to make an impact in turning our consciousness back towards the Constitution.  We have talked about creating an Articles of Freedom newsletter that tracks and updates progress to this end. 

Each day, our hearts are with those who have endured hardship as they have acted on their beliefs regarding the tax situation in America, or who have stood up for our Constitution through the courts and have yet to see the Justice and receive the Relief they seek.  We KNOW the day will come, but recognize this is a time of great perseverance and Faith for many. 

There are certain individuals for whom we cannot close out 2010 without a special acknowledgement: our wonderful steadfast accountant Judy Divendorf, research assistant and web manager, Mike B. - Ohio, as well as other true patriot friends who have given so much assistance professionally and personally: Todd McGreevy - Iowa, George Shepherd - Florida, top WTPF member and state coordinator, Barbara Harless – Texas, Bob’s assistant, public relations expert and event manager, Judith Whitmore, and office manager Judy Schulz.  There are so many others we could mention and hope you know who you are and how grateful we are for your presence with us!

Hope for the New Year 

The Latin phrase “deus ex machina” comes from the ancient world of Greek tragedies where a god-like figure would be lowered onto the stage, descending from an artificial heaven at the last possible moment, to resolve the play's earthly calamity of the day.  Although its literal translation is “god out of the machine,” in English use it translates more closely to “god from our hands.” 

Although “deus ex machina” is a literary contrivance an author can call upon to introduce an omnipotent figure and his godly powers to “save the day,” perhaps we should not ignore the possibility that in our real world, we too, might possess an innate ability to summon our own Creator, through our own hands, to assist us in ending our all-too-real and continuing Constitutional tragedy. 

As many of us celebrate the Creator in our own way during these holidays, we ask that you look within, search your hearts, and ask what place - and what responsibility, you have within Creation to help manifest and defend the Divine form of governance for the Children of Earth as described and brought forth through our Founding Documents. 

As countless have experienced, it is the revelation of the Divine connection between the Founding Principles and nature’s higher order Spiritual Principles that has moved many to devote the balance and full energy of their lives and resources to the protection and preservation of that most precious gift we know as Liberty. 

We pray you look toward the New Year with Love, Joy and great Hope.  We share and have been called to a great moment of human history.  Know well that within our hands and our hearts resides the ability, at any time, to call forth nature’s God, to protect that which is certainly Divine. 

The Light of Liberty awaits only the intention and call of the People.

Please join us and support our work during the coming year.


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