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June 20, 2011



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If you are a patriot at heart, there is a reason to celebrate in the midst of all that is taking place. We believe an historical event has occurred that has the potential to be a game changer in America. For those of you who have followed We the People Foundation and We The People Congress programs and activities over the years, you know all too well that our long-held goal has been to institutionalize citizen vigilance. The time has finally come.

This past week, state officials in Connecticut and New York approved the creation of Constitution Lobbies, the first organizations of their kind ever established in America. Freedom-loving people in other states are in the process of doing the same. If you live in either state and are ready to become a founding member, simply go to and click on “Constitution Lobby.” If you live somewhere else, get connected by sending an email to with your name, town, state and telephone number.

“We The People of Connecticut, Inc,” and “We The People of New York, Inc,” have been formed of, by and for the People of each state with the sole purpose of organizing a large number of citizens into a Constitution Lobby that will watch what government is doing at every level and hold them directly accountable without undue reliance on the political process. Each organization is wholly independent, but have identical statements of purposes. Each Constitution Lobby will ensure that the letter and the spirit of the City Charters and the State and federal Constitutions are upheld.

Incorporators and supporters of the new Lobbies are planning statewide tours as part of intense membership drives with the goal of attracting 5% of each state’s total population. Anything less and the Lobbies run the risk of being ineffective. Only by organizing and speaking for a large number of People will the Lobby’s voice be heard and respected. In Connecticut, incorporators seek 178,000 members. In New York, 5% represents 800,000. Given that the Lobby is non-political and meant to be overseen by a coalition of national and state pro-Constitution groups, any individual who wants constitutional governance carried out in decency and good order can be a member of the Lobby, without compromising their activities or efforts in other places.

Our hope is that all people who are concerned about the economy and the general condition and direction of the state and who see the need for much more government accountability will quickly get on board. Annual dues are $25.00, which is not only economically viable for all, but represents an amazing cost-benefit ratio. The low dues means there is almost no risk to join and the benefits will be tremendous and enduring for all.

Tour meetings will take place in church fellowship halls and other community meeting rooms. The format for the meetings has been designed to bring people together in an uplifting and positive manner to learn about the Lobby and how it will operate.

Once the member goal has been achieved, “citizen vigilance centers” will be established in the state capitals of Hartford and Albany, with constitutional attorneys and other appropriate staff who will assist a network of paid “constitutional monitors” located throughout each state, who will quietly and professionally watch the actions of local and state officials, comparing their actions with the requirements of their Constitutions and Laws.

Everyone and everything in America now has a Lobby, except the People and our Constitutions. The Constitution Lobbies now being established will never be involved with political issues or questions nor will they endorse candidates or make contributions to campaigns. Focusing entirely on challenging violations of the Law, from the Constitutions down to town ordinances, the Lobby will be above politics, personalities and parties. Government will soon come to know there is a no-nonsense, effective watchdog in place to keep government on track. The buggers are getting a watchdog.

Bob has spoken about institutionalizing citizen vigilance in America for years, long before the American people, government or the media were awake to the dangers of routine violations of the principles and prohibitions of the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind. For more than thirty years, he has been teaching citizens about their Constitutions and Petitioning the government to stop violations which he says have devastated America. He has repeatedly called for freedom loving people to come together and unite in their stand for constitutional governance, using the example of Gandhi and Martin Luther King as models for reform.

We have ample evidence of the fact that individuals and small groups cannot prevail. A Constitution Lobby, with the organization, power and resources of a mass-movement, will provide the needed pressure to ensure the Constitution is going to be defended and obeyed. We have seen clearly that Jefferson was right: “the People are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty.”

New Yorkers are familiar with Bob and what he can do in the face of government wrong-doing. He is the right one to lead the call across the State. Before turning his attention to violations of the federal Constitution, he spent nearly two decades petitioning local and state government in New York. His efforts resulted in dozens of decisions by the Unified Court System, often setting significant precedent in law, including State Finance law, Environmental law, Highway law, Standing law, and Election law. He is currently lead plaintiff in the Clean Elections lawsuit which is challenging the New York Board of Elections regarding the use of electronic machines for vote counting, arguing the People have the Fundamental Right to know their votes are being counted accurately and also two other cases where he is giving assistance to citizens in their efforts to reverse wrongs in their towns.

The effectiveness of any Lobby is directly proportional to the size of its membership. If the right number of People step up and stand together, watch out. If enough states follow CT and NY’s example, the Voice of Free People shall be heeded. The weeks ahead will show whether the citizens of Connecticut and New York care enough about their Constitutions to come together in this way, united in purpose and spirit. In New York, Schulz and Whitmore will hit the road, hoping to achieve the membership goal by Constitution Day, September 17, or be forced to continue to witness the unraveling of the Great American Experiment.

If you live in Connecticut or New York and want to become a member, be considered for a Constitution Monitor position, or help with the state tour in your area, please email for CT; or for NY.

Your donations to We The People Foundation and We The People Congress make it possible for us to provide this assistance to the States and individuals therein, as they move forward with this project, and also to fulfill our other programs and activities. We thank you.

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What's Happening in America is OUR FAULT.  We have to fix it.  The Constitution will not be defended, unless We The People defend it.
A non-political Constitution Lobby in EVERY STATE will bring together enough people to do what we cannot do alone or in small groups - Government needs to be held accountable.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2011 9.30PM
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Visit and click on "Constitution Lobby"
Review last week's agenda.  Step UP for your State - Get Connected - send an email to  Be on the Call.  Make it Happen.
Everything and Everyone in America has a Lobby except the People and their Constitutions.  NOT ANY MORE. 
If you live in Connecticut or New York, you can NOW become a founding member (!) of the Constitution Lobby which was approved in those states last week.   A REASON FOR THE PEOPLE TO REJOICE.
For Connecticut, go to
For New York, go to and see "JOIN"
For ALL The FREE People of Connecticut and New York NOW intend to accomplish to draw the member base that will make each Constitution Lobby an organized, powerful entity with resources and backing that will hold government accountable; for all the OTHER States headed in the same direction, HERE IS THE VISION WE HOLD:
IMAGINE AN ORGANIZATION which is Free! from the electoral process!  Free! from politics, personalities and parties!  Whose attorneys and other staff act on behalf of the People to stop violations of our Constitution before they can injure our reputation, our economy and our way of Life; who ensure the principles, mandates and restrictions of our Charters of Freedom are followed which only if followed, provide the means through which WE ARE FREE!  Imagine an organization that does NOT  get involved with elections, candidates or political questions of any kind, but whose sole interest is the fulfillment of our Constitutions.
IMAGINE AN ORGANIZATION whose members number in the hundreds of thousands, who together, provide the backbone and PEOPLE POWER to ensure constitutional governance is restored and maintained in America.  An organization which is endorsed, supported and respected by the People and the government as an organized powerful PEOPLE LOBBY who demand the Constitution hold sway. 
THE GREAT SEARCH IS ON for patriots in every state, (except Connecticut and New York where it is now accomplished) who will step up to be the founding incorporators for a We The People organization, opening the way for institutionalized citizen vigilance permanently established in America.
THE GREAT SEARCH IS ON FOR MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO KNOW THIS IS AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME; who want to put good people in office who will restore our Constitution, but who also know that we cannot depend on the electoral process alone nor the government in its current operation, as any guarantee. 

Our mailing address:

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         You, The People, are the only ones
           who can Save the Constitution.